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Anatomy of a Sales Funnel


A sales funnel is a must for any aspiring affiliate, network or digital marketer.  In the online world, a sales funnel is the process that takes a prospect from a cold lead, to a warm lead, to an interest in your product, to a purchase of your offer.

Recently, I came across a sales funnel that was extremely well engineered, and I wanted to share that with you. This funnel is for the MLM industry, but it can be re-engineered for virtually any market or any product.


The funnel has 9 main steps.  There could be other steps that were not visible because I didn’t choose certain options.

  1. Facebook Ad
  2. Landing Page
  3. Opt-in Box
  4. Order Form
  5. Check-Out Page (Lead Magnet)
  6. First Upsell
  7. 2nd Upsell
  8. 2nd Upsell – Payment Plan
  9. Content Page

Let’s look at these in greater detail.

NOTE: I have cropped many of the images.  If you want to see the originals, click on the photos.

Facebook Ad

This is the first step in the funnel, the Facebook Ad. 

Facebook is a great source of very targeted traffic that is fairly inexpensive depending on how well you structure your ad, audience, etc.

Content marketing and SEO are traffic avenues as well, but they take longer to cultivate.  If you want to quickly direct traffic to your offer, it’s better just to pay up.

By paying for traffic, you’ll be able to quickly check out the viability of your landing page, sales funnel, offer, etc, and if structured correctly, you’ll generate a positive ROI almost immediately.

A Few Observations:

  1. This is a right side-bar ad, so the cost-per-click is less. When setting up an ad, Facebook will show you how your ad will look in various places (including the side-bar) so make sure you are satisfied with how each ad looks.
  1. The ad contains a person looking directly into the camera. This personalizes the ad.  Plus, ads with images of people typically have higher conversion rates.
  1. Notice the simplicity of the ad. There is one headline promise in the image.  This is one solution to a problem many people in the MLM market face, getting distributors.
  1. The headline grabs the target market’s attention (people in the MLM space). If it’s done right, the rest of the text in the ad won’t even be necessary.

Note also the specificity of the promise (two enrollees per day). Being specific is often helpful in increasing conversions.  Note also the word “simple”, which already begins to answer an objection.  Will it be difficult to implement?

  1. The concept of a system, roadmap, blueprint, formula, guide is important. It shows that you have thought through the problem and have come up with a solution.  When creating a product or service, think in terms of step-by-step formulas to give people confidence that what you have will work.
  1. The marketer has chosen his audience well. If you went to one of his sites earlier, he now has you pixeled and can retarget you with this type of ad.  Otherwise, he has simply chosen Interest groups in FB (MLM, Amway, digital marketers, online marketers, etc.) that would respond to this promise.

Landing Page

The theory on Landing Pages varies. Some say give a lot of info, others make it minimal.

This person has chosen less. 

A few observations:

  1. There is coherence between the FB ad and the Landing Page. The same promise is there as is the same person.
  1. Video works. More people don’t use it because it requires extra time and they simply don’t want to be on camera. But here is a chance to be a real person, to make a connection and to look your prospect in the eye and give your compelling reasons for why he / she should take up your offer.
  1. Again, the concept of system has been re-used here. This gives people confidence that you know what you’re doing. This is the SSS – Simple Sign-up System.  Even the name tells you the benefit you’ll get, which is another important aspect of product development.
  1. Bullets should be benefit driven. Many of these touch on a problem with a solution.  These are all things that MLM people deal with and desire: leads on demand, automated, no more chasing people, enrolling with confidence.
  1. Notice there are no features here except for the number of videos. It’s all problem, solution, benefit driven.      
  1. The “Download Now” button tells you it’s a digital product, but more importantly, that you can get instant gratification.  People want to immediately try out what they’ve purchased because they are hungry for results. 

Opt-in Form

Typically, the more steps you put in your funnel, the lower your conversion rates.

This is a two-step opt-in.  You must click on the Download Now button of the landing page to type in your name and e-mail.

If you split test your landing pages (one with an opt-in right on the first page, one with an opt-in on the second page), you won’t have to guess about which one works better.

A few observations:

  1. The benefit continues to draw you in as does the concept of a system.

The truth is, many if not most online marketers don’t operate under a “system.”  This is why they have been floundering around not getting the results they want.

  1. The privacy protected language is almost standard now but it does give one extra level of comfort to people.

The Order Page

We now come to the Order Page.

At this point, we want the Simple Sign-Up System and may be prepared to pay a certain sum though it hasn’t been made clear from the outset.

The image  doesn’t do justice to the real Order Page.

It’s about 10 times as long and acts like a sales letter (Click on the image if you want to see the real Order Page).

