Several big questions that pop up within the 4 Percent Group (or with other online marketing ventures) have to do with autoresponders:

  1. Do I really need to build a list?
  2. How often do I send e-mails?
  3. What type of open rates should I see?
  4. What do I include in each e-mail?

I’ll start from the top and we can work our way through the questions and answers.

Do I Really Need to Build a List?

The short answer on this question is absolutely yes, and there are several reasons why:

  • A list is a long-term asset of your business.  Properly built and cultivated, it can generate revenue for you for the life of your business.
  • A list belongs to you.  No one can touch it, not Google or Facebook or any other platform that regularly changes their algorithms.
  • Conversions from a group of people who know, like and trust your brand are much higher than cold traffic.  You’ll have to deliver the goods.  But if you do, your list will love you and reward you for it.
  • List building will allow you to become an authority in your niche. People love to hear from experts and you’ll have a built in audience to whom you can deliver your content and advice.

How often do I send e-mails?

This is a big one for people, especially if they’ve never built a list before.

As someone who regularly consumes content from digital marketers through e-mail, I can tell you that almost all of them send me something EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My own practice somewhat mirrors that, though I try to give people a break here and there.  Thus, one of my campaigns sends out 12 e-mails in 15 days, and another 19 e-mails in 22 days.

Here’s the bottom line, if your e-mails are good, different, interesting, valuable, in people’s best interest, sincere, and thought-provoking, then you needn’t worry too much about sending too many e-mails.

In fact, you want people to deselect themselves from your list regularly.  This keeps your open rates high, but more importantly, you begin to develop a trust with and audience that likes to hear from you and likes your content.

What Type of Open Rates Should I See?

The answer to this question varies quite a bit. E-Mail marketing has become a very saturated practice in our industry. Many people are on different lists and thus, they could be receiving upwards of 5-7 e-mails per day asking them to buy stuff. This creates e-mail burnout and lowers open rates. Open rates on a poor performing list will be in the single digits (7%-9%) and for better performing ones, it might be in the 30% range.  Some marketers provide such insane value or they do it in such an entertaining way that people feel compelled to open their e-mails and thus rates are through the roof.

I’m not quite that charismatic.  My open rates are as follows:

  • 4% Group Free Members – 43% open rate with a 7% click through rate and <1% unsubscribe rateInvitation to the 4 Percent Group – 31% open rate with a 3% click through rate and < 1% unsubscribe rate
  • As you can see, it’s not too bad, but more importantly, even after getting 19 e-mails in 22 days (plus some additional e-mails I’ve sent as one-off newsletters), the unsubscribe rate is still pretty low.

Factors That Determine Open Rates

There will be many factors that will determine your open rates:

  • Did your traffic come from a good source? Or is it the same tired traffic that everyone else is going after?
  • Did your offer meet your visitor’s expectations?  I know for example that some of my prospects typed in “jobs” in a Bing search, saw and clicked on my ad and opted in.  But is the 4PG what they were really after?  Probably not!
  • Did you deliver on the promise you made to that visitor?  Let’s face it.  All of the videos and marketing materials for the 4PG (as great as they are) make it seem like you’re getting a turn-key marketing machine that you just set and forget. But the reality is different and for many folks, they aren’t getting what the landing page promised.
  • Are you just pitching products to your list vs. providing something of real value?  This is huge.  You can quickly burn through a list if all you do is send them offers.  If you get a chance, read Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” which talks about how we must give, give, give value to people before we ask for the sale.

What Do I Include in Each E-Mail?

I’m going to give you what I use, which I have gathered over the years from being on different lists.

If you want to get an incredible education in this area, then I would suggest Ryan Deiss’ “Invisible Selling Machine.”  It is packed with actionable campaigns for different types of promotions. More importantly though, you’ll get a sense for the types of e-mails you should be sending.

Indeed, if you want to take your knowledge to a very practical level, jump onto someone’s e-mail sequence (someone who is doing well) and notice the types of e-mails they send.  Then simply model your sequence after theirs.

These are the five basic types of e-mails that I send:

  1. Branding – These are e-mails that introduce  or talk about who I am, what I’m about, my brand, and what the business opportunity is about.
  2. Mindset – These e-mails are more motivational / philosophical in nature.  They are meant to stimulate thought and change people’s paradigms so they can better succeed.
  3. Educational – These e-mails make prospects aware of the different features and benefits of the 4PG.  These can include explanations of the multiple streams of income, advantages of premium membership, the Tecademics line, compensation plan, types of funnels, etc.  These are especially useful if you are asking someone to transition from checking out the biz opp to free membership or from free to premium membership.
  4. Training – These e-mails provide training on different facets of the 4PG opportunity.  I regularly create my own training videos that talk about the basics of funnels, Bing Ads case study, using a link tracker, Facebook ads, etc.  I also make sure to pass along any of Vick’s special trainings.
  5. Other Affiliate Offers – There are many great products on the market that help digital marketers of any stripe learn something new or make some aspect of their business work better.  From time to time, I will send along these offers to my list.  Here, I’m careful to recommend only products I absolutely love or use myself and more importantly, products that will help my list grow their business.

Typical Campaign

Here is a campaign I send to those who are free members of the 4 Percent Group:

  1. Day 1 – Welcome e-mail, instructions for 7 Steps, next steps and offer to help
  2. Day 2 – Training – 7 Steps Intro (PDF) in case they have not watched the Intro video
  3. Day 3 – Training – 7 Steps – Step 1 (PDF) in case they have not watched the video
  4. Day 4 – Training – Invitation to my 4PG Resource Center that contains tips and training
  5. Day 6 – Training – Basics of the 4PG free funnel
  6. Day 7 – Offer – Russell Bronson’s “Expert Secrets” book
  7. Day 9 – Mindset – Do you know your big why? Why are you in business?
  8. Day 10 – Training / Mindset – 7 Steps Intro (PDF) – The 4PG system will make you $0 if you don’t take action
  9. Day 11 – Mindset – Secret to success – It’s not methods but determination to succeed
  10. Day 12 – Training – Bing Ads case study
  11. Day 14 – Features – Multiple streams of income (if you become a premium member)
  12. Day 15 – Branding / Training – Would you like a free coaching session?
  13. Day 16 – Features – You own a hardware store that sells picks and shovels – Multiple streams of income for premium members
  14. Day 18 – Mindset – Vaynerchuk challenge on flipping unused items in your house on E-bay to fund your business
  15. Day 19 – Features – What is the Tec Mastermind funnel (for premium members)?
  16. Day 20 – Mindset – Chris Record’s advice on having success with your Internet business
  17. Day 22 – Branding / Training – Do you need my help? Offer to have a Skype call to talk through the business
  18. Day 23 – Offer – Recommendation of book “Rich Dad / Poor Dad” to think about money in a different way
  19. Day 24 – Offer – Livecaster Elite – Software that allows you to use a pre-recorded video to broadcast on Facebook and Youtube Live


So there you have it.  These are the questions that many people ask as they join the 4 Percent Group or as they begin using an autoresponder to build their list.

Let me know if there is additional information you would like to see in this post.  Also, if you want to share some love (and you don’t have a sponsor), consider creating your Autoresponder account through this Getresponse link.

Here’s to your success!