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4 Percent Group Honest Review


Welcome to my 4 Percent Group honest review.  I speak as someone who is inside the group.  

This is both good and bad.  

It’s bad because you will think I am biased in what I say.  But, I’ll simply ask you to have an open mind and to trust me. I’ll give you the honest scoop so that you can decide if this is the right opportunity for you.

But in another way, as an insider, this is a good thing for you. I can tell you from experience what the company is like, what they do, how they run their membership site, etc.


There are many reviewers who simply put up a web page for every program, call it a scam, and then pretend to be your friend only so they can pitch you their affiliate program.

We don’t do that here at DIGITOOLY.COM.  In an industry that is awash with hype, scams and lies, we want to shoot straight with you.

So here it goes!


The 4 Percent Group is an affiliate subscription program that creates custom sales funnels for its member so that they can dominate in the online marketing space.

The name derives from the 80/20 rule. Out of 100 marketers who want to succeed, for example, only 20% will take action.  Of those, another 20%, or the 4 Percent, will take the kind of action necessary that leads to massive success.


The group is the brainchild of Vick Strizheus, the creator of High Traffic Academy and someone who has enjoyed phenomenal success as an Internet marketer.  

A big reason for Vick’s success (and the success of the 4 Percent Group) has to do with Vick himself.  

  1. He is a magnetic and powerful presence
  2. He’s extremely generous with the amount of FREE training he provides
  3. He’s a practitioner of what he preaches instead of giving you theory
  4. He genuinely cares for his members and followers
  5. He’s a terrific and engaging salesperson
  6. He’s a great trainer and motivational speaker

In short, Vick is someone who literally draws you into his sphere and makes you believe that you can succeed.  And people want to be around that type of person.

What’s more, many ordinary people have succeeded with Vick’s programs.

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There are three main components, which make the 4 Percent Group a very legitimate and potentially profitable affiliate program:

  1. Custom done-for-your funnels
  2. High ticket, high demand back end products
  3. Multiple streams of income

We’ll tackle each in turn.


Starting an online business is technically complex.  Between creating a landing page, e-mail notifications, video sales letters and pages, it’s already too much for the average person.

The 4 Percent Group uses , which allows its subscribers to share entire marketing funnels with one another. Click a link and BAM! all of the pages required to capture leads and sell the program get automatically transferred to your account.

The 4 Percent Group creates these custom funnels both to sell the 4 Percent membership subscription and to promote other affiliate programs within their portfolio.


Clearly, the benefit of custom, done-for-you funnels is that you get to focus on what matters most, which is promoting the opportunity vs. getting bogged down in the technicalities of funnel creation.

This is not to say you have a complete, no hassle, turn-key system. There are still a minimum of technical tasks you must perform to setup your business, but much of the pain has been reduced.

As a member of the 4 Percent Group, you receive access to all of our landing pages, e-mail notifications, sales letters and sales videos for every product we promote.  All you do is plug in your affiliate ID, and you’re ready to go with your own selling machine.


In the 4 Percent Group we have a saying: “Systems work, people fail.”

This simply means that the more we can systematize the business for you, the better chance you will have to succeed and grow.

If sending out a promotional e-mail depended on you, it may or may not get done.  When a computer is responsible, it goes out every single time, on the dot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if needed.

That’s the power of a system that works for you, e-mailing and selling on your behalf, even when you are asleep.

Also, there’s another good reason why we wanted to automated as much as possible. It will be easier FOR YOU to promote this opportunity to others since you can tell them with a straight face, it’s a DONE-FOR-YOU system.  Get it?

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Along with a done-for-you-system, 4 Percent Group members receive mastermind level training on traffic and conversions directly from the man who created High Traffic Academy, a very successful product in its own right.

Training comes with the following guarantees:

  1. Vick teaches that which achieves results (the 4% of activities that generate 96% of the results as he likes to say)
  2. Straightforward and brutal honesty – Vick’s style is speaking directly into the camera in front of a whiteboard.  There are no rehearsals, edits, or fancy graphics, just straight talk in a world with so many Internet hucksters.
  3. Operation 100K – A campaign where Vick begins from scratch with no list and a new persona (an Internet newbie) and takes you through the thought process of creating a six-figure campaign within 90 days.


Another great benefit of the 4 Percent Group is being able to unlock multiple streams of income.  This is done in three ways.

  1. Running an online business requires a minimum set of software tools. When referrals (or customers) purchase these through your affiliate links you receive monthly recurring commissions.  Among the products are: , Aweber and .
  2. Free subscribers who upgrade to a premium membership once they see the tremendous value and vision of the 4 Percent Group.
  3. Commissions on the Tecademics line of products, some of which members purchase themselves in order to learn all about the world of online marketing from the experts.


One of the quickest and surest ways to succeed in the online marketing space is to become an affiliate.  You promote someone else’s products, receive a commission and avoid the headaches of product development, maintenance and support.

Even better is to become an affiliate of a company which promotes what I call High 3 products: high-quality, high-demand and high-ticket.

  1. High quality means that they genuinely serve a need in the market.  The Tecademics line is solid and is backed by serious marketers who genuinely want to serve a market that far too often has failed its customers.
  2. High demand means that people are searching for it.  E-learning is huge, especially in the field of online marketing.  The Tecademics line gives professionals in any field the expertise to succeed in every facet of the Internet: Social media, SEO, e-commerce, print-on-demand, PPC, content and e-mail marketing, etc.
  3. High ticket equals high commission. You could sell 16 programs at $100 apiece or sell one e-learning course for a $2,000 and receive the same commission.


Another incredible benefit of the 4 Percent Group, is the ability to leverage the work of other people on your team.

In the case of Tecademics, you can receive commissions on the 1st, 2nd and EVERY 5th sale of EVERY product of EVERY person on your first level.

As an example, TEC Week a $2,000 Mastermind Level training on everything Internet marketing, would pay $800 commission to an affiliate if sold directly and $400 to an affiliate when sold the 2nd and EVERY 5th time by a first level referral.

You get the picture.

The bigger your teams, the more commissions that will pass to you for the marketing efforts of people on your team.  In the 4 Percent Group we systematize the recruiting process for you through a FREE membership funnel (click the link below to see it, join and test it yourself!)

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So there you have it my friend.  I’ve given you as much information as I could to help you in making this important decision.

The 4 Percent Group combines:

  1. Complete and automated marketing system – Sales pages, videos and copy all written for you.  Just plug in your ID.
  2. Awesome training – Step by step guide to help you through the process of setting up your business and getting traffic to your offers
  3. Multiple streams of income and high-quality, high-demand and high-ticket products from the School of Internet Marketing, Tecademics
  4. The flexibility of affiliate marketing – No product headaches but all the commissions
  5. Leverage of network marketing – You get rewarded for the efforts of others you build on your team

All the ingredients for your success are available to you as a FREE member.

I hope you will join me on the other side of the membership portal.

All the best from the 4 Percent Group.

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