Mobile Monkey vs. Manychat – Which FB Chatbot Platform is Better?


If you are trying to decide on a FB messenger bot builder, then hopefully my comparison of Mobile Monkey vs. Manychat will be useful.

Before I begin, let me say that I have used both programs extensively and have built many bots in the process. In addition, I have had paid subscriptions to the premium versions of each product which means I have been able to test out more advanced features.

All of this to say is that I have experience with both programs and can speak to things I like and dislike about each.

On to the comparison.

Feature Comparison

The first area of comparison between Mobile Monkey and Manychat has to do with features.

Mobile Monkey Interface

Mobile Monkey is built around four key features:

  1. Bot Builder – Create chatbots
  2. Marketing Automation – Send broadcast or sequential messages
  3. Lead Magnets – Build your subscriber list
  4. Audience Insights – Information about your subscribers

Here is Manychat’s interface showing its various features.

Manychat Interface

As you can see, the Manychat Interface has a few more features than Mobile Monkey.

  1. Audience – This is similar to Audience Insights inside of Mobile Monkey. It contains information about your contacts.
  2. Live Chat – This feature allows you to open live conversations with anyone who has subscribed to your bot. This is not a feature inside of Mobile Monkey.
  3. Growth Tools – This is similar to Mobile Monkey’s lead magnets. Growth Tools help you grow your subscriber list.
  4. Broadcast – Lets you send individual messages to your subscriber list (Mobile Monkey combines broadcast and automated messages into one feature)
  5. Automation – Lets you send a series of messages to your subscriber list (Mobile Monkey combines broadcast and automated messages into one feature)
  6. Flows – This is a great feature only within Manychat. It allows you to visually see your chatbot as you are building it. Below you can see how clicking a button (Start the Challenge or Already Started) will trigger either a tag or a message.
Manychat’s Flow Feature let’s you visually build your chatbot

Feature Advantage

Feature advantage goes to Manychat. It includes the Live Chat and visual Flow features that are not included in Mobile Monkey. The flow feature is especially useful if you are visual and prefer to build your bots like you would a Mindmap.

Growing Your List of Subscribers

Both Mobile Monkey and Manychat include a set of tools to grow your list of subscribers. In another post, I deal extensively with how to use Facebook Messenger chatbots to grow your list (instead of using an autoresponder).

Mobile Monkey’s growth tools include:

  1. Messenger Ads – This tool allows you to create a Facebook ad that leads to a messenger conversation instead of a landing page.
  2. FB Comment Guard – Allows you to start a chatbot when someone leaves a comment on your Facebook posts. See this article for more details.
  3. HTML Element – Allows you to create a messenger button on any web page in order to open a live chat with your visitors. You can see an example of this on any page of this website in the right hand corner.
  4. Landing Pages – Create a mini landing page to allow your visitors to engage with a FB messenger chatbot
  5. Scan Code – Create a scan code that you can place anywhere for visitors to engage your chatbot with their phones (brochures, live events, etc.)

Manychat’s growth tools are quite varied and numerous. They are broken down into subcategories:

  1. Overlay widgets appear on your website as a top bar, a popup window in the center of the window (or over the whole page) and a slide-in.
  2. Embeddable widgets can either be a button or an opt-in box.
  3. Other growth tools include a landing page, a link (URL), Facebook comments, customer chat, Facebook ads, Scan code and checkbox.

Growing Your List Advantage

Manychat might appear to have the advantage for growing your list of subscribers. It has more tools to offer like the overlay widgets or the opt-in box. However, Manychat’s free version only allows you to create 4 Growth tools. To create more, you must upgrade to Premium.

Mobile Monkey does not place a limit on the number of growth tools or chatbots that you can create. In addition, Mobile Monkey allows you to create FB messenger ads with their free version, while Manychat requires a paid subscription.

Here I would say that the advantage goes to Mobile Monkey for its ability to create unlimited bots.

