In this next module, I want to cover the use of and the setup for your e-mail autoresponder within the Four Percent Group.

We will break up the module into three distinct lessons:

  1. Important questions regarding an autoresponder
  2. Types of e-mails to send to your list
  3. How to setup your e-mail autoresponder (GetResponse)

We’ll tackle the important questions first, starting with…

Do I Really Need To Build a List?

One of my mentors often says, “without a list, you do not have a business” and in the online world, building an e-mail list is absolutely critical for your long-term success.  There are several reasons why:

  • #1 – A list is a long-term asset of your business.  When it is properly built and cultivated, it can generate a tremendous amount of revenue for you for the life of your business.
  • #2 – A list belongs to you.  No one can touch it. When you build an audience based on Google’s search algorithms or within a Facebook page, you will always be at the mercy of those platforms. The 4% way is never to be dependent on anybody for your income.
  • #3 – Conversions from an e-mail list tend to be higher – This is because you are someone that your subscribers know, like and trust. This is especially true if you have been delivering quality information to them to help them in their life or business. In addition, if someone has purchased from you before, they are more likely to purchase from you again.
  • #4 – List building will allow you to become an authority in your niche. People love to hear from experts and you’ll have a built in audience to whom you can deliver your content and advice.

So the very long answer to the first question about needing to build a list is a resounding yes!  You must begin building and cultivating a group of subscribers from the moment that you launch your business.

How often do I send e-mails?

This is a big question for people, especially if they’ve never built a list before.

My simple answer is EVERY SINGLE DAY with a new campaign, and then at least 3-4 e-mails per week to maintain an active list. This is a bit tough to do when you feel like you don’t have much to offer your list. It is also difficult to keep up.

But this is what you must build towards.

Eventually, you will have enough skills and knowledge on your subject to be able to e-mail your list almost at will.

There are two reasons I stated that you should e-mail your list every day:

  1. As someone who regularly consumes content from other marketers through e-mail, I can tell you that almost all of them send me something EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  2. My own experience with my e-mail list bears this out, though I try to give people a break here and there. Thus, one of my campaigns sends out 12 e-mails in 15 days, and another 19 e-mails in 22 days.

Based on Campaigns

When someone joins your list, you will likely have some kind of on-boarding or orientation campaign based on which funnel they entered.

Thus, for the Four Percent Group, your goal is to orient your subscriber to his back office, answer questions and objections they might face, help them in their setup and provide guidance so they can grow their business.

Under this scenario, e-mailing someone every day is important as it provides momentum.

As people get over the initial excitement of joining the Four Percent Group, then it becomes more appropriate to keep your list engaged with more how-to types of e-mails focusing on different facets of the 4PG opportunity.

Never Apologize for Quality

But here’s the bottom line on this question.

if your e-mails contain quality information and they are interesting, valuable, thought-provoking, in people’s best interest and sincere, then you needn’t worry about sending too many e-mails.

This is where a gut check is important for the last two elements.

Are you being genuine? Do you really have your list’s best interest in mind with every e-mail you send?

This online business brings out the worst characteristics in marketers.  Greed, desperation, exploitation, it’s all there and regularly lands in people’s inboxes.

And so naturally people have their guard up.

But you should never have to apologize for sending quality, sincere e-mails that serve your subscriber. And if people unsubscribe because you are e-mailing too much then you don’t want them on your list.

Indeed, you actually want people to self-select and unsubscribe from your list.  Not only does this keep your open rates higher, but you end up with a highly engaged audience that trusts you, likes your content and resonates with your vibe or personality (be it serious, quirky or with a weird brand of humor).

What Type of Open Rates Should I See?

The answer to this question varies quite a bit.

E-Mail marketing has become a very saturated practice in our industry. Many people are on different lists and thus, they could be receiving upwards of 5-7 e-mails per day asking them to buy stuff.

This creates e-mail burnout and lowers open rates.

Open rates on a poor performing list will be in the single digits (7%-9%) and for better performing ones, it might be in the 30% range. Some marketers provide such insane value or they do it in such an entertaining way that people feel compelled to open their e-mails and thus rates are through the roof.

(Historical note: Gary Vaynerchuk the acid-tongued and wildly successful entrepreneur relates how he used to have an e-mail open rate of 90% for his Wine Library subscribers.  As he tells it, this was back in the day when every e-mail was opened because it was special.  Then marketers got a hold of it and ruined it.)

I’m not quite as charismatic as GaryVee, but my open rates are as follows:

  • 4% Group Free Members – 43% open rate with a 7% click through rate and a less than 1% unsubscribe rate
  • Invitation to the 4 Percent Group – 31% open rate with a 3% click through rate and less than 1% unsubscribe rate

As you can see, it’s not too bad. But more importantly, even after getting 19 e-mails in 22 days (plus some additional e-mails I’ve sent as one-off newsletters), the unsubscribe rate is still pretty low.

Factors That Determine Open Rates

There will be many factors that will determine your open rates:

  • Did your traffic come from a good source? Or is it the same tired traffic that everyone else is going after?
  • Did your offer meet your visitor’s expectations?  I know for example that some of my prospects typed in “jobs” in a Bing search, saw and clicked on my ad and opted in.  But is the 4PG what they were really after?  Probably not!
  • Did you deliver on the promise you made to that visitor?  Let’s face it.  All of the videos and marketing materials for the 4PG (as great as they are) make it seem like you’re getting a turn-key marketing machine that you just set and forget. But the reality is different and for many folks, they aren’t getting what the landing page promised.
  • Are you just pitching products to your list vs. providing something of real value?  This is huge.  You can quickly burn through a list if all you do is send them offers.  If you get a chance, read Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” which talks about how we must overdeliver value to people before we ask for the sale.