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How to Make a Free Website


If you are looking for how to make a free website, you have quite a few choices:

  2. Wix
  3. Squarespace
  4. WordPress
  5. Weebly
  6. And my personal favorite, (I’ll tell you why in a minute).

All of these options (and many others to choose from) walk you through the process of website creation, which involves:

  1. Signing-up for a free account (name, e-mail + password)
  2. Choosing a theme to match your niche
  3. Customizing your theme and adding content / images
  4. Hitting publish


All of the free website building platforms will give you some great tools and themes to build out your website. However, there are several issues you should consider before you sign-up.

1) What is the purpose of your website?

If you are looking to make money online from your website, then you’ll probably want to invest in a domain name and see about hooking that up to your free website.

The reason for this is that you free website will have this name:

  • vs.

Which looks more professional?

Your free website platform may give you the option to incorporate your own domain name, but… they may charge a little bit for that privilege.

2) What features or plugins are available to you?

The most robust and most popular website platform is WordPress (WP).  It has the most plug-ins (third-party software that extends WPs functionality).  It is also the most popular blogging platform if you are going to be creating content on a regular basis.

That I mentioned?  Works on WordPress!

3) Is there additional training offered with your website

This is probably the biggest way to differentiate between free website builder software.  Many platforms will give you training on how to use their specific tools and features.

However, very few will give you additional training on structuring your content, SEO (search engine optimization), monetizing, etc. There are many platforms that will charge a fee for this additional training.  

The platform that I use doesn’t charge a penny!.

4) How do you make money with your website?

Finally, if you are seeking to make money with your website, then my advice is to go with affiliate products. The process is fairly straightforward:

  1. Pick a niche that you are interested in (hobbies, sports, fashion, technology, etc.)
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract visitors to your site
  4. Offer them affiliate products that pay you a commission

If you have a photography website, you can offer reviews of various cameras, for example.  In the body of your article, you would place links, just like this => Canon 5300, and if people purchased through this link you would receive a commission.


If you are looking for a free website builder, that will allow you to make a free website, for small business, for blogging or for promoting affiliate products be sure to check out .

As a free member you will receive:

  1. Two free, hosted websites that you can build on the best platform, WordPress
  2. Awesome training on building, promoting, and finding affiliate products to promote
  3. A community of thousands of users that are eager to help in your success

Just click the link to start your free membership and you’ll be on your way to building your first free website, and maybe even a business.

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Good luck.