In a good affiliate marketing system, your primary task is to attract people to the front-end of the sales cycle.  The “system” should take care of “selling” for you.

This Social Media Promotion Guide is a helpful tool for doing that.

Both the 4 Percent Group and Tecademics incorporate a “free” membership portal to attract members.  Once inside the portal, the training, the community and the product placements both educate and inspire entrepreneurs to take the next step in their online journey.

Free Members Become Paid Members

While a high percentage of “free” members, will not take their business to the next level, a certain percentage will.

They will be attracted to the concept of having an online business and the potential for income such that they will upgrade their memberships or purchase the tools necessary to grow their business.

In the 4 Percent Group and in Tecademics, there are close to 20 tools and software programs that members can purchase for their own use or promote to their customers or recruits.  Each pays a recurring or hefty one-time commission.

Thus, recruiting free members should become part of your strategy for growing your business.

Free Member Recruitment Tool

The posts in our Social Media Promotion Guide represent a great recruiting opportunity for you.  Each post contains an image related to an awesome training or content, a description of that training and an affiliate link where people can access the content.

Follow these steps to recruit new members via organic traffic:

  1. Replace the link in each post with your own Tecademics affiliate link to each of these videos (See below). I would suggest you hide the link behind some type of link tracker rather than use the naked affiliate link.


You can find your links in your members’ area under “Links”:

  1. Create a status post in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your favorite social media platform and include the image, description and link in the post.
  2. People will have to become a Tecademics Ambassador in order to watch the trainings.
  3. Transfer each sign-up to your autoresponder and send out a sequence of e-mails encouraging, educating and promoting the Tecademics and 4 Percent Group opportunities or products or both.

To your success,

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