I joined the Four Percent Group on December 16, 2016.

This article represents the strategies, steps and principles I have used to grow my 4PG business.  It is also my advice to newbies just starting out to help them move forward.


Before asking for help or advice from the Facebook group, you must first take responsibility for your own education.

You cannot move forward successfully until you have a basic understanding of the following:

  1. 4PG philosophy and vision
  2. Funnels (affiliate links, landing pages, autoresponder sequence, affiliate sales page, etc.)
  3. Commission structure
  4. Multiple streams of income
  5. 4PG product eco-system (including Tecademics)

My first piece of advice is that you go through all of the training once to get an overview.  When you have completed the training, go back through it again, but this time more carefully.

There’s no easy way around this.  It will be overwhelming.  But the cure for being overwhelmed is to review the steps until you feel comfortable.

BONUS – Watch the older webinars, training and Journey episodes to deepen your understanding of the basic training.  When I first joined the 4PG, I ran through the training several times, all of the Journey episodes and nearly all of the webinar trainings.  The education was priceless.


If you are going to run a business, then you need to acquire the right software tools.  You would never show up to a construction site without tools.  Yet this is how many people approach their online business.

At a minimum, you must acquire:

  1. ClickMagick – Link tracking software
  2. Getresponse or Aweber – Autoresponder software
  3. Clickfunnels or another landing page software



This is something I have covered in the video below.

You should have a clear idea of the basic components of a funnel as you start to create one for the 4PG.


Some of the difficulty in setting up your first funnel occurs because you do not have a clear understanding of the overall process.  Step 1 and Step 3 will hopefully cover that.

In this next step you want to make sure that you:

  1. Acquire your domain
  2. Create a custom tracking link with your domain (or subdomain) using ClickMagick
  3. Create your custom landing page wrapper (this is the page before your Thank You page (see funnel above))
  4. Create your thank you page (sometimes this can be a bridge page)
  5. Create your e-mail autoresponder sequence.
  6. Connect your e-mail sequence to your custom landing page
  7. Setup your tracking pixels inside of your 4PG funnel
  8. Test your funnel (NOTE: You can send me an e-mail at with your link and I would be happy to test your funnel for you free of charge.)


I have written a complete article on this subject in order to give you an idea about the types of e-mails you should include in your e-mail sequence.

The 4PG members’ portal includes a few e-mail swipe files that you can use to get started.  Eventually, you will want to branch out and create your own e-mails with your voice and message.

Personally, I never used the 4PG e-mail sequence because the message was off for the audience I wanted to reach.


This is probably the most difficult piece for those just starting out.

Here’s my first piece of advice. Learn a little about your preferred ad platform before you start using it to send traffic to your offer.

In this video, I give you tips for advertising on Facebook:


My preferred method for driving traffic to the 4PG biz opp is Bing Ads.

The cost-per-click is still fairly low and there is more flexibility in the type of ad you can use.  There are several options for this training:

  1. I have written a detailed blog article for using Bing to advertise your 4PG opportunity.
  2. You can also download a PDF copy of the guide by entering your e-mail address here.
  3. Finally, I have created a video course of the entire process, which you can access here for $19.


This is probably the most important step, yet most newbies blow it off because there is no immediate payoff and it isn’t as practical as “getting traffic.”

But here’s the scoop…

Your crappy attitude will doom you before any strategy. Whining, complaining, negativity, criticism, etc.  All of those are killers for you!

This doesn’t mean you don’t have bad days or get discouraged.  It simply means that you put on your big boy / big girl pants and fight through it.

Here’s another thing…

I promise you, you will want to quit, several times.  Your campaigns will fail.  You will lose some money and make some errors.

That’s part of the game.  This guide can help you avoid some bumps, but not all of them.

A final piece of advice in this area…

People will criticize you, make fun of you, tell you you’re into a scam, and a bunch of other nonsense. Tune it out.  At the end of the day, you will either push through or wilt.  So toughen up and commit to seeing this business succeed.


Starting an online business will cost you some money.  There is no way around it.

Between your Pro Membership and the basic software tools (ClickMagick and GetResponse), you are already talking something like $75 per month.

Add in Clickfunnels, plus money for advertising and your total is about $275 per month.

