One of the issues that digital entrepreneurs don’t understand (especially those just starting out) is that of mindset.  Mindset involves things like your motivations, attitudes and reactions to outside forces related to your business.  Your mindset will kill your business quicker than any method.

There are several reasons that entrepreneurs don’t pay much attention to mindset:

  1. The vast majority of opportunities in the make money online space promise big money with little effort. Thus, why would you need to spend any time talking about failure, overcoming obstacles or having patience?
  2. The industry as a whole is focused on results: getting more traffic, leads, conversions and sales. Methods, not mindset, drive the industry.
  3. Working on your mindset (or your attitude) means you will have to undo years of bad mental habits, practices and crutches that have held you back to this point. It’s hard to make changes in this area.

What is Mindset?

Your mindset is your overall state of mind as you approach a particular task such as starting or growing your online business.  It is displayed in the following ways:

  1. A positive outlook and attitude toward people, business and life in general
  2. A strong commitment to the success of your business that is based on deeper convictions than just “I want to make more money”
  3. The way in which you react to the challenges in your business especially failure and obstacles

I do not hesitate in saying that your mindset will have more to do with your long-term success as an entrepreneur than any technique or method you might pick up along the way.

This is not to say that you don’t need methods.  Rather, it simply means that you are far more likely to quit your business because of discouragement than because you couldn’t figure out Facebook ads.

Why Not Start With Mindset?

So if it’s so important, why not start with mindset?

Well, for some of the reasons I’ve stated above.

Let’s face it.  Most people in this space are worried about one thing, right?  Show me the money! And so if I began talking about mindset, I would probably lose you before we got started.

It sounds weird, hocus-pocus, like a Jedi mind trick thing.

Yet now that you’ve gotten a little taste for the system and it’s possibilities, I think you might be in the right frame of mind to hear about the mental side of things.

Because I can tell you right now.  If you are so desperate to make money that you ignore this whole concept of mindset, then your digital career will be over before it even gets started.

Haven’t We Seen “Crash and Burn?”

We’ve all seen someone go through this, right?  We’ll call him Ben.

Ben joins a program like the Four Percent and he can’t stop talking about it.  He has trouble sleeping at night thinking about his future and the possibilities. Maybe he’ll fire his jerk boss.  Travel to Italy.

Ben also spends an obscene amount of time learning the system. His family thinks he’s addicted.

And then his  wife or significant other says something like, “Isn’t that Vick Strizheus guy a scam artist?” And Ben folds faster than a cheap picnic table.

Are you tracking here? Do you know what I’m talking about?

Of course you do!

The reason for the failure wasn’t because Ben had not mastered traffic or the best strategies for creating a land page.  No.  The reason Ben became and online biz dropout was because of his mindset.  He wasn’t mentally prepared to deal with the challenges that come with this business.

Critical Factors Before You Start

So in this module, I want to spend some time talking about your mindset or your attitude as you approach your Four Percent Group business.

Pay very close attention! Most people just want to dive into the tactics as I’ve mentioned, but I can tell you with certainty:

90% of business is mental.

Heart, mind and soul matter way, way more than 5 Tips for Advertising on Facebook.

So put on your big boy or big girl pants because you’re in for some tough love.