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The Last Funnel You Will Ever Need


See if this applies to you.

You’ve been doing online stuff or maybe network marketing on and off for a while.

You see the potential of the Internet, for generating commissions or recruiting reps and you’ve seen the success others have had, maybe in a group or forum, but you can’t duplicate it.

In fact, you might even get upset when someone shows their earnings or talks about how they built their downline but doesn’t offer a shred of information for how they obtained those gains.

You’ve also spent money on programs for traffic, SEO, funnels and maybe even joined a few companies that promised you a “business in a box.”

And yet, you haven’t broken through.

I feel ya my friend.  Been there, done that.  It’s the most frustrating feeling in the world, and it’s an expensive feeling because you’ve probably flushed good money down the drain (and a lot of it chasing the digital lifestyle).

The Answer Lies in Fixing Your Funnel

In the last couple of years that I’ve taken my online marketing more seriously, there are a few key things I’ve learned that make all the difference in the world.

To be successful in the online world requires:

  1. Patience
  2. A system
  3. A mentor

Take a look at #2 there.

A big chunk of that is your funnel.  If you don’t know what a funnel is, then you’ve identified the biggest reason for your failure.  Read on.

But even if you know how a funnel works, you’ve got to set it up properly AND you’ve got to have a few key pieces in place, otherwise you won’t really have the breakthrough that you need.

In this article, I am going to show you:

  1. A funnel that is rock solid and powerful
  2. The five “secret sauce” elements your funnel must have (otherwise you are leaving lots of money on the table)
  3. How your funnel can pay for your traffic (so you won’t break the budget)
  4. How to pre-qualify your prospects (so you only get quality leads on your list)

Let’s jump into the funnel.

The Blog Post Funnel

Here is the funnel in all of its glory.

It might seem simple, but it packs a punch.  You can see the “secret sauce” elements (SSE) embedded there:

  1. Targeted Traffic (SSE #1)
  2. Blog Post (SSE #2)
  3. Offer E-Mail Course as Lead Magnet (SSE #3)
  4. Make a Low-Cost Offer (SSE #4)
  5. Deliver Offer in Back-End Ecosystem (SSE #5)

I will now break down each component and explain each one.

In order to make the examples more concrete I am going to be working with the Network Marketing niche and I will be using a back-end ecosystem called Elite Marketing Pro.

Please note that this niche and system are for illustration purposes only. 

This funnel works for virtually any niche and with any similar back-end ecosystem such as Wealthy Affiliate, Legendary Marketer, Online Sales Pro, My Lead System Pro and Power Lead System to name a few.

SSE #1 – Targeted Traffic

The first part of your funnel is traffic, which is, eyeballs to your offer.

I am going to suggest that you pay for traffic and that you use Facebook.

Do not make the mistake of using free traffic.  First, there’s no such thing as free traffic.

You have to spend a ton of time to generate free traffic.  You’ve got to write a lot of blog posts, create videos, figure out search engine optimization (SEO), tweak and track all for the promise of traffic maybe 3-6 months down the road.

You should spend your time learning the craft of paid traffic and you will go a lot further a lot faster.

So why Facebook?

The biggest reason for using Facebook (aside from the fact that it’s still super cheap traffic and there are 2 billion people on the platform) is that you can get super-targeted traffic.

This is what you want.  People who are looking for what you have to sell.

You can target people who like certain pages, follow certain people or are interested in certain things: food, fitness, weight loss, finances, etc.

Listen, you can try to sell landscaping services to people who live in apartment buildings, but you’ll go broke.

This is how most entrepreneurs approach marketing.  Very scattershot.

Facebook allows you to go very narrow.

Are you looking for motorcycle riders in Montana. Facebook will deliver those people right to your website.

Do you want to reach suburban moms, who drive a Prius and have two or more kids? Ditto. Facebook will send these people right to your doorstep so you can serve them with what they most want or need.

Later with SSE #3, I’ll show you how you can get your leads to pay for some or all of your traffic so that you don’t break the bank and you can keep scaling your business.

General Comments About Facebook

All right, let me say a few words about Facebook in general.

Facebook, is a social media platform, emphasis on the social.  People come to Facebook to share their life, share pictures, connect, engage, be entertained or learn something.

People are not on Facebook primarily to buy stuff.

So please, don’t advertise your product, or company, or how to make 10K per month or some such silly thing.