For starting an online business of this caliber, you have to trust me when I tell you that this is peanuts.  Most people spend 1/2 that much on coffee at Starbucks each month.

But if that amount seems insurmountable, then you must get creative about your money situation until you can start generating some income.

  1. Cut back on all unnecessary expenses and use the extra money to begin building your business
  2. Take the Vaynerchuk Flip Challenge.  Essentially it is taking all of the old junk in your basement, attic or garage and flipping it on E-Bay or Amazon.  You will be surprised by how much money you can earn. (NOTE: If you have friends who like to read, ask them for their popular books that are taking up space on their shelves and flip them on Amazon.)
  3. Take an extra job until you can start earning some income from the 4PG opportunity


The more you know, the more problems you can solve for people, and the more successful you will be.

Learn everything you can about the 4PG eco-system and online marketing.  There are a few basic elements that will be critical for your success:

  1. Traffic strategies
  2. Landing pages
  3. Autoresponders and e-mail sequence
  4. Link tracking (ClickMagick has a one-hour guide on tracking.  It’s well worth the investment.)
  5. 4PG product mix, membership, Tecademics


Everyone is always looking for the magic bullet, the shortcut or the secret to success in this business.  So here goes:

Secret #1 – You’ve got to want it so badly that you lose sleep.

Only determination to succeed will be enough to get you through the bumps of this business. In my 7 Paradigm Shifts for Online Success series I talk about having a big why to motivate you.

Secret #2 – You’ve got to be consistent

Every day you should be doing something that generates traffic for the front of your funnel.

The 4PG system works if you send people to your landing page.  Some will become FREE members and some of those will upgrade to paid membership.

Secret #3 – You’ve got to be patient

Learning this business takes time as does seeing the results.  Most people quit after losing a little money or because of the slightest setback.

Secret #4 – You’ve got to master one source of traffic

Learn one method of traffic and become an expert at it.  Don’t hop around looking for the magic bullet or secret. Pick one source of traffic, learn all you can about it, ask around, then experiment with it.

Over time, people will start asking you to show them what you know (some will even pay you).

Secret #5 – You’ve got to pay attention to the numbers

This is all about tracking your links and split testing.

When you are finally feeling comfortable with funnels and the basics of online marketing, you will need to start paying attention to your numbers:

  1. What is the best source of traffic?
  2. Which landing pages are converting the best?
  3. What is your e-mail open rate?
  4. Which affiliate sales page is converting the best?

You can derive the answers to all of these questions by ensuring that you have the proper tracking links and pixels in place.

There are plenty of resources to help you split test your landing pages.  You want to know which images, headlines, call to action buttons, etc. are performing the best.

Without tracking your numbers you are flying blindly.


QUESTION: Can you run your 4PG business with different software tools than these?

ANSWER: Yes, but it will require more time for you (since all of the training, e-mails, landing pages, etc. are based on these tools).


QUESTION: Do you need to purchase Clickfunnels ($97 per month) to make the 4PG system work?

ANSWER: No, but it does make life easier for you since you can share your funnels with others.  And again, everything in the training is based on Clickfunnels.  In addition, however you setup your business is the way your downline will likely setup their business.

If you already own another landing page software you can get by with that.  Just keep in mind that you will be creating a custom solution that will be difficult for others to replicate.


QUESTION: Which is autoresponder is better?

ANSWER: Pick one, honestly.

You’ll have fans on both sides.  This is not something you need to waste time on. If you have a good sponsor, pick the one he / she is using so you can get their e-mail templates.


QUESTION: Do I need to pay for traffic?

ANSWER: Yes, if you want to achieve faster success.

Organic (or search traffic), takes a long time to develop, plus it is a learned skill.  You are better off dedicating your time to learning one traffic source so you can leverage it to bring people to your offer.

If you have optimized your landing page and e-mail sequence then you will get opt-ins to your list, FREE members and eventually paid members.


QUESTION: What do I do if some parts of my funnel don’t work?

ANSWER: Check in with the 4PG support if the problem is related to a 4PG element.  For help with the software tools, check through the manuals for those tools or contact their technical support department.

The Facebook Group should not be your go-to source for resolving technical issues.