Employee vs. Entrepreneur Mindset


This is the second post in a series entitled “Paradigm Shifts for Success In Your Online Business.” The idea is that you must change the way you think if you want to succeed. This post deals with the employee vs. entrepreneur mindset.

A big barrier to entrepreneurial success is that most people have been conditioned to be employees and not entrepreneurs.

Think about it. 

From a young age, in school, the university and beyond, “the system” has prepared you to become (DRUM ROLL PLEASE), an employee!  Modern education was invented to create factory workers not entrepreneurs and certainly NOT risk takers.

It’s no wonder you hear about tech giants who ditched traditional education to blaze their own trail.  The educational system was simply too constricting for their minds and so they broke out.

But the rest of us, well, we might dream about living the high life or having financial freedom, but we’re programmed to avoid creativity, pain, failure and risk.

The Employee Mindset

The employee mindset makes you afraid to fail, to take risks or to take massive action without knowing EVERYTHING that’s ahead.  This mindset makes you focus on your limitations or obstacles.  Success happens to you rather than the other way around, if it happens at all.

Employees are content to be in their position and to know just their group, area or division.  You can be fulfilled as an employee, but we both know that most people would rather be doing something else than working in their current job.

As an employee you trade time for money, and both are limited.

The Entrepreneur Mindset

An entrepreneur is like a caged tiger.  They are restless and relentless in their pursuit.

They see opportunities and not obstacles, they take risks, and aren’t afraid to fail.  They know they can learn from every mistake and they keep looking for different ways to succeed.  Entrepreneurs don’t give up easily.  They know why they are in the race.

Entrepreneurs are teachable, love to learn and read. They are always working on their own improvement or on acquiring new skills.

Entrepreneurs leverage both people and money.  Both work on behalf of the entrepreneur.

The choice is yours.  If you want to succeed you have to adopt an ENTREPRENEUR mindset.