8 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog / Website

8 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog


There are literally 100s of methods you can use to make a little or a lot of money on the Internet.  One of those ways is with the creation of your own blog or website.

Here are the most common methods:

Google Adsense

Place a small ad on your website and anytime someone clicks on the ad, Google will pay you a small fee.  Generally speaking, for every two daily visitors to your site, you will generate about $.01 cent per month.

This might seem like peanuts but let’s do the math.

If you have 100 people that visit your blog on a daily basis, you have the potential to generate $50 per month.  A few years back, one of my sites (freebiblestudylessons.net) was receiving 600 daily visitors and generating $325 per month on one Google ad.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing 

Promote Amazon’s products on your site and receive a commission for every sale made through your promotion. Amazon sells over 485 million products grouped into several major categories.  Thus, no matter what your interest, taste, passion or hobby, there will be many products you can promote.

As an example, let’s say you are passionate about coffee and that you regularly blog about this subject.

Then let’s assume that you incorporate an offer into one of your posts for a Gagia Brera Espresso Machine @ $399.00.  If one of your visitors takes your recommendation, clicks through and visits Amazon and makes a purchase, Amazon will pay you $32 for that sale.

Not bad for writing a small article and making a recommendation.  The more products you promote, the greater opportunities you will have to earn a commission.

Niche Affiliate Marketing 

Amazon is not the only affiliate program in existence.  Indeed, there are 1000s of companies that participate in affiliate programs.

Think of any hobby, passion or interest and the products that appeal to those people and it’s likely that you can promote an affiliate offer.  Here are some examples:

  • Jamplay.com, for example will pay you $40 for anyone you refer that joins their membership program
  • Taylormade.com will pay you a percentage commission for every customer that comes through your link and makes a purchase on their site
  • Africapoint.com pays 30% commission for anyone you refer and who books their car, hotel, tour and safari through them
  • Virtually any subscription or software platform that you need to run an online business has an affiliate program. The most popular software products are autoresponders, landing pages, link tracking, and webinar software.

Affiliate Marketing via Networks (Clickbank, JVZoo, etc.)

A third type of affiliate marketing is when you promote digital products on your site from the major affiliate networks.

Essentially, there are several exchanges that house 1000s of digital products that you can promote.  The most popular exchanges are Clickbank, JVZoo, Dealguardian and Avantgate.

You can promote products in 25 categories including:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business
  • Computers
  • E-business and e-marketing
  • Education
  • Employment and jobs
  • Food / Wine
  • Health / Fitness,
  • Parenting / Families
  • Politics
  • Spirituality
  • Sports, etc.

Commissions are typically 50% of the purchase price.

Thus, if someone on your site purchases a software subscription or a health and fitness digital video for $37, these exchanges will pay you a commission of $18.50.

E-Mail Marketing 

E-Mail marketing involves collecting your visitor’s e-mails so that you can communicate with them, provide valuable content and promote products for a commission.

The steps include:

  1. Signing up for an autoresponder (e-mail marketing software)
  2. Creating an autoresponder list
  3. Creating a series of e-mails to send to your list (after they opt-in) – These e-mails would be a mixture of free training, advice and promotional offers
  4. Creating something of value to give to your visitors in exchange for their e-mail address (this can include a report, cheat sheet, checklist, video, e-book, etc.)
  5. Creating a landing page to capture your visitor’s e-mails
  6. Connecting your landing page to your autoresponder e-mail list

For e-mail marketing, you would still need to have some type of product to promote.  This could be an affiliate product (from one of the three options above) or your own digital products.

Creating Your Own Digital Products

Believe it or not, you can also create your own digital products to sell on your blog / website.  This does require a bit more time on your part.  However, the advantage is that you get to keep all of the commissions for each sale.

In order to create your own products, you must first identify a viable market (hungry buyers) and then you must craft a product that either solves a problem or produces a desirable result for that market.

In addition, you must have some expertise in the solution or result your prospect desires. For example, if you are an Excel expert, then you could create a product that provided a ton of value for people looking to improve in this program.

There are several types of digital products that you can create:

  1. E-book (this can be in the form of a PDF) or a Kindle book
  2. Video courses (housed on your own site) – You can also house it on a training platform (Udemy, Thinkific), but now you’re talking about making money outside of your blog.
  3. Membership Sites – Gather your site’s most valuable content and place it behind a membership portal. You can charge a subscription or simply have people exchange their e-mail for access.  Within the membership portal, you can promote affiliate offers that are relevant to your visitors.
  4. Audio course (Many busy people are choosing audio for learning if they are driving or working out and cannot watch a video) 

Banner Ads

If your blog or website becomes popular enough, some people may seek you out and offer to pay for advertising space on your site.

Let’s say you run a coffee blog and receive 2,000 visitors per day.  Well that’s 60,000 eyeballs (technically 120,000) that will see whatever banner you have running on your site.

Advertisers are willing to pay several hundred dollars to place an ad on your site because they know your traffic is targeted and they can recoup their investment with a few sales.

Coaching / Consulting / Speaking

Finally, your blog or website can be a great source of leads for your coaching, consulting or speaking business.

Your blog is where you get to share your expertise with the world.  It is also where you give your community incredibly valuable advice and information through your articles and posts.

This type of content establishes you as an authority and an expert in a particular niche. And people trust experts.  People are more likely to buy from experts.  In addition, people are always looking for experts to help them shorten their learning curve.

If you have successfully mastered how to make sourdough bread, create a killer Excel spreadsheet, how to win at blackjack, or whatever it may be, many people will pay good money to learn that from you.  They will also pay good money to have you speak about that topic in front of a group.