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Welcome to this short guide on free online marketing training courses.

As you know, the amount of pages on the Internet can sometimes be overwhelming.  It’s called the information superhighway, but many times it resembles spaghetti lane.

It’s hard to know who to trust AND often you have to wade through mounds of blog posts, videos and podcasts before you can find something of value.

In this post, I want to recommend a few free online marketing training courses that I have found to be very useful.  In other words, I have tried and tested each of them. This list will also save you time in your research.

Miles Beckler

There are a few things that stand out about Miles.

His trainings are high quality, he genuinely seeks to help people and you can trust him.  Frankly, those are my values as well, but Miles is farther ahead in his digital journey than I am.

You can find all of his free online marketing training courses and posts on his blog: and on his YouTube channel in the playlist section.

If you are short on time, check out How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing which will keep you busy for several hours.

The Four Percent Group

The Four Percent Group recently began offering a great lineup of free Internet marketing courses and workshops.  These include:

Traffic Generation Strategies (by Vick Streizhus) – Learn some of the top strategies for driving high quality traffic to any website.

Facebook PPC Secrets (by Adrian Morrison) – In this one-hour workshop you’ll learn several Facebook advertising secrets from a top FB expert.

Facebook Fanpage Domination (by Anthony Morrison) – In this one-hour workshop, top expert Anthony Morrison teaches you his Facebook Fanpage Domination method.

Instagram Secrets (by Tim Karsliyev) – Learn how to build and monetize your Instagram following from one of the top Instagram influencers.

Irresistible Offer (by Dustin Matthews) – In this two hour workshop, you’ll learn how to craft an irresistible offer from top speaking expert Dustin Matthews.

Elite Marketing Pro

Next on the list of almost free online marketing courses, is the Ignition Coaching Program from Elite Marketing Pro (check out my EMP Review here). I say almost free because this program is provided with the purchase of any EMP product (some as low as $27 (see below)).

If you are looking for an in-depth, guided tour of the online marketing landscape, then the Ignition Coaching Program is one of the best.

There are three levels, 12 modules, all downloadable audio and video with PDFs.

ignition coaching program

Inside the Ignition Coaching Program

The Ignition Coaching Program incorporates training on setting goals, mindset, traffic generation and attraction marketing, which is the core of EMP’s business model.

  1. Level 1 – Foundation is all about having the right frame of mind and setting S.M.A.R.T goals.
  2. Level 2 – Launch focuses on traffic generation in general and then jumps into using Facebook’s promoted posts ad to generate your first few sales.
  3. Level 3 – Propel focuses on EMP’s core business model, attraction marketing. This level also drills down into the various components of a winning sales funnel.
  4. BONUS: Perhaps one of the best features of this program is that you get 3 hours of live coaching from an Internet Marketing expert.

There are two catches for this program:

  1. You’ll have to spend $27 for the Attraction Marketing Formula to get the training program
  2. The coaches will try to upsell you to a yearly membership, but it’s not a hard sell.

Even so, you are going to get a world class education for a steal.  BONUS: The Attraction Marketing Formula is worth every penny at $27.

Wealthy Affiliate

The final free online marketing training courses, which I recommend if you are beginning your online journey is Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate online marketing training

You can read my very detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate here.  You can see a graphic of the free training your receive above.

You actually get two entire courses.  One is for the Online Entrepreneur (5 modules above) and the other is for the Affiliate Bootcamp (7 modules below).

wealthy affiliate - affiliate bootcamp

I like these free online marketing training courses for several reasons:

  1. First of all they are completely free and they provide an incredible value for no cost
  2. The focus is on building a website around your passion or interest not the company’s interests
  3. You get two free websites when you start your training so you can practice what you are learning
  4. You get 7 days of 24 / 7 chat support so it’s like having several coaches available for the first 7 days
  5. You can pay $19 and have access to an additional 10 courses in the Online Entrepreneur or Affiliate Bootcamp for 30 more days


Finding the free online training you need can sometimes be a difficult slog through many sites. The above list represents some of the programs I have used and have found to be of good quality.

All the best to you in your digital journey.


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