In this video, I want to cover the options in your back office as well as some forum do’s and don’ts.

Please, don’t let the plain nature of this lesson distract you.  And whatever you do, don’t skip this lesson.  You will save the forum and tech support a lot of time if you simply learn the basics of your back office.

There are two main sections of your back office: the menu portion at the top and the topics on the side bar:

NOTE: By the time you view this recording, the interface may have changed.  But don’t sweat it.  The point is to understand what each element represents.

Menu Portion

Partner Dashboard

The partner dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your Four Percent Group business.  You will be able to see: 1) current and weekly sales; 2) the number of free vs. paid members (which will likely be phased out by the time you see this recording) and 3) a graph of those earnings.


As its name implies, this is where you access your affiliate links for your sales pages.  The list of funnels might change depending on particular promotions that are running or on your level of membership within the group.

Promo Tools

Promo Tools is where we keep the e-mail swipes, promo videos and sample text ads for different funnels.  Once you choose a funnel, all available marketing materials will appear.


Integrations is where you connect your funnels with your e-mail autoresponder lists.  This allows you to capture e-mails and build your list as prospects make their way through your sales funnel.


Will allow you to see how your funnels are performing including sales.


Allows you to create reports on pending commissions.

My Members

Allows you to see a list of your members.  Currently, there is no way to distinguish between free and paid members.  However, the free membership option is being phased out, which will make the tracking of your members much easier.


Allows you to create reports that show commissions paid.


MSI is one of the secret sauce elements of the Four Percent Group eco-system.  By placing your affiliate ID into each of the product categories, you will be able to earn commissions when your team members purchase any of those products.

This is done automatically through the system, without any involvement on your part after you have entered your affiliate ID.

Left Sidebar


Shows another version of your free and paid members and a ranking that is attached.

In addition, this section contains a calendar of upcoming events as well as a leaderboard for the Four Percent Group.  Finally, the side dashboard is where you can connect with the Four Percent Group Facebook Group and Fan Page as well as subscribe to the Four Percent TV.

Start Here: 7 Steps

As of September 4, 2017 this section was undergoing a rewrite to account for the mid-year 4PG course corrections.

This section was the backbone of the Four Percent Group training, which walked through a basic setup of your 4PG funnels, MSI and campaigns.

The current training your are on is based on the 7 Steps to Results training.

Courses and Products

As its name indicates, this section is segmented by topic.

Within each topic you can purchase or promote the courses that the 4 Percent Group has developed.  Again, these courses have been created by the leading experts in their field and provide a tremendous value to the market.

To date, the 4PG has rolled out courses on SEO Mastery, Instagram Mastery and E-Commerce Entrepreneur as of September 16th, 2017.

In addition, the Business and Marketing section is the place to find the latest mastermind trainings available to the Pro Level members.

This includes: “”List Building”, “Traffic Generation” and “Internet Marketing Strategies”, Operation 100k (which is under construction as of September 4, 2017) and a course entitled “What’s Working Now.”


The Events section houses the live weekly webinar trainings of the Four Percent Group.  In addition, this is where you can access all of the recorded webinar trainings.

My recommendation would be that you would commit to attending all of the live trainings as well as commit to watching all of the replays as well.  There is quite a bit of material, but this will begin to give you some solid training on different facets of the Internet Marketing space.

Some people complain that they don’t have enough time to attend the trainings to which I say, “You must not be very serious about your business.”  Trainings are where you pick up incredible value to share with your prospects, with your list and to practice in your business.

If you cannot commit to your own education, then it is futile to try to build your online business.


This section houses “The Journey” episodes as well as the live Facebook streams.

The Journey episodes are interview-based shows that provide a biographic peek into the lives of successful entrepreneurs.  Each episode is inspiring and filled with actionable strategies for growing your business.

You should make it a point to watch every Journey episode since you can learn so much from different types of entrepreneurs.

Facebook Group (Do’s and Don’ts)

One of the greatest assets you will have as an entrepreneur in the Four Percent Group is access to the private Facebook Group for 4PG members.

But you must treat this access as a privilege.

Here are some guidelines that will give you a positive experience in the forum:

1) Before posting a question in the forum, do a quick search in the forum itself (there’s a search box near the top left) to see if your question has already been asked and answered.

2) If your question is related to a technical feature or function of the program, please direct your question to

3) When you post a question, be very specific. Do not say, “I’m new in this group, what do I do now?”

That is a help killer.

No one wants to take on someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their own education or doesn’t have the initiative to poke around their back office to see what they can discover on their own.

4) No matter what you are going through or how bad things get, never publicly express your anger in the forum.

Even if you are in the right, you will poison the air and only reflect poorly on yourself.

The best place to air out your grievances is with the tremendous folks at

This Facebook group is like a family get together. No one would tolerate someone bullying their way to the table and expressing their rage. Be mature. Be respectful.

5) Stay positive. Whiners, complainers, negative people simply consume all of the energy inside of the group. Negativity brings out the worst in everyone (those who are defending the group and those who are attacking it.)

Again, complain to support.

6) Post your small wins.

This does not always mean share your earnings (though it can include that).

It simply means that there is always someone who has been at this for less time than you have. So any win is important.

Getting a few leads, a sale, getting good traffic, increasing opt-ins on your pages, is cause for celebration and will encourage others that they too can succeed.

These are a few of the guidelines. Stick to them and you will be a great contributor to the 4PG forum.


Module 1 – Orientation

  1. Lesson 1 – Welcome to the Four Percent Group
  2. Lesson 2 – Four Percent Group Vision
  3. Lesson 3 – 4PG Back Office

Module 2 – System Setup

  1. Lesson 1 – Multiple Streams of Income
  2. Lesson 2 – Funnel Basics
  3. Lesson 3 – Landing Pages
  4. Lesson 4 – Domain and Custom Tracking Link
  5. Lesson 5 – Thank You Page

Module 3 - Traffic

  1. Lesson 1 - Introduction to Traffic
  2. Lesson 2 - Using Bing Ads for Leads and Growth

Module 4 - Setting Up Your Autoresponder

  1. Lesson 4.1 - Introduction to E-Mail Marketing
  2. Lesson 4.2 - Types of E-Mails to Send
  3. Lesson 4.3 - Setting Up Your Autoresponder (GetResponse) (in development)
  4. Lesson 4.4 - Samples 5 Types of E-Mails to Send

Module 5 - Mindset

  1. Lesson 5.1 - Orientation to Mindset
  2. Lesson 5.2 - Critical Mindset Factors for Success