Attraction Marketing – Serve Instead of Sell


In this post, I want to tackle the concept of attraction marketing.  It’s what I call the serve instead of sell approach.

One of the ways you can spot a newbie Internet Marketer is that his / her Facebook profile page will be filled with links to his / her opportunity. Another tell-tale sign is that their wall will be plastered with images to the product they are selling.

If this is you, let me give you some firm advice.


You are not going to attract anyone with these methods. There is a much better way, which I’ll teach you in this post, and it’s called attraction marketing!

People Do Not Like Being Sold To…

There’s an old saying in the Attraction Marketing world (I’ll get to what that is in a moment…) and it goes like this:

People hate being sold to, but they love to buy

So what happens is that when you fill your profile with links to your biz opp, you will be perceived as a cheesy salesperson.  The same things happens when you meet someone in a Facebook chat and the first thing you do is send a link to your business asking them to join.

People don’t like to be sold to…

Think about what happens when we go into a department store like Macy’s. Most of us avoid the salespeople!  We want to be left alone to browse, and to look at items at our own pace without being bothered.

Even a friendly, “Can I help you find something?” sounds pushy

And forget about car shopping.  Most of us would rather have a root canal than make our way through the dozen sharks to purchase a car (my apologies to car salespeople, but you’ve brought this stereotype on yourselves).

Try Serving Instead Selling

So the answer to sounding desperate and always trying to sell is to give value.  It’s to serve instead.

Find out what people in your audience need the most, what challenges they are facing, what problems they encounter, and provide the solutions to those things.  Instead of a link to your business, link to a helpful article or create a status that provides one helpful tip.

When in doubt about what you should post think: educate, empower or entertain.  This is easy to do, if you just make a commitment to serve people with the solutions they are seeking.

Think how can I help people.

People Buy From People They Trust

The most important currency on the Internet is trust.  This is why Amazon rakes in the big bucks.  If it’s on Amazon, people trust it.

attraction marketing - salesperson

But spamming your link in your profile, in Facebook groups, in messages, and acting like a pushy salesperson is the quickest way to lose someone’s trust.

You have to stop that and start leading with value.

Again, this is known as Attraction Marketing.  You lead with good content and the solution to pressing problems and good things will happen.

When you approach your marketing in this way, you’ll be perceived as a trustworthy person. You’ll be perceived as a helpful person.  And you will attract people to your orbit, instead of repelling them every time they hear from you.

And that’s why it’s called attraction marketing.


If you resonate with the above concepts, I’d like to recommend a 10-day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp for you.

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But if nothing else remember, stop selling and start serving instead.