How to Build a Website for Free


Welcome to this guide entitled “How to Build a Website for Free.”

Over the next few pages, I’m going to show you how it’s possible to build a website without spending any money.  Once you learn the ropes and build out your content, I’ll give you some tips for how to start earning money from your website.

First things first.  Here is what we will cover in this guide on how to build a website for free:

  1. Choosing a topic or interest
  2. The technicalities – Building within WordPress
  3. How to create content people will find and love to read
  4. Bonus: How to turn your website into online passive income

Taking Action

During our time together, I will be giving you a series of assignments.  I do hope you take advantage of them and complete them.

The online world is filled with dreamers, hopers and talkers who got excited about this website or online thing, then just went back to streaming Netflix or surfing the net instead of doing the work that is required.

Passive learning is one thing.  Active learning gets your whole body and mind into a different zone.  So be sure to complete the assignments. 

Think of yourself as the Actionater.  Just like that robot who would stop at nothing, you too should stop at nothing.

Here is your first assignment.

Why do you want to build a website?  Dig deep, then send me your response: and please don’t send me a lame response like, “I just want to make money.” 

Why do you want the extra money?

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