Don’t sell. Educate instead.

This is why we recommend that you send people to a blog post.


They will ban your account.  You’ve been warned.

How Should You Construct Your Ad?

Your ad should hit the biggest pain point your audience has and your blog post should solve that pain.

That’s the formula right there.

Speak the language of the audience, allow them to relate to the pain you are describing then quickly pivot to your positive solution.

Facebook is picky about their users’ experience.  They don’t want you focusing too much on the negatives.

In the case of this particular funnel, I was targeting the Network Marketing crowd and their biggest pain point is recruiting.  The blog post talks about recruiting via social media instead of bugging friends and family.

SSE # 2 – Send People to a Blog Post

You will notice in the chart that the ad links out to a blog post.

This is my recommendation. When someone clicks on your ad, send them to a piece of content that solves a huge problem in their life.

That’s the secret right there.  That’s SSE #2

When you give people value first, before ever asking for anything in return (including their e-mail), you have just elevated yourself above the noise.


Because most new entrepreneurs send people to a landing page (to capture an e-mail) or even directly to a sales page.

Unless you are selling gold bullions for a dollar, very few people will buy from you on their first encounter.  A few more people might give you their e-mail address in exchange for a report or PDF, but again, conversions on this type of activity tend to be very low.

Here are two principles that you need to ingrain in your mind:

  1. People are very sceptical on the Internet (some have been burned by scams)
  2. People buy from those they know, like and trust

When you send someone directly to a landing page to grab their e-mail or to a sales page to make a purchase, you are fighting against those two principles right out of the gate.

It’s like walking up to someone at a bar and asking them out on a date before you even get their number.

It’s a bit shocking.

But, when you send someone to a blog post, especially if a blog post that solves a huge headache for your prospect, then now all of a sudden, you become the hero / heroine.

Now you have some authority and credibility.

Your prospect has more time to get to know you.  They begin to bond with you. And they begin to trust you because they see that you aren’t a scheister that’s just out for money (at least not yet anyway). 🙂

Trust is a Precious Commodity on the Internet

Trust is the most precious currency on the Internet, and when you give someone a solution to a pressing problem, your trust quota goes up.

And people reward those that they trust.

You’ve got to play the long game here.  You may get less people to opt-in to your list, but those that do will be much more valuable because they will have trusted you just a little bit more.

Now before you freak out about having to write blog posts, just understand that the systems I mentioned before should have tons of content already created for you to offer your prospects.

This is certainly the case with Elite Marketing Pro, which allows you to use their blog with their expert articles and which then keeps track of anyone who buys through your links.

Your Blog Post Links Out to Your Lead Magnet

The blog post itself should be very informative.

In the case of the above funnel, the blog post taught people how to use Facebook sponsored posts as a tool for recruiting.

A prospect who reads that post and puts what they learn into practice is very likely to see results.  The information is trustworthy and has been proven effective.

So already you can see that a network marketer who perhaps might have even been a bit skeptical even clicking the ad, is now somewhat disarmed when they see this incredible post with some real actionable information.

Inside of your blog post, you will have a series of links or banners that lead to your opt-in form to collect someone’s e-mail.

This one above appears at the end of the blog post.

If people have enjoyed your content, you want to anticipate what comes next.  Your links are the next piece of the puzzle for your prospects.

SSE #3 – Offer an E-Mail Course as Your Lead Magnet

If you have done your job to this point, you have gained some trust and credibility.

What should you offer next as an enticement for your prospect to give you their e-mail address?

I suggest you you offer an e-mail course.

This is SSE #3 in this funnel.

In the case of this funnel, we were offering the Attraction Marketing Bootcamp, a 10-day e-mail and video course, that taught people various principles of recruiting, not just the social media piece.

Here you can see that this is the next rung in the ladder, so to speak.  The e-mail course goes deeper into what your prospect was interested in.

Why an E-Mail Course?

There are so many good reasons to offer an e-mail course:

  1. There is no confusion about what to write. Your e-mails will deliver the content.  You have a built-in excuse to contact your prospects.
  2. You know how often to send e-mails. If your course is 10 days, you can serve up one e-mail per day, without feeling guilty.
  3. Your e-mails are precisely what your prospect wants to receive
  4. You are continuing to deliver incredible value, raising your credibility and increasing your bond with your prospect
  5. You can include offers in your e-mails that are complementary or extend the value of the e-mail course (see low-cost offer later)

In all of these ways, an e-mail course as your “lead magnet” is so much better than just about anything else you can offer including an e-book, PDF, report and even video.

