What Is the Best Online Business for 2017

What is the best online business for 2017


The question before us is this: what is the best online business for 2017?

But I believe this is the wrong question.  There are literally 100s of great online business models to choose from based on your tastes, abilities and desired outcomes: blogging, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, digital products, coaching, consulting to name a few.

The better question is which one are you most likely to continue? or better yet, which one is more likely to be successful based on the amount of work needed?

True Grit

Yes, at the end of the day, your sheer will and determination is what will get you to the pot at the end of the rainbow. Online success is 90% perspiration and 10% strategies.

BUT, and this is very important, some business models are very hard to crack for the majority of people.

My Digital Journey and Why it Matters to This Conversation

Since 2011, here’s what I’ve created on my own:

  1. Three blogs on vastly different topics and written 100s of articles
  2. Two e-books and one video course for the Udemy platform
  3. On-demand webinar to sell my Udemy course
  4. Dozens of live webinars to sell my courses
  5. Membership site

Most recently, I joined an affiliate marketing company to finally learn the skills to succeed in online marketing.

OK, so why am I telling you this?  Not to show you credentials, but to let you know that I have first hand experience with several different online business models.

And I’m here to tell you, all of them require a boatload of work, up front investment and technical abilities.

Major Headaches

Here are the major drawbacks to most online business models:

  1. Technical Abilities – Starting a blog, e-commerce store, creating digital product, or webinars simply requires too much technical ability for the average bear.  Hey, if you can jump in and figure it out, more power to you, but the majority of us don’t have the time, patience or skill set that is needed to make these models work.
  2. No sales, copywriting skills – Most of us couldn’t sell water to someone dying of thirst in the desert.
  3. No ability to create key elements of a business – To sell on the Internet you need at a minimum a landing page, autoresponder sequence and a sales page.  Creating these is difficult even if you get some good training.  You’ve also got to purchase and learn a bunch of different software.
  4. No leverage, scalability or ability to duplicate – Unless you build your own blog or store (see pains above) and sell a ton of product, you won’t make much of a dent in your financial picture.  What you need is leverage, other people’s efforts and duplication, a system that removes most of the headaches we mentioned.

Don’t Affiliate Marketing Companies Remove These Headaches?

In my online career, I’ve checked out and joined a few affiliate marketing organizations: Digital Altitude, Wealthy Affiliate, Legendary Marketer, Six Figure Millionaire, Four Percent Group (I still belong to the last one).

All of them, without exception, are wonderful organizations. I think very low of a certain group of bloggers that make their living trashing these organizations so they can pitch you their opportunity.

But I digress…

All of these companies try to remove the headaches, but most people who join them simply can’t make the system work: yes, they give you a lot of marketing materials, landing pages, sequences, sales pages, sales copy and what not, BUT most still require a lot of technical ability.  They are not all turn-key.

  1. You also have to purchase software (landing page, autoresponder, link tracking, and what not) which can get very expensive ($200 per month at least to start out).
  2. You’ve still got to spend a good chunk of money before you start seeing any results
  3. You’ve still got a tremendous learning curve, not to mention having to deal with your discouragement at not being able to make something work (when others seem to be doing just fine).  Don’t you just hate that?

What Is the Best Online Business for 2017

So after all of that, what is the best online business for 2017?

Here’s my summary.

I can show you how to do most of what I’ve learned in the past 7 years: Creating your own blog, a webinar, a digital product, driving traffic to your offer, creating landing pages, e-mail sequences, etc.

Heck, a lot of that training you can find right on this site (most of it is free, some you have to pay for).

But again, unless you are extremely driven, I would be setting you up for failure. Most of these business models as I mentioned take a boatload of work, time, investment, money, technical skills and most of all perseverance.

BUT, there is one way I’ve found that eliminates 90% of the headaches I mentioned above:

  1. Every landing page, sales page and e-mail sequence is created for you (no need to purchase other software, it’s built right in)
  2. Low cost investment ($7 one-time to begin) means you can have a fully functioning system to test out
  3. Immediate commissions so you see some success right away
  4. Duplicatable – System is fully automated, nothing else to purchase, works right out of the box.  You don’t have to create a thing.  Training is automated too.  Everyone learns the same things.
  5. Leverage – You give away system to other marketers who also promote the product. You earn income from others’ efforts on your team.
  6. System generates leads for you on autopilot – You give away the system (or sell it for $7) as the lead generation magnet

Click the link to check it out.

What is the best online business for 2017?

Here’s to your success.

P.S. If you have a question about anything in this article, send me an e-mail to gustavo@digitooly.com