Builderall Review


Welcome to my complete and honest review of Builderall.  In this post I will be reviewing Builderall the software platform as well as Builderall the affiliate program.

If you are simply interested in the affiliate portion of Builderall, skip to the end.

My Review Philosophy

Before I begin, I want to give you my personal philosophy on reviews.

  • I am a user (or former user) of every product I review. I don’t believe in giving you a recommendation based on second hand information that I have gathered from reading a few blog posts on the Internet.
  • I will be very careful in using a word like scam. A scam implies that the vendor is purposefully trying to steal your money through some trick or pyramid scheme. To be honest, I don’t review many scams on my site and Builderall does not fall into that category.
  • I will always give you my honest assessment. I am not going to make someone else’s program look bad in order to make my program look good to sell you on it. I wouldn’t want a reviewer doing that to the programs I promote.

Basics of Builderall

Name: Builderall


Creator: Erick Salgado

Price: $29 per month for ONLY the software system and $49 per month for the software and the right to earn affiliate commissions.

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 – Awesome program that combines many online marketing programs for a low price of $29 per month (website creator, landing pages, autoresponder, membership site).  Product can be promoted to anyone within the online marketing niche. 

Also combines a 30% recurring monthly affiliate commission.  Only drawbacks are 1) the websites / landing pages do not utilize a WordPress environment and 2) the autoresponder is good for basic to intermediate level tasks.

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a complete online marketing system. 

It can be sold as a stand-alone software to anyone who wants to promote their business online.  This includes entrepreneurs and consultants, Internet or affiliate marketers, and small business owners who want a presence on the Internet.

The Builderall System incorporates all of the tools to run your business on the Internet.  This includes:

  1. Website builder (to create unlimited websites)
  2. Landing page creator
  3. Funnel builder
  4. Membership site
  5. Autoresponder
  6. Digital designer (for ebook and digital product covers)
  7. App builder (for basic phone apps)
  8. Plus popups, push notifications, FB message bot

Think of all the tools that people use to market on the Internet: Clickfunnels, Optimizepress, Leadpages, Aweber, Convertkit, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Optinmonster, Udemy, Manychat, Wix, etc.

These products would costs $100s per month if purchased separately, but now you can offer prospects a complete online business solution at a fraction of the cost.  All of them are part of a standard $29.95 per month subscription to Builderall.

Website Builder / Landing Page Creator / Funnel Builder

Builderall provides a robust website, landing page and funnel builder.  You can see part of the interface here.  The blue column shows the different categories (membership pages, landing pages, local businesses, etc.) and the right section shows some of the designs.

Every page is fully editable and optimized for tablet or mobile devices.

Features include:

  1. The ability to add or edit popups, text, banners, buttons, images, menus, audio, video, forms, counters, timers, and many other standard web page elements.
  2. Ability to lock your website / sections of your website behind a paywall or password to create exclusive paid membership or training sites
  3. Create unlimited websites, funnels or landing pages (for yourself or your clients if you are an agency)

My Take on the Website Creator

The editor is intuitive and easy to use.  There is still a learning curve, however, as there is substantial functionality which will require time to master.

Perhaps the biggest drawback for me is the fact that Builderall is built on a proprietary platform. 

It is essentially a closed system which means that all functionality is controlled by Builderall.  This also means that you are not building your websites upon the WordPress platform with its plugins to enhance functionality.

This may not be a deal breaker for you and in fact you might welcome an alternative to WordPress.  In this way, Builderall is similar to a Clickfunnels, which also has its proprietary page building platform.

Mailing Boss – Autoresponder

Builderall also incorporates an autoresponder as part of its standard software package.  This is where a program like BA starts to make financial sense.

In fact, Builderall allows you to sell Mailing Boss for the ridiculous price of $50 (one-time).  This provides a great alternative to the monthly autoresponder subscription services (Convertkit, AWeber, Getresponse) and gives you a ready product that is easy to promote to a certain segment of the Internet marketing space.

Autoresponder Functionality

Mailing Boss provides all of the functionality you would expect from an autoresponder.