Finally, this opt-in form will begin to build your all-important e-mail list.  This is the real asset of your business.  If you can cultivate a list of buyers and prospects who trust you, there is no end to your upside.

SSE #4 – Make a Low-Cost Offer

The next part of the funnel as you can see by the graph is that you take someone directly from the opt-in page to a low-cost offer sales page.

What?!  I thought you said not to try to sell anything!

Well, yes and no.

I said don’t sell anything the first time you meet someone.  But think about the psychology again.

Your prospect has said “yes” three times: once on the ad, once by reading your post and once to give you their e-mail.

This is the perfect time to make an offer that continues to give your prospect a reason to trust you. (Now you are asking for the date!)

Your Offer Must Be Compelling AND a No-Brainer

What you want to offer now is a low-cost purchase, somewhere in the $7 to $27 range.

This is impulse buy territory.  It’s not buying a car.  It’s a couple of latte’s at Starbucks on the low end.

But the second thing is that the offer has to be so over the top valuable that the person looks at the price, does a quick value to cost comparison and decides in their favor, without too muchobjection.

In our example, we are offering a $27 Attraction Marketing Formula e-course.

  • It’s a 185-page PDF that goes deep into the concept of attraction marketing, which is what our prospect really needs to stand out in the crowded marketplace
  • The course also comes with an Ignition Coaching Program, which is a premier 12-module training program on how to setup an online business
  • The course also includes 3 coaching calls with an online marketing professional, which is worth 100s of dollars if you know anything about the industry
  • Finally, our prospect can become an affiliate of Elite Marketing Pro (at no cost) and begin to promote the same funnels that he / she is going through at the moment

As you can see, the value is over the top.  At $27 it’s a steal!

This Might Just Pay for Traffic

If your funnel is properly setup, which means you are getting targeted traffic, then a certain percentage of leads will opt-in and take your offer.

When that happens, you can take it all the way to the bank.

A good Facebook ad will deliver a prospect to your blog post for about .60 cents.  Spend $20 and you are almost guaranteed 12 people.  If one purchased your offer, you would make a profit of $7.  That’s a winning formula.

If two purchased your offer, you can turn on the spigot.

SSE #5 – Back-End Ecosystem – Your Business on Steroids

Now if this were not enough, we now come to SSE #5 in this powerful funnel.

Your back-end ecosystem.

When you deliver the product that someone purchased, you must deliver that product inside of a larger marketing ecosystem.   That larger ecosystem, has other products, other trainings, more of what that person wanted in the first place with your blog post, or your free e-mail course or your small priced offer.

Think of it like this.

Imagine you bought an iPod in the old days and that Apple made you come to their store to pick it up.

This is a silly example that would never happen but it will illustrate the point.

The Apple store is like the back-end ecosystem.

Once you arrive, you would immediately see that there were other very cool products, iPhones, iPads and IMacs, plus people milling around enjoying all those gadgets.

These other products would pique your curiosity and maybe a sales person would walk over and hand you an iPad and let you play with it for a little while.

Just by being in this ecosystem, you would learn a few more things, and you would quickly come to realize that there are quite a few products that could give you what the iPod gave you, but better quality, or with more storage, or as part of a bigger stereo system.

You eventually make the choice of your own accord to buy those other products, trainings and systems.

You came in the front door spending $40 for an iPod, but you willingly became a $3,000 customer.

Do you understand?

Selling High-Ticket is Possible (But After a Process)

If you tried to sell someone a $300 or even a $3,000 product right up front, what would be your prospect’s reaction?

Rejection right?

But if you got them to read a blog post, then opt-in for an e-mail course, then purchase a $27 product then deliver that product in a store full of goodies, your chances of selling the higher ticket products just increased dramatically.

And this is what happens with this funnel every day to Elite Marketing Pro members.


This is the last funnel you will ever need.  Every component is perfectly positioned to:

  1. Carry your prospect from not knowing who you are
  2. To trusting you because of the information you provide
  3. To providing you with an e-mail address
  4. To purchasing a low-cost offer
  5. To eventually upgrading to a higher ticket item on the back-end.

I hope you are able to use this funnel and take it all the way to the bank.

To your success!