Recommended Online Tools and Resources


The following are tools / software that I recommend for different aspects of your online business.  The electronic equipment is for conducting webinars.

WordPress Theme (Optimize Press)

optimizepress logo and theme

If you work in a WordPress environment then my favorite theme is Optimizepress.

It can be used both as a WordPress theme or plugin.  For starters, it’s only $97 for a one-year subscription for solopreneurs, which already makes it very affordable compared to other landing page software / subscriptions.

It creates beautiful landing pages, sales pages AND membership pages. This last point is important since Optimizepress includes a Membership function to run private content, subscription membership sites.


It’s not fair to call Clickfunnels a landing page software because it does so much more.

It’s basically a hosting, website creator, autoresponder, split tester, membership site AND a landing page software all rolled into one.  It’s easy to use and best of all, it was designed for the Internet marketer by the charismatic Russel Bronson.  (Tip: If you want to know how to market, study Russel’s techniques for a few weeks. It’s a worthwhile education.)

If you prefer to work in a WordPress environment and have access to lots of plugins, then my personal favorite is Optimizepress.

It can be used as a WordPress theme or plugin.   For starters, it’s only $97 for a one-year subscription for solopreneurs. It creates beautiful landing pages and it has a membership site feature (included with your subscription).



Screenflow is what I use to create my on-line courses and training videos.

It is exclusively a Mac product.  Its closest competitor is Camtasia, which has a Mac and PC versions.  It has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you can create beautiful and engaging presentations with call-outs, credits, zoom-in, zoom-out, fade-in / out features.

If I am putting together a recorded webinar, I almost always re-edit my live webinar using Screenflow where needed.



Tracking isn’t sexy, but it is vital to your business success.

Tracking allows you to measure the ROI on your advertising campaigns and offers plus it gives you insights into the parts of your webinar sales funnel that are converting (registration page, e-mail messages, live webinar, etc.)  This allows you to scale what’s working and fix or drop what isn’t.

There is a ton of tracking software on the market.  I use ClickMagick. It’s clean, easy-to-use and the training is invaluable.  Patrick Kelley, CEO and Founder of ClickMagick has put together a one-hour guide to link tracking.  Get it.  It’s the best one-hour investment you can make in your business.  Indeed, mastering the tracking skill could spell the difference between success and failure.



For solopreneurs starting out, Mailchimp can’t be beat.  You can build a list of 2,000 people and send up to 12,000 e-mails per month FOR FREE.  It’s crazy.  There are premium subscriptions as well which allow you to create sophisticated, decision-based, e-mail marketing campaigns.

All of the big marketers use Infusionsoft. It provides CRM, sales automation, marketing automation and e-commerce solutions.


Webinarjam / Everwebinar

There’s nothing quite like Webinarjam for live webinars and Everwebiner for recorded ones. Both were built with the digital entrepreneur in mind.  Both combine a landing page, autoresponder, analytics, split testing (for Everwebinar) and webinar presentation software all in one package.

Goto Webinar is the corporate standard but will run you $100 per month and limits the number of attendees.


Webinarjeo is the newest kid on the block in terms of webinar software.  Believe it or not, I own both Webinarjam and Jeo since I couldn’t decide between the two.

The great thing about Webinarjeo is that it is hosted on Amazon3 servers (so it’s a non-Youtube solution).  There is virtually no delay in HD broadcast.  The other big plus is that you get live AND recorded webinar functionality for the same price.


This is another great option if you’re looking for live and recorded webinar functionality (included in the same bundle for one price).  I owned EasyWebinar last year and the only reason I didn’t keep it was because I couldn’t have 3 webinar programs! (See above.)

Easywebinar was created by Casey Zeman a very engaging, super-knowledgeable and servant oriented Internet marketer.  He knows his stuff and he delivers tremendous value to his followers (both in the program and in the live broadcasts which he regularly holds).


Audio-Tecnica 2020a

This is a great starter microphone that will run you about $80.  To get fancy you can use a pop filter and what’s called a microphone suspension stand. Personally, I don’t use the last two, just the mic on my desk.  The quality is awesome and you can’t beat the price.

Sennheiser USB Headset

This is the headset that Webinarjam recommends for its customers. It was made for gamers, but it doubles as an excellent webinar presentation headset.

Blue Yeti

This is another microphone that Webinarjam recommends for its customers.  Many WJ / EW webinar creators love it and can testify to its quality.  It’s more expensive than Audio-Tecnica, but still a very good deal for the quality.


Logictech C920 Webcam

If you’re looking for a great HD quality webcam, the Logitech C920 is the answer. It’s sharp, plugs into your USB and delivers an amazing picture (in fact, it will highlight every facial feature you don’t want to draw attention to! ?  You can also mount it directly on a tripod.