How to Build a Website for Free – Picking a Niche

Choose an Interest

So your first task in building a website for free is choosing a topic or interest. This part is kinda important.  You want to really, really, think about it.  Let it sit in your mind.

What do you want your blog or website to be about? And here’s my first piece of advice for you…

Go with a passion or burning interest.

You wanna go with a passion because:

  • You will be writing about this topic
  • You want your enthusiasm to show (because enthusiasm sells)
  • Working on something you are passionate about will keep you in the game longer

Resist the temptation to pick a topic because you think there is more money to be made. Listen, people are cashing in on showing others how to bake sourdough bread for crying out loud.

There is a market for just about anything you can think of…

Sample Interests

You can choose an interest in any of these categories. All of these have raving fans, which is what you need in order to run a profitable website.

  • Any hobby 
  • Any professional athletic team in virtually any sport
  • Any professional sport
  • Any popular movie, TV show or cable series
  • Any popular actor / actress, T.V. star, musician or professional athlete
  • Any popular software product, video game, or smartphone application
  • Anything related to pets but especially dogs and cats
  • Anything related to popular technology
  • Food, wine, cooking
  • Jewelry, makeup, nail polishing, hair styling, fashion
  • Anything related to travel or travel to a particular city or location
  • A political, religious or social issue, group or cause
  • Sites that serve parents, married couples, teen-agers, college students or any other large societal group with unique demands
  • Business, productivity, Internet marketing
  • Fitness, health, wellness

The above list should get you started.  If you are already involved with that niche that’s better.  Or you can also choose something you had been interested in starting.

Actionater Exercises

  1. Read this article by my mentor on how to find a niche for your blog.
  2. Write down five things about which you are passionate.  This can be things you know or things you love to do. Do not analyze this part.  Don’t think product, customers or profit.  Just write down the ideas.
  3. Look over your 5 ideas and rank them in order of most to least interesting.
  4. Pick three topics from the above list.  Pick those topics on which you spend a lot of time or would like to spend a lot of time.

Send me your three ideas =>  Seriously, send them to me or I’m gonna think you’re not serious about this challenge.

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