How to Build a Website For Free – Hosting Your Website

This is the third post in the series How to Build a Website for Free.  In this lesson, we want to talk about hosting your website.

Let’s define a few terms first.

Hosted Platforms

In order to build a free website, you’ll have to create your site on what is called a hosted platform.  Squarspace, Wiz and WordPress all have hosted options.

The big drawback is that your website domain will look like this => instead of like this =>

This is OK for now since it’s probably better that you learn a bit about websites before you spend money on a domain or server space.

Make Sure It’s WordPress

One other thing to keep in mind is that you want your free website to be built on a WordPress platform.  Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.  It’s the best platform with tons of features and functionality.

For this reason, I would stay away from Wix, Weebly and Squarespace, which are all-in-one website creators, but which are not built on WordPress.

The other disadvantage to those platforms is that you are locked into their systems.  If you ever need to move your site, it will be a pain. 

Introducing an Awesome (Free) Hosting Platform that Utilizes WordPress

So the platform I use to create my sites is called Siterubix (see above image). If you click on the link, you can create a website in about 30 seconds.  Just type in a domain name and you are set. 

Go ahead, give it a try.  You get two free websites, so you can always change it up later.  When you are done, come back to this guide on building a free website.

Features of the Siterubix Platform

OK, now that you are back.

Siterubix is part of a company called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you everything there is to know about building a profitable website and an online business.

You can read my complete review of WA here.  For now, I wanted to tell you about the features that make this a great choice (besides the fact that it’s free):

WordPress Platform

Your free sites are built on the WordPress platform.  You get to use all the features, themes, and plugins of WordPress, the leading website / blogging platform on the planet.

SSL Certificate

Every site hosted on Siterubix comes with something called an SSL certificate.  The jargon isn’t important.  What is important is that your visitors will see a SECURE sign when they visit your site.

Site Protection / Site Security

No worrying about spam or getting your site hacked.  Each website incorporates the latest technology to prevent hacking and malware from disabling your site. 

Actionator Exercise

Practice creating a website now with Siterubix. Simply click on the link, type in your domain name, create an account and you are set.

In the next lesson on How to Create a Free Website, we’ll talk about choosing a domain name.  For now, play around a bit inside of your new website.