Chatbot Builder

The ability to easily create chatbots is the main feature of each of these platforms.

We’ll begin with Mobile Monkey’s interface:

You can see that Mobile Monkey’s chatbot builder is split into four sections:

Dialogues – Dialogues are snippets of conversations that you can use to build your chatbot. They are organized by folders. A dialogue can be used many times by multiple robots (for example, a dialogue to deliver a PDF).

Buttons – The buttons at the top allow you to use text, GIFs, images, video, URLs, buttons, sound, etc. to build your bot conversation.

Center Screen – The center screen shows your bot as you are building it. The idea is to create a sequence of text, images, buttons, to engage your visitor in conversation.

Test – On right side you can test your chatbot by sending the dialogue to your phone (see example below).

Sample Bot

This is Manychat’s interface for building simple chatbots:

As you can see, Manychat’s bot builder has a slightly cleaner interface. The middle section shows the elements you can use to build your bot (text, image, video, audio, etc.) while the right side shows you a preview of your bot conversation.

In addition, as we mentioned previously, you can use Manychat’s Flow Builder to visualize your bot conversation instead of creating it sequentially.

Chatbot Builder Advantage

Here again, I’d have to give Manychat the advantage in terms of building a simple chatbot. The interface is less cluttered and you can see a preview of your chatbot right on the screen. With Mobile Monkey you have to preview your chatbot on your phone or inside of FB messenger.

Message Sequences

Both Mobile Monkey and Manychat give you the ability to send a sequence of messages to your subscribers. This is similar to an autoresponder sequence only this time your prospects receive a FB chatbot message instead of an e-mail.

Here you can see the interface for creating a message sequence in Mobile Monkey. You can segment by different audiences and choose WHEN you will send out your message.

The one drawback is that your messages are based on previously created dialogues. The only way to see the message in the sequence is to Preview the chatbot on your phone:

Here you can see a sample sequence in Manychat with the ability to control WHEN you send a message. Note also the open rates for this sequence, which you will not find in a similar e-mail sequence.

Unlike Mobile Monkey, as soon as you click onto the message in a sequence, you will be able to see a preview:

Message Sequence Advantage

As far as a message sequence advantage, I’d have to give the edge to Manychat once again. The ability to preview your message without sending the bot to your phone is nice.


Finally, I have to mention Manychat’s Templates, which come bundled into the software:

Above you can see the Template for an e-commerce chatbot. Notice the numbers to the side. It shows you how many Growth Tools, Keywords, Sequences and Flows have already been created for this chatbot.

All you have to do is install this template into your Manychat account and you will have a working chatbot with sequences. Other templates include:

  1. Restaurant
  2. Professional Services
  3. Automobile
  4. Real Estate
  5. Coffee Shop

These templates are great if you want to learn how to build your own chatbots. In addition, if you are doing consulting or have an agency, these templates allow you to give away a free service (a chatbot) to help you secure a client.


I have tried to be as fair as possible to each platform. Based on extensive use, Manychat is a clear winner over Mobile Monkey for the following reasons:

  1. Features – Manychat includes a live chat and a visual Flow feature
  2. Tools for growing your list – Manychat includes 13 tools to grow your subscriber list vs. 5 for Mobile Monkey. The big drawback to Manychat is that you only get to create four chatbots with their free version vs. an unlimited number with Mobile Monkey.
  3. Chatbot Builder – Manychat’s interface is less cluttered and the preview allows you to see your chatbot in real time. With Mobile Monkey you must use FB messenger to preview your bot.
  4. Message Sequences – Manychat allows you to preview your messages in your message sequence vs. Mobile Monkey which requires FB messenger.
  5. Templates – Manychat provides 6 pre-made chatbot templates that you can use to serve various industries.

Though both Mobile Monkey and Manychat are great products, my current recommendation for building chatbots is Manychat.

Here’s to your success with Facebook Messenger chatbots.


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