Yoonla Review 2018


Welcome to my Yoonla Review 2018, where I give you my full and complete rundown of the Yoonla Foundation system.  In this post I am going to give you the following information:

  1. What is Yoonla?
  2. Overview of the Yoonla Platform
  3. Yoonla’s CPA Affiliate Program (Getting Paid for FREE Subscribers)
  4. What’s Next For Yoonla
  5. What I Like / Don’t Like About Yoonla

What is Yoonla?

Yoonla is a digital marketing e-learning platform.

It functions both as:

  1. A system to generate leads, sales and commissions for the Internet Marketing niche
  2. An affiliate program that allows you to earn CPA / override commissions on those you recruit into your network

Yoonla was created by Reno Van Boven, a proven digital entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the online space.  Reno’s passion is to motivate and teach others how to achieve online success.

In this respect, Yoonla functions very similarly to other affiliate marketing systems / programs whereby an expert online entrepreneur teaches and mentors aspiring Internet marketers on how to create a digital lifestyle:

This includes:

  • The Four Percent Group – Vick Streizhues
  • Legendary Marketer – David Sharp
  • Wealthy Affiliate – Kyle and Carson
  • Power Lead System – Neil Guess and Michael Price
  • My Lead System Pro – Brian Fanale
  • Elite Marketing Pro – Tim Erway
  • Digital Altitude – Michale Force

Important Note: I have tested each one of these platforms as a paying member and affiliate. They have different features and benefits, but follow a similar business model.

In this regard, I would be highly suspect of certain review bloggers (you know who you are WA), who use words like scam vs. legit, pretend to do a helpful review, then transition over to selling you their system. (If I were doing an honest review, this would be my one knock against this group.  Other than that it’s solid.)

I will give them credit.  They’ve learned SEO and use it to attract people who are looking for a business opportunity.

Overview of the Yoonla Platform

When you join Yoonla as a free member (more on that later), you will receive access to your own digital marketing platform.

Note the different elements:

  1. On the left side, you have the 5-Step Formula training that walks you step-by-step through the setup of your Yoonla system (more on that in a bit)
  2. On the bottom left, you can see part of the Affiliate marketing program materials
  3. On the top center, you have the incentive to become a Yoonla VIP member, which opens up Yoonla’s CPA and affiliate bonus program

We’ll discuss these in turn.

5-Step Formula Training

There are primarily two goals of the 5-Step Formula Training:

  1. To setup your very own mini-website, which gives you a presence on the Internet and allows you to start building your e-mail list
  2. To ascend to VIP status, which opens up Yoonla’s CPA / Affiliate Program

Step 1 – Preparation

This is an introduction to the Yoonla Foundation System and the VIP model for earning CPA / Affiliate commissions.  You are also encouraged to take advantage of Yoonla’s custom setup, which removes some of the technical headaches of having to setup your own mini-websites.

Finally, this module guides you through the process of subscribing to GetResponse, Yoonla’s preferred autoresponder.

Note: Yoonla does require its VIP members to subscribe to their recommend hosting package and autoresponder as part of the tools needed to have an online business.  The total monthly cost of these third-party services is $26.00 as of the time of this writing.

Step 2 – Installing the Foundation Software

This module guides you through the purchase of a domain and hosting service through Yahoo Small Business.  In addition, you will receive instructions on how to setup your very own mini-website.

The purpose of this exercise is threefold:

  1. You have a presence on the Internet, which is vital to your long-term success as a digital entrepreneur
  2. You have the option to offer three, high-quality digital products to your prospects as lead magnets to begin collecting leads
  3. It allows you to begin building your e-mail list as well as your e-mail marketing skills. These again will be vital to the long-term success of your online business.

Note: If you take advantage of Yoonla’s FREE custom setup, you can avoid much of the technical hassles of setting up your mini-website and digital products yourself.


This is a nice mini-website, which you will receive as part of your Yoonla foundation system.

Step 3 – Installing Your Foundation Products

Step 3 walks you through the steps of installing your digital products to your website.  The process allows you to make some changes to the landing page copy.

NOTE: Yoonla will provide this service to anyone who wants to upgrade to a VIP membership (free of charge) in order to be eligible to earn CPA commissions.

Your mini-website contains three digital products that you can promote in the Internet Marketing Space.  This allows you to provide value to your market (lead magnet) and is helpful as you start to build your list.

