My Digital Journey – Episode #2

My Digital Journey - Episode #2


…After I stole an entire Real Estate Investment course and ran out of the hotel (Episode 1), I made my way home to begin my journey to wealth.

I was 19 years old.

I devoured as much of the material as I could, but it was quite overwhelming. I didn’t know the first thing about real estate, or how I was supposed to buy a property and flip it (with no money down)!

After a couple of days, I did what every hungry entrepreneur does in my situation, when they are so excited about a biz opp that they can’t sleep…

I quit!

Literally. Just like that. My real estate career was over before it had started.

To learn the terminology and investment process required too much time, too much brain power, too much effort. This was to be a pattern in my life that would continue even into my digital business. But I would only learn that lesson much later.

Network Marketing King

I then spent different parts of my 20s obsessed with network marketing.

Here was my chance at financial success I thought. All I had to do was sign up three friends, who would sign up three friends, who would sign up three friends and so on and the money would start rolling in, right? 🙂

Boy was I naive.

Network marketing, like any other business, required a boatload of time, patience and some cash investment, none of which I had at the time.

Still, I tried selling household products with Amway, life insurance with Primerica and skin care products with Nu Skin. I attended trainings with my sponsor. I invited people to hotel rooms to hear about the opportunity. I made evening appointments with prospects to sell the business or product.

During my time with Nu Skin, I even started hosting pretty parties for women. It wasn’t a bad gig. I was a single-guy in my mid-20s and I was able to spend an evening with 6-7 beautiful women all of whom were very excited about Nu Skin’s 20 minute facelift.

How to Kill Your Career & Relationship

During my tenure with Primerica, selling life insurance, I passed out an opportunity video to all my banking colleagues. Retire in 3 years! Become financially independent.

When I came to my senses, it was like a scene right out of Jerry McGuire. Oh crap, what have I done? Let me go get the videos! Boom! It was too late. Though no one said anything to me, I knew I had crossed a professional line.

Another time, with another MLM venture, I called up my boss and quit right over the phone. She couldn’t believe it. But I was determined. I was going to make it big.

When I told my girlfriend what I had done, she was horrified. Apparently, I didn’t make very good marriage material, since I couldn’t even give her job security.

She dumped me a few months later.

Where Have You Tried and Failed?

These business attempts taught me a lot about myself: I still had a strong desire to achieve financial independence, I was willing to try new things and I wasn’t afraid of failure. All of these things would become valuable when I finally launched my digital career later on.

Looking back, I can also see that I lacked discipline and patience. These were huge weaknesses for me. This is something I see in many online entrepreneurs today who jump from one biz opp to another, always chasing that elusive financial reward.

I’ll pause my story here. I hope you come back for Episode 3, where my digital journey actually began…with a simple blog.

In the meantime, I’d be curious to hear from you on what kinds of businesses you have tried in the past and what happened as a result of your efforts.

Til then, here’s to your success!