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How to Use Bing Ads to Build Your Online Business


Hey it’s Gus,

I’m writing from my home in Boston and I wanted to give some concrete, practical information for using Bing Ads to grow your online business.  I’ll be focusing on the Four Percent group, but you can apply this to any business opportunity

Why this Post?

First of all, let me say that I know how demoralizing it can be to get started with the Four Percent Group and not make any progress.  You run from one technique to another, spending money left and right and you have no free members, much less paid.

Secondly, while the training is very good, it might be too overwhelming.  Thus, it’s difficult to know where to focus your time and energy.  Plus, you don’t know if something is going to work or not.

Finally, when people post their success stories on the forums, they don’t often tell you what they did to get there. This may create a feeling of being left behind, what am I doing wrong, and all those things that aren’t helpful for your business.

With this blog post, I’ll show you something specific that is working for me: my list is growing, I am getting people to join the free 4PG membership and I am getting some paid members as well.

Why Bing Ads?

I like Bing Ads for a bunch of reasons:

  1. There is more flexibility on what your ad can say and where you send people from your ad. Facebook is very strict and many 4% folks have gotten banned promoting biz opps.
  2. It’s fairly straightforward to setup a campaign in Bing.
  3. The cost-per-click can be very low ($0.25 to $0.50). This means you can test out different headlines, pages, etc. without breaking your bank.


The campaign I ran was quite simple:

  1. Bing ad
  2. Custom landing page (split tested)
  3. E-Mail opt-in (with series)
  4. Four Percent affiliate page with video

Here you can see that my campaign was very straightforward.  I didn’t bother with a thank you page or a pre-frame page.  I was trying to keep things simple.  Adding both of those would probably improve the opt-in or sign-up rates.

Once someone subscribed, I sent out a series of 19 e-mails over 21 days, which provided value, training and incentives for subscribers to upgrade from a free to a pro membership.


Here you can see a chart of the overall campaign:

  1. Date of campaign – Four days from June 12-15, 2017
  2. Ad groups – Four separate ad groups, which are essentially groups of keywords (I will explain later)
  3. Statistics – Clicks = 173, cost-per-click = $0.26 and total spend = $44.42

I mentioned earlier that I liked Bing Ads because it allowed me to test out real headlines and landing pages for a lower cost.  As you can see from the chart above, I only spent $44 to get 173 real clicks to my landing pages from interested people.


How to Use Bing Ads to Grow Your Online Biz
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The Ads 

You can see that I ran four different ads.  I used these four ads for each of the ad groups (groups of keywords) for a total of 16 ads.

Bing Ads Examples

I wanted the headlines to be something not too sensational.  This is more personal preference. You can see that the best performing ad was “Make 3K Per Month Online” @ a 4.69% click-through-rate.

This is something you will need to continually test to see which headline performs better.

Landing Pages


I split-tested two simple landing pages.

The copy came from Rodney Kim another 4% Group member who had been optimizing his campaigns and who shared his results with the group.  These pages were created in Optimizepress since that is the landing page software I previously owned.

The headline of the page comes from one of the Pro Level membership funnels.  This provides some congruence between your custom landing page and your affiliate page.  The specific number is also helpful for higher conversions.

Royalty Free Pictures

The pictures came from a site called Pixabay, a website that provides royalty free images.  I searched for backpacking and pools to come up with the different images.

E-Mail Opt-Ins


Here you can see the growth of my e-mail list.  I’m using GetResponse as my e-mail autoresponder.  There are many other options (Aweber, Convertkit, Sendlane, Mailchimp), but I like GetResponse because it also has the ability to build landing pages.

If you’ll recall this came from 173 clicks total in the Bing Ads campaign.

That works out to a 28% opt-in rate (48/173 = 28%).

Rodney Kim, who I previously mentioned as the creator of the landing pages, was receiving a crazy opt-in rate of over 70%.  I don’t know what traffic source he is using, but that is incredible!

At the same time, I added 18 FREE members to my Four Percent team, which is about a 10% rate (18/173 = 10%). This means that about 10% of people from the Bing Campaign became free members.


So now I’ll jump into specifics.  This is going to get pretty detailed because I want you to have concrete steps that you can take to get results.

Step 1 – Create Your Bing Ads Account

I won’t cover this step here.  Search on YouTube and create your Bing Ads account.  You’ll need to add your credit card information.

Step 2 – Create Your First Campaign 

  1. From inside of your Campaign tab, click on the green Create campaign

  1. Click on Visits to my website as the goal of your campaign.

Step 3 – Add Your Campaign Settings

Fill out each section as following:

  1. Campaign name – Title your campaign
  2. Campaign budget – Add your daily amount. You can start as low as $5.00 per day, though I would recommend $10 or even $25 if you can afford it.  This will allow you to more quickly optimize your campaign and give you faster results.
  3. Under the Daily Budget Options link, choose Standard (Spend your budget evenly throughout the day)
  4. Language – Choose English
  5. Location – Leave as U.S. and Canada. I’ve experimented by adding the U.K, Australia and New Zealand (Tier 1 countries), but have had better luck with just the U.S. and Canada.  Choosing All available countries gives you very poor quality traffic.
  6. Who – Check People in your targeted countries only, otherwise you will not get Tier 1 traffic.
  7. Click Save and go to next step


How to Use Bing Ads to Grow Your Online Biz
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Step 4 – Create Your Ad Groups and Keyword Groups 

Your next step is to create your Ad Groups and choose your keywords.  An Ad Group identifies a set of related keywords.