The three digital products you can offer include:

  1. Twitter Marketing Excellence
  2. YouTube Marketing Excellence
  3. E-Mail Marketing Excellence

Each product comes with the following elements:

  1. E-mail autoresponder sequence and swipes
  2. Landing page with sales video and customizable copy
  3. Thank You / Download Page that promotes the Yoonla program
  4. High-quality PDF training guide (40+ pages)
  5. Cheat sheet
  6. Mind map
  7. Resource guide

The Digital Product Landing Page

Once someone chooses a product they are taken to that product’s landing page.  You can see the first part below.  The landing page is essentially quality long-form sales letter with video, graphics, statistics and convincing copy.

When someone clicks to get access, they will enter their name and e-mail address and will become part of your Twitter Marketing list.

This allows you to send an automated series of e-mails and to market the Yoonla membership as well as other digital marketing products to your prospects.

Digital Product – Thank You Page

Once someone subscribes to receive your digital product, they will be taken to a thank you page where they can access their resource.

However, on the thank you page, your prospect will have the opportunity to see the Yoonla Foundation system business opportunity.

The link will of course be tracked to you as the affiliate.

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Step 4 – Automation

In this step, you will connect your product opt-in forms to your Getresponse account.  The goal is to create one list per product and begin to capture leads.

In addition, as we have seen, these leads can easily turn into free Yoonla members either on the thank you page or with your follow-up sequence.

There are several swipe files that you can use to setup a short e-mail sequence for anyone who opts-in through your product pages.

DOUBLE-DOG IMPORANT – Most Yoonla members completely ignore the website and digital products as part of their strategy.  For the moment, it is fairly easy to make a CPA commission by sharing your affiliate link.  Thus, most people are concentrating on recruiting free members vs. using their digital products to build their list.

Step 5 – Instant Traffic Formula

This module covers the following topics:

  1. How to setup a custom landing page and double opt-in sequence using Leadpages (an optional subscription at $47 per month)
  2. How to setup your affiliate program autoresponder sequence (separate from the product specific e-mail sequences)
  3. Instructions for using solo ads to generate traffic for your Yoonla program

The first part is all about creating a custom landing page using Leadpages.  You can see a sample of the page here.

The page provides a way for you to filter your prospects so that you end up with high quality leads.

NOTE: I have experimented with sending traffic to a custom landing page and directly to the Yoonla affiliate sales page.  The CPA commissions tend to be about the same, but you can build a list much more quickly if you capture the e-mail before sending your prospects on the the affiliate page.

Traffic Training

As for the traffic side, Yoonla recommends solo ads through Udimi, a network of solo ad providers.

As of this writing, the results for solo ads were spotty.  Here, it is best to get recommendations from those who have had success with solo ads before venturing in.

You can check out my training here, which relies on Bing Ads to generate CPA commissions.  If you are looking for a serious training on using Bing Ads for your online business, check out my full course here.

Yoonla’s Affiliate Program (Getting Paid for FREE Subscribers)

Yoonla’s goal is for every free member to upgrade to VIP status.  Indeed, this is the only way for you to become a Yoonla affiliate and receive CPA / override commissions.

Upgrading to VIP requires each member to subscribe to Yoonla’s recommended software tools:

  1. Yahoo Small Business hosting @ $10.99 per month
  2. GetResponse autoresponder @ $15.00 per month
  3. You must also own your own domain. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one at the same time as your hosting.

These are third-party tools of which Yoonla is an affiliate.  Therefore, by upgrading to VIP, you are providing small monthly commissions to Yoonla.  In turn, Yoonla is able to offer its affiliates a generous CPA commission of $2-4 plus override commissions.

NOTE: If you own these tools or other similar tools, you will need to resubscribe through Yoonla’s affiliate links.  No exceptions.  This is how they are able to provide commissions to their affiliates.

The total initial outlay is $36.00, with a monthly outlay thereafter of $26.00.  This is a bargain given that you can earn CPA and override commissions.

CPA Commissions

For every confirmed free membership that you refer, Yoonla will pay you:

  1. $4.00 per subscription for Tier 1 Countries (U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland)
  2. $2.00 per subscription for non-Tier 1 Countries excluding India, Pakistan, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Niger and Nigeria.

This is a very lucrative incentive for it allows you to essentially pay for your advertising (or generate a profit if you are using organic traffic).

This means that you can put your list building activities on auto pilot knowing that a small initial investment will translate into hundreds of leads for your business (provided you know what you are doing with paid traffic).

