An Example of a Branded and Focused Website


Recently, I ran across a site that hits all the right notes in terms of branding, focus, and helpful content.

Often, as we look to create our own sites, it’s good to see what others are doing right and how we might be able to incorporate some of the elements that work.

The site is below (and no, I am not an affiliate).

Here are my observations.

Thematic Domain

We can see straight away that the theme of the website is captured in the domain name. It has to do with travel and entrepreneurship. The specific topic is not completely clear, but you get the gist.

Many entrepreneurs struggle with having a thematic domain name vs. a catchy name that can be branded later on.

From my experience, there is no right or wrong.

A lot depends on you and the topic of your website and what names are available. The word Nike has nothing to do with shoes. As we teach here at WA, your content will be much more important than a domain name.

Clear Brand

The site has a very definable brand.

The colors, vintage logo, the illustration of the woman with the suitcase, and the scenery all work together to create what I call a feeling or vibe, something like urban sophistication.

Free spirit comes to mind as well.

I don’t know if this brand is specifically targeting women, but the images and vibe seem to indicate that. The tag lines further cement the theme of the site. You can make money by traveling the world and changing lives.

Lead Magnet

You can see that the site offers a lead magnet above the fold. It is a downloadble PDF and very specific to what the audience wants.

The headline is benefit driven: How to create life changing lucrative retreats that clients rave about.

This hits a lot of bells for people.

Travel. Helping others. Workshop style offers. Lucrative. There is a certain type of person that will respond, say a yoga instructor or a health and wellness expert who enjoys serving their clients and who can now learn to do that in a more exoctic local.

The lead magnet helps to build a list of qualified prospects. Once you download the guide, the owners know that you are in the market to create your own retreat. The e-mail sequence and offerings that follow will match that desire specifically.

Finally, there is a similar lead magnet banner at the bottom.


Nothing sells like enthusiam, a smile and a personal touch. Video is great for doing this and the speaker’s warmth and authenticity add the big trust factor.

The video explains how you can create a transformational retreat to add another revenue stream to what you are already doing. This is where the domain name comes back into play. You are an entrepreneur who can now combine travel with your main business.

Niche Focused

The site is very focused. It is dedicated to teaching you how to create transformational retreats. There are how-to-manuals, courses, done-for-you packages and even retreats to teach the the entire transformative retreat concept.

The offerings are not cheap. Prices range from $997 for courses to $1997 for personal retreats. But here again you can see that the target market is already a certain type of business owner.

The blog is set up to educate and inspire and includes the kind of information someone would seek out who is thinking about offering retreats.

For example, there is a post with some of the best spots to hold a transformational retreat. Here’s the list in case you are interested:

  • Namibia
  • Cartagena, Colombia
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Turkey
  • Iceland
  • Morocco
  • New Zealand
  • Slovenia
  • Maldives

Socially Conscious

There is a giving back page which is a nice touch.

More and more entrepreneurs are doing this. It shows a personal interest beyond their business and in some cases, customers choose that business because they feel good contributing to a cause.

For certain entrepreneurs, the purpose of the business is completely mission driven and this has the added benefit of being able to create a movement by doing something you love.

My Final Thoughts

The site works for a variety of reasons.

There is a definite brand or vibe going on, which combines with a very specific niche.

Certain people will be very attracted to the owner, the site and the offerings. In addition, the target market has some disposable income as the product offerings reflect.

There are entry points to the core products (i.e. blog articles, webinars, inexpensive how-to-manuals) and the lead magnet is value driven. I would suspect the owner has an extensive list of very qualified prospects.

It takes time to think through the look and feel of a site, and more importantly who exactly you want to serve, how you want to serve them and even what specific message you want to communicate.

I think the Wanderlust Entrepreneur hits on all cylinders and I suspect it is a very succesful business in its own right.

Hope you enjoyed this case study. Let me know what you think in the comments.