Jumpcut Academy Review 2019


Welcome to my complete and honest Jumpcut Academy Review 2019 (a.k.a Viral Academy).

Before I begin, I want to give you my personal philosophy on reviews.

  • I am a user of every product I review. I don’t believe in giving you a recommendation based on second hand information that I have gathered from reading a few blog posts on the Internet.
  • I will be very careful in using a word like scam. A scam implies that the vendor is purposefully trying to steal your money through some trick or pyramid scheme.
  • I will always give you my honest assessment. I am not going to make someone else’s program look bad in order to make my program look good to sell you on it. I wouldn’t want a reviewer doing that to the programs I promote.

What is Jumpcut Academy 2.0?

Jumpcut Academy is an e-course that promises to teach you how to become a YouTube influencer.  It is a step-by-step program for how to launch and grow a successful YouTube channel (and maybe even quit your job in the process).

It was created by Jesse / Kong who have created multiple successful YT channels. They currently have over 4 million subscribers to date.

What Are the Modules in Viral Academy?

There are five main modules in the training:

Social Media Secrets – Overview of the course and two motivational sessions: success doesn’t happen overnight and do not procrastinate.

Launching Your Channel – How to find your magical channel idea in a niche you love and can dominate

Viral Marketing Masterclass – How to create viral content using the remix strategy and the infotainment strategy. This is probably the most important aspect of the course as it breaks down the process of creating viral content. Guess what? It’s not just being lucky!

Influencer Intel – How to get your first 10,000 subscribers and grow your channel through social media and the blog promotion strategies

Paid to Promote – How to monetize your channel including advertising, e-commerce, branding deals, digital products and crowdsource funding.

Video Bootcamp

Another great feature of Jumpcut Academy is the 12 week bootcamp.

Basically, these are a series of challenges that force you to work on different components of your video to increase the chances of virality.

You study and rate elements from different YT creators then you will create your own using the different strategies presented:

  1. What is your channel’s unique angle
  2. Viral potential
  3. Titles
  4. Hooks
  5. Thumbnails

Your final set of projects will be to create four videos with all of these components (unique angle, viral potential, title, hook and thumbnail), then choose the best one that you want rated.

This portion of the the Academy is gold.  You cannot spend your time just absorbing information.  Unless you produce content, you will never know if your ideas are good enough for mass consumption.

Bonus Lessons

There are ten additional bonus lessons that have been created by or about different YouTube influencers. These courses vary in length, but the content is sufficiently meaty for you to understand each type of YT specialty.

The trainers and their specialty course (or the courses) include:

  1. David So – The Art of Vlogging and YT Comedy
  2. James Shamsi – Growth Hacking on Facebook
  3. Jirard Khalil – Gaming for Dollars
  4. Russell from Ownage Pranks Channel – Master the Funny – Improve comedy
  5. Legalities of YouTube
  6. Growing as a Musician on YouTube

Access to Forum of YouTube Creators

The access to a forum of YouTube creators also makes Jumpcut Academy a winning proposition.

Like most forums of this type, folks are friendly, positive and helpful.  No matter what the question, you’ll likely get more than a few answers.

The forum is also a great way to collaborate and find new business partners.

Since everyone is focused on the same thing (becoming a YouTube influencer), the level of expertise in the forum is like a super-charged bonus course wrapped within a community.

The Price

The price for Jumpcut Academy 2.0 is $997 if you pay in full or $297 per month for 6 months. There is a 365 day money back guarantee, though you do have to prove that you have gone through the course material.

As someone who has purchased this type of higher end digital product, this price point provides an incredible value.  To obtain this kind of information, from real and successful practitioners is worth 10x the amount, literally.

As an example, just understanding that there is a science to virality already places you waaay ahead of most YouTubers. If you can get even one video, much less a channel, into this viral state, you can write your own ticket.

Things to Improve

So a few things I would quibble on…

The video on Failing Your Way to Success was a big turnoff for me.  The voiceover of the young lady complaining and cursing like a sailor was a bit much. Perhaps I’m an old fogey, and a bit more conservative, but I found the narrator to be grating and crass.

Another thing I would like to see is slightly longer videos.  The average length is about 5-7 minutes.  Again, perhaps I’m old school, but I prefer longer and more in-depth content.

This is not to say the information is not in-depth.  It is excellent.

These are minor points.  The course is excellent overall and packed with value. Add the forums and the bootcamp (and some action on your part) and the path to success is very possible.

Here’s to your success!

P.S. Jumpcut Academy has no affiliate program at the moment (grrrr), so this is a freebie shoutout for a great product that I am thoroughly enjoying.

P.S.S. If you are interested in seeing the system I use to build my business, click this link.