Override Commissions

Yoonla will also pay you $15.00 for every free member that upgrades to VIP status.  This provides incentive for you to work with your team to get them to upgrade as quickly as possible.

In addition, for every VIP member that upgrades from one of your VIP members, you will receive and additional $10.00 in override commissions.  This is known as two-tier commissions.

Back Office / Marketing Material / Funnels

As with other programs you have an entire affiliate back-office with links, banners and reporting.

You have access to two affiliate landing pages for free membership as well as e-mail swipes for those who join your team.

Your back office also keeps track of your pending commissions, which is a nice incentive to keep going as you see your earnings rise.

Yoonla rounds out its affiliate program with training on the best ways to promote Yoonla.

What’s Next For Yoonla?

You will note that this part of Yoonla is called Phase One – The Foundation System.

While the Yoonla founders are tight-lipped on the next phases, the idea with the Foundation System is that you become adept at a few important online marketing skills.

This includes understanding the affiliate, CPA and e-mail marketing landscape and becoming an expert in the tools and strategies needed to succeed.

In this sense, the Foundation System serves as a kind of apprenticeship since you are required to learn about lead magnets, autoresponder sequences, e-mail lists, generating traffic, getting conversions, working with your team, etc.

All of these skills will be vital to the long-term success of your online business.

There are apparently two more phases planned for the Yoonla foundation system.  My guess is as good as yours, but if I had to bet, I would say that Yoonla is planning to roll out:

  1. Paying membership product
  2. Several custom digital products to offer to the Internet Marketing niche
  3. High ticket masterminds and events
  4. Advanced traffic and conversion strategies.

This would open up several streams of income for all of its members as they would be able to market these products and earn a commission.  In addition, the high ticket offers would provide a natural path of ascension for members to acquire even greater expertise.

This would in turn provide high-ticket commissions to those who referred these members.

What I Like and Don’t Like About Yoonla

My experience with Yoonla has been very positive.

This is not my first go around with an affiliate marketing / digital marketing platform.  As I mentioned, I personally tested 7 different companies in 2017 as part of my effort to understand the ins and outs of this industry.

So let me start by talking about what I like about the Yoonla system, then move into things that can be improved:

  1. The CPA commission structure is awesome – Most people never make a dollar online. The Free membership offer makes this an easy sell and provides members with instant results. In addition, if you know what you are doing, you can basically turn on your paid traffic faucet for free.
  2. The phased roll out simplifies the task of starting an online business. For now, members can focus on learning a few basic but important online skills to prepare for Phases 1 and 2.
  3. The 5-Step Formula training is packed with value and easy to understand. You are getting an education in key IM skills, which is priceless.
  4. The free custom setup removes much of the technical headaches of setting up your own mini-website and digital products.
  5. Support is friendly, useful and responsive.

Here are some things that can be improved:

  1. Currently, income potential is somewhat limited.  A $4 CPA commission and up to $25 for two tiers of VIP members will probably not get you to a six figure business.  As I said, Yoonla is projecting that Phase II and III will be rolled out in 2017-2018, which will have more affiliate back-end products to promote.  This will increase the income potential.
  2. The CPA offer tends to attract a lot of opportunity seekers. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you understand that many folks are simply looking to make an easy buck and not building a long-term business.
  3. For the reason above, the Facebook community tends to be a little on the inexperienced side. There are a lot of members for whom Yoonla represents their very first online attempt.
  4. Yoonla pays commissions in the third week after a month is completed and after verifying all accounts. According to the latest reports, only about 80% of pending commissions are approved.  You can still make a profit, but it does mean that instead of receiving $100 in pending commissions, you will receive about $80 in approved commissions.
  5. For Spanish speaking countries, Yoonla clamped down considerably and is only accepting about 30% of the pending commissions. Apparently, Yoonla wants its members to focus on English-speaking countries.  This is short-sighted.  Many people in Latin America speak English and for those who are driven, there is always Google.  This policy will dramatically reduce recruiting in this part of the world.


Well there you have it, the good, bad and the ugly of the Yoonla digital marketing platform. Phases II and III are really going to be the key drivers, however, as Yoonla ramps up and is able to provide its members with more income earning products and services.

Until then, for simplicity and initial earnings results, Yoonla gets a decent grade on my digital report card.

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Coming into a digital business (without any experience) is a daunting task.

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