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Welcome to the Four Percent Group information page.

I created this page in order to centralize important training and information related to the Four Percent Group business opportunity.

4PG Training for New Members

This course walks you through the whole process of setting up your 4PG system.  It is based on the 7 Steps to Results training that was formerly a part of the 4PG members’ portal.

Go to the course page.

Advice for Newbies

This article represents the strategies and principles I’ve used to grow in my 4 Percent Group journey. I have acquired them through much trial and error, which I hope you will avoid.

How to Setup Your Webinar Funnel (E-Commerce Launch)


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Four Percent Group Links

Four Percent Group Review – Honest review of the 4% Group, which incorporates multiple streams of income, the flexibility of affiliate marketing, done-for-your custom funnels, and mastermind level training.

Starting an Online Business with the Four Percent Group – Shows you how to get started in your own online business using the Four Percent Group system.

7 Steps to Results

The 7 Steps to Results is the 4 Percent Group’s core training for aspiring entrepreneurs.  It is a 100% FREE training that takes you through the mindset, philosophy and vision of the 4 Percent Group as well as setting up your sales and marketing funnels.

This includes the creation of your custom landing pages, thank you pages, e-mail sequences, optimization and tracking.

The culmination of the 7 Steps is Operation 100K, which is a nuts and bolts, stare over Vick’s shoulder as he builds a campaign from scratch to $100,000 in affiliate commissions.

To access the FREE training click to become a free member.

PDF Downloads

If you prefer to read vs. watching a longer video, here are the first two lessons in PDF format.

Ultimate Guide to Using an Autoresponder in the 4PG

In this article, I answer the four most common questions about using an autoresponder as part of the 4 Percent Group business opportunity.  These include:

  1. Do I really need to build a list?
  2. How often do I send e-mails?
  3. What type of open rates should I see?
  4. What do I include in each e-mail?

Social Media Promotion Guide

Our Social Media Promotion Guide contains images, descriptions and links to all of Tecademics FREE Internet Marketing training.

This allows you to quickly post and promote this awesome FREE training on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platform to generation organic and qualified leads.

Includes links to training in print on demand, Shopify, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, sales, Instagram, Facebook ads, SEO and my personal favorite How to Get Penny Views on FB and much more all in one document ready for you to use.

The Journey

Inspiring interviews with Four Percent Group top performers and other powerhouse Internet marketers providing the key strategies that helped them overcome great obstacles and build a highly successful online business.

  1. Justin and D. Verrengia
  2. Chris and Susan Beesley
  3. Miles and Sonia Seger
  4. Saj P.
  5. Chris Record
  6. Dustin Matthews
  7. Tanya Willis

Basics of the Four Percent Group Funnel

This short video walks you through the basics of the Four Percent Group funnel, which incorporates a landing page, autoresponder and offer page.



Bing Ads Case Study

This video demonstrates a Bing Ads PPC case study, which generated a ton of leads and FREE memberships.

Updated Bing Ads Blog Post

Here is a step-by-step article on a new and improved Bing Ads campaign.  This one is pulling in a 30% opt-in rate and a 10% FREE members sign-up rate.

Check it out: How to Use Bing Ads to Drive Traffic, Grow Your List and Sign-Up FREE Members to Your Four Percent Business.

If you wish to receive a PDF of this article click the link and opt-in to receive it: PDF of Bing Ads Winning Campaign.

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