Introduction to the Four Percent Group

In this video I want to talk about the Four Percent Group, its core philosophy and vision, and what we are trying to achieve. After that, we’ll talk about the Four Percent eco-system, which is the engine that will run your online business.

What is the 4 Percent Group Vision?

So where does the concept of the 4% originate.

Let’s suppose that this pie represents 100 people in the Internet Marketing industry (actually, you can apply this principle to any industry).  And these 100 people want a better life for themselves. They are interested in making money online or creating wealth, quitting their job, firing their boss, or whatever.

If we apply something called the Pareto Principle or the 80 / 20 rule, we see that 80 of those 100 people only talk about wanting success.

They’ll make excuses about why they can’t achieve success or complain about how life is difficult or not fair.

The other 20 out of 100 people will take action. They’ll buy products, purchase courses, try some ads and try their hand at making money online.

So far so good, right?

There is Still a Problem…

But there is still a huge problem with these last 20% action takers.

They are clueless when it comes to making money online.  So they grind and spin their wheels trying out different things but they never breakthrough or achieve their dream.

And here’s why?

They don’t have a strategy for success. This is why they jump from one opportunity to the next or from one tactic to the next trying to put together something that will work.

The 4% Group (80/20 Within the 80/20)

But, here’s where it gets interesting for you.

Within this top 20, there is another 80% and 20%.


We call these last folks the 4% Group.  When you are in that category, you are unstoppable. In any industry, these 4%ers are the movers and the shakers.

The reason we call ourselves the 4% Group is because we like to think that we’ve figured out how to operate in that rare 4% environment when it comes to creating and building an online business.

We Want to Dominate in Every Area of Life

But there’s more.

The Four Percent Group isn’t just a marketing strategy.  The Four Percent Group is a lifestyle or a vision, for the way you conduct yourself, your business or any facet of your life.

The diagram below is called the Wheel of Success.  It represents the 8 major areas of life: work, money, family, relationships, health, growth (interior), contribution and entertainment.

When you are humming in life, your wheel of success is round (see above).  Every category is full. But when you aren’t doing well in life, you may have categories where you rank low and then your Wheel of Success looks pretty crooked. 

We Want to Dominate in Business and Life

To be a true 4 Percenter means you are challenging yourself to be in the top 4% in all areas of life.

Not only that, you are promoting the best products for those marketplaces.

We already have the best SEO course on the market for example, developed by Joshua Earp and the best Instagram course developed by Tim Karsliyev, again, a major influencer and player in this space.

Four Percent Eco-System

So let’s talk about the Four Percent Group eco-system.

There are three aspects: the product mix, training and the strategy to building an online business.  First our strategy.

4PG Strategy

Our overarching goal is for you to become the most prolific entrepreneur possible so that you don’t depend on anybody or any one product for your success. 

Already, that should make you think way beyond, I gotta get traffic, I gotta make this sale.  You’re a 4%er, remember? You do not work from a point of desperation.

Strategy also involves teaching you how to create funnels, landing pages, e-mail sequences, and giving you specific marketing tactics that turn you from the 96% who are failing to the 4% who are dominating.

Our strategy also involves plugging you into our multiple streams of income. 

The concept is powerful and comes in two forms:

  1. First, you must acquire the basic business tools that you’ll need to function.
  2. And then, when anyone who comes after you joins the 4% Group and acquires those same tools, you earn a commission.  This is done automatically, through our eco-system.

Product Mix

The second form comes via our product mix.  Remember, cutting edge, the best in their niche, filling a great need in 8 major areas of life and they are products that people truly desire.

You are now the owner of a digital warehouse, and you can exclusively promote these products in the marketplace. We show you how.

Superb Training

Our eco-system also includes the mastermind trainings on list building, engagement, attraction marketing, traffic generation and so on.

This is the stuff other gurus charge you for but which comes standard with your Pro Level membership.  When you add our incredible community of positive, helpful entrepreneurs who are sharing this journey, you have a winning formula.

Do Not Dabble with Small Visions

Many people on the Internet today dabble with small goals and small visions.

How to make a quick buck, promote, promote, promote, sell, sell, sell, and it doesn’t matter the quality of the product or who stands behind it. If it produces a commission, then it’s a go.

And this is very shallow and short-term thinking.

In the 4% Group, we are all about changing the paradigm for how marketing is done on the Internet.

Our products have to bear the 4% gold standard.  Our system has to incorporate the best strategies for online domination.  And our trainings, must point beyond just a few tactics for generating traffic, to an entire way of approaching your online business.

This is the 4% way.  This is what sets us apart from the masses.


Module 1 – Orientation

  1. Lesson 1 – Welcome to the Four Percent Group
  2. Lesson 2 – Four Percent Group Vision
  3. Lesson 3 – 4PG Back Office

Module 2 – System Setup

  1. Lesson 1 – Multiple Streams of Income
  2. Lesson 2 – Funnel Basics
  3. Lesson 3 – Landing Pages
  4. Lesson 4 – Domain and Custom Tracking Link
  5. Lesson 5 – Thank You Page

Module 3 - Traffic

  1. Lesson 1 - Introduction to Traffic
  2. Lesson 2 - Using Bing Ads for Leads and Growth

Module 4 - Setting Up Your Autoresponder

  1. Lesson 4.1 - Introduction to E-Mail Marketing
  2. Lesson 4.2 - Types of E-Mails to Send
  3. Lesson 4.3 - Setting Up Your Autoresponder (GetResponse) (in development)
  4. Lesson 4.4 - Samples 5 Types of E-Mails to Send

Module 5 - Mindset

  1. Lesson 5.1 - Orientation to Mindset
  2. Lesson 5.2 - Critical Mindset Factors for Success