In this lesson, I want to discuss several factors for success outside of what we call strategies or tips for improving your funnel.

This is all the touchy-feely stuff.  The stuff you can’t always measure, but you know it’s there.  And the impact it has is huge.

All right, so let’s talk about some critical mindset factors for success.

Critical Factor #1 – Knowing Your Why

To keep going when things get rough, it is helpful to have a greater mission or purpose in mind as part of your business ethos.

Why are you in this business?  What deeper purpose would inspire you to keep moving forward?  Here are some examples.

  1. Deeper spirituality or connection with others or with God
  2. Better life for family or children
  3. Desire for freedom, adventure or travel
  4. Desire to solve a problem in society
  5. Desire to serve others and help improve some aspect of their lives

Every person has different motivations and convictions.

I cannot tell you what you should believe or that some whys are better than others.

Some people want to save the world.  I want to educate it. Other people would simply be fulfilled if their significant other could quit his / her demanding job so they could spend more time together.

It is important to find the deeper sense for yourself. This will inspire you in your business journey and give you strength when you experience difficult circumstances.

Show Me the Money Won’t Cut It

And let’s finally put to rest this desperate need for money. If this is what you’re about, you’re not gonna make it.

First of all, no one will want to be around you.  Second of all, you will communicate desperation, cheesiness (there’s that word again) and a lack of serious business mentality.

But most importantly, show me the money is not a sufficient why. It’s not powerful enough. The better approach if you want to talk about money is to find the deeper purpose for it?

Why do you want it so badly?

Dig deeply. Don’t lie to yourself. When you find that inner reason, you will have a tremendous asset that will lift you over the inevitable bumps.

Listen, let me set one thing straight.

Money is not an evil thing (regardless of how many politicians rail against corporate greed).  As my mentor says, money magnifies who you are inside.  If you’re a good person, that will get magnified.  If you aren’t a good person, that too will come through in your flashiness and greed.

So don’t let the desire for money be the driving force for your business.

Critical Factor #2 – Conquer Your Negative Mindset

Success in the online world is 90% mindset and 10% business strategies or techniques.

Most entrepreneurs fail or ignore this part of the business equation because they are more interested in techniques: how to get more traffic, leads, conversions and sales.  But your negative mindset will derail you faster than a failed Facebook campaign.

Here are the biggest killers of your business:

  1. Doubt (about your ability, expertise or message)
  2. A critical or complaining spirit
  3. Negativity
  4. Fear (of failure, of what others think, of trying new things)
  5. Discouragement

Forum Etiquette

This is one reason why in our forum, we do not tolerate whining, complaining or a negative spirit.  It’s because it poisons the air.  Not only that, it reveals a poverty of the mind. Your mind. 

Listen bad things happen to good people.  Setting up your Four Percent Business can sometimes make you pull your hair out.  But please, ranting about it is childish and does not get you closer to solving your problem.

No sir.

Real entrepreneurs suck it up and find a way around obstacles where most people would give up.

Be Mentally Prepared

As an entrepreneur, you should prepare yourself for these emotions. You need to decide right now that when they come you will not let them get in the way of fulfilling your goals and mission.

I’m serious.  Look over that list of negatives again.  ANY ONE of those things can spell doom for your business. Think of them like monsters.

So what are some steps you can take to stay on the positive side?

  1. Always keep your why at the forefront of your mind.  This will probably be your saving grace on more than one occasion.  if it’s family, keep a photo close by and when tough times come draw your inspiration to keep plowing ahead.
  2. Feed your mind and soul – YouTube is a great source of motivational and inspirational videos that will keep you focused and heading in a positive direction.  PRO TIP – Listen to these while driving, on your commute, working out or cleaning house. You will accomplish double-duty and build yourself up in the process.
  3. Stay positive – You do not have control over most things.  But you do have control in how you react to them.  You can make a choice on your level of jerkiness towards other.  Choose maturity instead.
  4. Remove negative people and influences from your life – See my suggestion below.

Critical Factor #3 – You must learn to deal with adversity, criticism and setbacks

This is a big one.

No matter how positive you are you will experience setbacks.  Some campaigns won’t work.  People will criticize you.

That’s life.  And yes, it can be incredibly demoralizing and discouraging.

But this is when you need to buckle down, breathe slowly and get a hold of your emotions.  Because I can guarantee you, you’ll want to quit.  These times are your most vulnerable.

Don’t let these things affect you.  You’re on a mission.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  And aside from something very drastic (death or tragedy), most everything is the small stuff. 🙂

What If Someone Close Is the Source of Criticism?

If someone close to you is the source of stress and criticism this is my suggested solution. 

Sit the person down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with them.

Tell them how much their opinion matters to you. It is for this reason that you need them to withhold their judgment and criticism. Yes, this might seem like a crazy idea, yes there are risks.  But you have to do this for yourself.  Ask them for their love and support during this process.

9 times out of 10 if you do this with the right emotion, the person will respond positively.  But, if they don’t, you will need to tune out that criticism and just press on (back to the mindset thing).

Critical Factor #4 – You must be patient with the process and with yourself

Building a successful business takes time.  It is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Goodness.  Think of how many steps there are in the process!  (That reminds me.  I once created a checklist of all the steps needed to complete your office setup.  It was something like 50 or 60 tasks!  I never published it. LOL. I didn’t want to discourage people right from the get go.)

But the point is that your learning curve will be steep and you’ll have to master new skills, new technology and new software.

So chill.  Be patient.  Give yourself time.

One more thing.

Don’t compare your progress or success against someone else’s. This too is poison for you.  Do not envy someone’s success.  There will always be people far ahead of you in the process.  Respect them.

But then worry about your own progress and success.

Critical Factor #5 – You Have to Invest In Yourself

Becoming resilient, positive, patient and dealing with adversity and criticism is not a natural thing for most of us. We are not programmed for greatness by the society in which we live.

This is why I don’t turn on CNN or Fox News anymore.  Who needs the agitation?

Anger, agitation, division, hatred, politics, distrust and negativity are what sells newspapers and ratings.

So to counter this natural state, to counter your worst tendencies, you have to reprogram your mind and heart. (Personally, I think you need a power greater than yourself to do this, but since I don’t know your religion, let’s just stick with secular tactics for now.)

You Must Regularly Consume Good Content

This means that you have to read and take in content from the achievers, dreamers, poets, inventors, top business coaches and motivators. There’s a ton of good stuff right here in the entrepreneur space: Kiyosaki, Bronson, Robbins, Walker, Kennedy, Bruchard, Vanhoose, Vaynerchuk just to name a few.

Most of this content is free and available on YouTube.  If you like to read, a subscription to Scribd or Kindle Unlimited, will give you access to a wealth of books for $10 per month.

We Study Four Years and Learn What?

It is always amazing to me how much money and time we invest in our education for our careers.

In the circles I run with, most of us have college degrees, some masters and a few PhDs.  And most of us are sending our kids through the same system.

This is not a knock against college.  I think it’s a valuable investment in life (assuming you don’t come out 100K in debt).

But the point is that we spend four years of our lives if we went to college in order to have the prospect of a job. Yet we aren’t willing to invest even a few hours per week improving ourselves to compete in this online world?

That’s crazy.

So invest in you.  Think of it as You University.  And go for the advanced degree.