In my campaign, I ran with four separate ad groups:

  1. Make Money Online
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Internet Marketing
  4. Four Percent Group

Fill in each block as follows:

  1. Your website – This is the URL of your landing page. This link should be cloaked within a tracking program like ClickMagick.
  2. Ad group name – The name of your keyword group
  3. Enter keywords – You can either type your own targeted list or let Bing do most of the work (see procedure below)

Bing Keyword Planner

If you want Bing to find keywords for you, click on the Tools menu, then right-click on the Keyword Planner dropdown.  This will give you the option to Open Link in New Tab.

  1. With the Keyword Planner open in a new tab, click on Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.
  2. Type in your main keyword => “make money online” or “affiliate marketing” or “work from home” etc.
  3. Click on the Get suggestions button down at the bottom

Bing will give you various ad groups with their associated keywords.

  1. Click on the Export button, then Export again when you see the white pop-up box. This will download a CSV file with a very long file name.
  2. Find the CSV file and open it using Excel. It will have several columns.  You are interested in the Keyword
  3. Highlight all of the keywords in the Keyword column, use CTRL-C to copy then head back over to your Bing Ads setup and use CTRL-V to paste the keywords in Enter keywords box


Ad group Keyword Average monthly searches Suggested bid (USD)
Making Money Online making money online 2,980 0.74
Making Money Online online money making 590 0.78
Making Money Online money making online 100 0.73
Making Money Online online making money 90 0.66
Making Money Online making online money 20 0.58
Making Money Online online making money online
Making Money Online money online making 10 0.62


You will end up with a list of keywords under the Ad Group you are creating.  Click on Add new ad group and repeat the exact same process for each Ad Group (keyword set).  Then click on the Save and go to the next step button.

Step 5 – Creating Your Ads 

It’s now time to create your ads.  You can see that I only have two ad groups.  You would likely have more.

The best way to complete this step is to create a series of ads for one ad group and then copy those ads to the other ad groups.   We’ll proceed in this fashion.

  1. Click on +Create ad

Fill out the sections as follows:

  1. Ad title – This is your headline, which should entice people to click through
  2. Ad text – This just gives more description. You can put features / benefits here. The box on the right displays how your ad will look through a Bing search engine.
  3. Display URL – Disguises your long URL. You can use this to brand yourself as I have done with my own website URL.
  4. Leave Device preference unchecked
  5. Choose Final URL and type in the URL of your landing page. This should be your ClickMagick tracking link.
  6. Note that I have added the /{keyword}{AdId} codes to the end of the tracking link. This will allow you to use ClickMagick to track which keywords and ads are performing best for you.
  7. Click on the Save and create another button to create your second ad. These are the ads I used:




You can see that I’ve changed the headline and varied the text description by the daily or monthly amount.  You want to test headlines and text description.  The best way is to do one element at a time, but I got impatient.

Here are the click-through-rates for each of the ads:

  1. Make $3K Per Month – 4.69%
  2. Work from Home for Newbie – 2.38%
  3. Make Money This Week! – 0.46%
  4. Make $100 Per Day – 0.44%

The above figures show the importance of testing out different headlines.  The clear winner is the first ad.  I would likely run this campaign a while longer to see if anything changes, then stop the less performing ads and scale up the better performing ones.

Step 6 – Copy Ads to the Other Ad Groups 

When you are through creating all of your ads for one group, click on Copy ad and Copy to all other ad groups under each ad.

This will populate the other ad groups with the same set of ads.

  1. Click on Save to go to the next step

Step 6 – Budgets and Bidding

You are almost done.  Congratulations on making it this far.  While it might seem tedious at first, once you get the hang of Bing Ads, you’ll be able to turn on the traffic almost at will.

Your final step is to set a budget and complete some of the Advanced settings:

  1. Campaign budget – Set your daily campaign budget. You can start as low as $5.00 per day to test the waters.  Make sure to choose Standard (spend your budget evenly through the day).
  2. Bid strategy – Choose Manual CPC. If you let Bing decide your bid, you will blow through a lot of money.
  3. Ad group bid – Leave the ad group bids as is for now. We will change this bid later for all of the keywords.
  4. Click on the Advanced Campaign Settings and choose Ad Schedule. I like to run my ads Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Sundays are usually not a good day.  You can experiment with this.
  5. Under Device, decrease Tablet and Smartphone bids by 50%. This means that you prefer people responding to your ads on their desktops.
  6. Under Ad distribution, uncheck Content distribution
  7. Click on the Save button

Step 7 – Changing Keyword Bids 

When you click on the Save button in the previous step, you will be brought to the main Campaign page, where your campaign will be active and awaiting approval from Bing.  You will also see your Campaign and your Ad groups.

  1. Click on Status and choose Pause to pause your campaign
  2. Now click on the Keyword tab to go to your keyword list

IMPORTANT: This final step is important.

  1. Click on the check box on the top row, one column over from Keyword
  2. Now click on the Select all rows on all pages This will ensure that all of your keywords are selected and not only those that appear on this first page.
  3. Now click on the Edit drop down box and choose Change current bids and type in a bid amount then click the Save I’ve experimented with $0.25, $0.44 and $0.75.  Whatever you bid here will be the maximum you will pay per click.


  1. All of your keyword bids will change to the amount you typed in.
  2. Now go back to Campaigns and Enable your campaign. Wait an hour or so, and you should start getting some hits on your landing page, e-mail opt-ins, and free membership sign-ups.  If you keep feeding your funnel, you will eventually end up with people who upgrade to PRO level membership.


Well, that’s the end of the procedure.  I hope it does not feel too overwhelming.  This is part of the challenge when starting an online business.

To succeed, you have to be able to learn something and take action.  Hopefully, this manual removes some of the ambiguity.  Most of the success I’ve had with the Four Percent Group has come through using Bing Ads and campaigns just like this one.

Feel free to model and experiment.  If you need further help, send me an e-mail: and I’ll try to point you in the right direction.


How to Use Bing Ads to Grow Your Online Biz
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