A few observations:

  1. Video again – It’s effective and personal and allows you to address your prospects directly. Notice here the rags-to-riches testimony, which might be overused in the online industry, but still seems to work.
  1. Social share buttons give you another avenue of traffic. If someone has made it to this stage in your funnel, they like your stuff and may be willing to share it.
  1. Secure checkout – All the tummy comfort stuff is there – The words “Secure Checkout”, the lock icon, no hidden fees, the Stripe logo.
  1. The marketer is giving away this system for FREE, but has added a $3.95 digital charge. This is huge. Any amount someone spends turns that prospect into a customer and these are more valuable in the long-term. 
  1. The amount is a no-brainer for the prospect. The order page / sales letter gives him / her a long list of what the purchase will bring:  videos, scripts, bonuses, etc. all promising at least 2 sign-ups a day complete with testimonials.
  1. Ah yes, testimonials. If you have them, include them.  They increase conversions.  If you don’t have any, send a message to some of your customers and ask if they’d give you one. Many will be glad to do so. 
  1. The order page / sales letter is clear on exactly what the prospect will get: Module 1 – Case study, Module 2 – How to build automation, etc. Plus you’ll get these bonuses:  e-mail templates, scripts, etc.  These stack value on top of value which again makes the price seem quite small.
  1. There is a no questions asked guarantee, which is critical.
  1. The “Terms” and “Privacy” links are critical at the bottom of the page. They spell out what you’ll get, earnings disclaimer and how your information will be protected. It’s legal stuff but must be included on any landing page or sales order form where earnings claims are being made or information is exchanging hands.

The Checkout Page

Your prospect has come a long way.

Each decision, click of a link, social share or additional screen your prospect sees brings them psychologically closer to a sale.

So all of it is important.                                                                            

The real check out page is much longer.  Click on the image if you want to see the original.

Some observations:

  1. The form is standard. The steps are laid out: Confirm Order, Enter info, Enter CC info.
  1. The form asks for name, e-mail, address and phone number. There is probably some coaching that is sold on the back end. Besides, having your prospect’s e-mail, address and phone number makes your list a very powerful asset for your business. 

Believe it or not direct mail still works beautifully and having an address allows for that.  Dan Kennedy has much to say about this subject if you want more details.

  1. IMPORTANT: Notice the prominence of the Lead Magnet offer directly below the Credit Card info. The Attraction Code.
  1. If a prospect has already decided to spend money on your offer, he will be more likely to take you up on your next offer, especially for such a low entry point and especially if it gets him / her closer to their goal. 

This offer is another “blueprint” with a name that speaks to the benefit (I hope you are catching the value in this).

Conversion rates on lead magnets vary, but if they provide additional value that is in line with what the prospect is already after, then 20-30% is not out of the question.

That being the case, you will already have a positive ROI on your ad spending if a certain amount of prospects pay $3.95 for the Sign-up system and a percentage of those pay $19.95 for the Attraction Code.

The First Upsell

Knowing that those who have purchased once (no matter the amount), are more likely to purchase again, the marketer now presents the prospect with the first upsell.

Click onto the image if you want to see the original upsell page.

A few observations:

  1. There is scarcity here. “Only for New Members”, “Don’t Close the Page…”
  1. There’s that video again. It’s personal and persuasive.  It allows you to address objections and talk about the benefits and features of your offer directly with your prospects.
  1. It’s a one-time offer. If prospects don’t act now, it won’t be available again.

The offer is for the “Network Marketing Launch Formula” – Again, there’s that “formula” and the benefit stated directly in the name.

The cost is $47.  Depending on the prospect, this might be the outside of what he / she was willing to spend or really not matter that much.  At this point, if he / she walks away with some valuable content for $70 it’s probably a good trade in his / her mind.

  1. The offer is still within all the desired benefits / gains that a prospect in this market is seeking.
  1. There is a 60-day guarantee on this offer to reduce the risk for the prospect. 

The Second Upsell

If the prospect wasn’t interested in your first upsell, perhaps he / she will be in the second one.

Click on the image to see the original second upsell page which is longer.

Some observations: 

The same concepts apply as in the first upsell: scarcity, “formula” concept, and what you call contrast.  The original price is $997 but you can get it for $197.

Video is once again prominent, speaking directly to the prospect about why this offer makes sense and answering objections.

The marketer is selling the “Story Selling Formula” which hopefully the video explains.  It’s a bit outside the train of thought of where he has taken us to this point.  Remember, he started by promising two sign-ups a day.  Now it’s about storytelling.

We’ll continue the rest of the this sales funnel analysis another day.