There are literally thousands of ways to be successful with an online business.  I’m going to show you two ways in particular that are tried and true.

I’ll cover Method #1 below.  Click this link for Method #2.


Method #1 has four specific steps, represented by this graph:

1) Choose an interest

We all have something over which we get very excited. It’s usually what we do when we aren’t working.

By taking this route, you get to choose what your site is about.  You get to share your knowledge and excitement with your visitors. With billions of people online, you can turn just about any interest into a profitable business.

2) Build a Website

It literally takes less than 60 seconds to build a beautiful, revenue ready website.

Our state-of-the art website builder uses WordPress as its engine.  You get rid of the technical headaches of building a site, but you have the power (and the plugins) of WordPress, the world’s best site creator.

3) Attract Visitors

By building content around your interest, you will be able to attract targeted visitors to your site.  You do this with a concept called SEO, which the Ultimate Guide will teach you.

4) Promote Offers

Once you have an audience (traffic) you can promote products and services through special programs called “affiliate programs” which are free to join.

You can promote (and earn a commission) on just about anything you can imagine, all without having to create, ship, store, maintain or support a product.

Now that is powerful!


Here are just a few examples of affiliate programs in the GUITAR PLAYING niche:

  • GUITARTRICKS.COM – $25 for trial account, $30 for full paying account
  • AMAZON.COM – $8 to $460 per sale (6% – 10%)
  • GUITARCENTER.COM – $5 to $1200 per sale (6%)
  • JAMORAMA.COM – 40.88 per sale (75%)
  • Legacy Learning System (Guitar) – $43 average per sale (20%)
  • JAMPLAY.COM Guitar Education – $40 per sale

Imagine being able to share your passion, knowledge and excitement with people all over the world and getting paid for it, every time someone clicked on one of your offers?

No selling, no arm-twisting. Just honest information with a splash of enthusiasm. This isn’t get-rich-quick. This is real money to help with your budget. If it grows, even better.


So let’s talk about you now.  If you’re interested in starting your own online business, we’d love to help. We are currently accepting registrations for our 90 Day Challenge.

This is a 100% FREE guided training where we will teach you the ropes for starting a blog / website and then show you how to turn your website into an income stream.

This training includes the following lessons:

  1. Understanding how to make money online
  2. Choosing a niche for your site
  3. Finding a Domain
  4. Installing WordPress
  5. Building out your website
  6. Keyword research
  7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  8. Creating quality website content
  9. Attracting visitors through paid advertising
  10. Monetizing your blog / website


Your next step is to sign up for our 90 Day Challenge, which we will open on August 30th, 2017.  Once you are registered, we will send you information to login to an exclusive members’ portal where you will find your training and mentorship.

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