  1. Creation of e-mail lists that are ICANN / GDPR compliant
  2. Creation of e-mail campaigns for broadcast and e-mail sequences
  3. Management of subscribers
  4. Full reporting on performance of campaigns
  5. Creation of workflows (this allows for smart branching in your campaigns)
  6. Good to excellent deliverability rates

My Take on Mailingboss Functionality

Builderall’s Mailingboss is a fine replacement for your typical autoresponder. I’m not going to call it an Aweber or Getresponse killer.

I have used both of those programs, and they are incredibly robust autoresponders. Their functionality extends beyond that of Mailingboss.

However, most Internet marketers never take advantage of the more advanced functions in these other programs. Thus, it does not make sense to pay $19 per month for an autoresponder when you can purchase a great alternative in Mailingboss and never pay another monthly fee.

As I mentioned earlier, you have all of the important functionality you will likely need at a tremendous price.

Builderall’s Business Apps

Builderall also contains many useful business apps, which extend its functionality in the online marketing space. This includes:

  1. Design Studio – Allows you to create e-book covers plus iPhone / tablet mock-ups of your products and services
  2. Animated Video Creator – Allows you to create videos with animated letters that use Adobe Flash
  3. Browser Notification – Allows you to send push notifications from your website to a user’s web browser
  4. Facebook Chatbot – The latest rage (i.e. Mobile Monkey, Manychat) which allows you to create FB messenger chat bots and messenger sequences
  5. Share Locker – Locks content behind a FB share button. Requires users to share your content before it is unlocked.
  6. Heat Map – Allows you to track visitor’s behavior on your websites
  7. Autopost Tool – Allows you to schedule your posts on various social media sites

As you can see, there are many useful applications that are a standard part of Builderall. While these applications are not as robust as their standalone counterparts, they can get the job done (plus they are free).

Builderall Business

Finally, Builderall is a business opportunity in its own right. 

This means that you can become an affiliate of Builderall and earn commissions from the sale of Builderall subscriptions.

To take advantage of the affiliate program, you must become a Builderall Business subscriber at $49 per month.  This will give you access to the affiliate business center which includes your links, tracking, banners, sales funnels and additional training.

The long form sales pages for the Builderall platform and the Builderall business are excellent. You can see an example of each here:

  1. Link to Builderall Software Only sales page
  2. Link to Builderall Business sales page (for affiliates)

These pages do a great job of selling the product and the affiliate program.

You also get a wide array of promotional tools, a weekly webinar and beginner, intermediate and advanced training with your affiliate subscription.

My Final Recommendation

I think Builderall is an excellent product and affiliate program and I give it very high ratings (90 out of 100).

The reason I do not give it my highest rating is because I prefer working in a WordPress environment and Builderall is built on a proprietary platform.

However, apart from that, the $29 per month price tag for all of the functionality (website creator, landing page creator, funnel builder, autoresponder and applications) makes it a steal.

No, it is not a Clickfunnels killer, or a Getresponse killer or such silly notions like that. Those are very robust applications that are dedicated to doing a few things extremely well.

Builderall, on the other hand, is like a Swiss Army Knife of online marketing platforms. It can do a lot of things well enough (for a very low price).

This is also what makes the affiliate program potentially profitable since the market for Builderall is HUGE and it almost sells itself.

In addition, the monthly recurring commission on two tiers gives you the ability to create passive income and it also provides leverage and an incentive to help your first line affiliates succeed.

My Preferred Online Business Platform

I am no longer an affiliate of the Builderall platform. This has more to do with how I prefer to build my online business than it does with Builderall. As I’ve already stated, Builderall provides a tremendous value and it is a great program if you are looking to build a more traditional affiliate type business.

I actually prefer to build my online businesses around a topic and a website. This site is an example of that. I also have another site in the Christian study resources niche.

This approach is more like a labor of love BUT with a monetary reward.

The concept is simple yet very powerful in terms of its potential:

  • Build a website around one of your passions
  • Attract visitors through organic or paid traffic
  • Offer affiliate products
  • Make a commission

That’s it!

If you are interested in learning how to do that, then I would encourage you to check out my Start Here page here at

Here’s to your success!

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