Review of Elite Marketing Pro 2019

What Is Elite Marketing Pro?

Welcome to my complete and honest review of Elite Marketing Pro (EMP).  In this post, I will be reviewing Elite Marketing Pro as a software platform and as an affiliate program.

Here are a few basics:

What is EMP? – Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) is a digital marketing platform designed to help any business generate more prospects, leads or sales on the Internet. 

EMP is also an affiliate marketing program that allows you to earn commissions on the EMP subscription and products that you promote to the online marketing niche.

Creators: Elite Marketing Pro was created by Tim Erway and Ferny Ceballos who both have a background in network marketing and credit Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring program for that success.

This is important because EMP’s training is indebted to Dillard’s program.

Cost: $299 for an annual membership or $49 per month if you pay monthly.

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 – Awesome affiliate marketing program with excellent products and superb training. The blogging platform is based on WordPress and uses the excellent Thrive Architect plugin for creating websites & landing pages.

Downsides: There are two downsides which cause the lower rating.

  1. The training and products are geared more for network marketers though both can be successfully utilized for any online marketing niche
  2. EMP teaches FB native advertising which requires a decent budget for testing out and developing successful campaigns.

Components of Elite Marketing Pro

I will briefly touch on the following components within my review of Elite Marketing Pro.

  1. Ignition Coaching Program – EMP’s signature training and one-on-one coaching program
  2. Website and landing page creator to use in Attraction Marketing
  3. Lead magnets and sales funnels for various digital products that you can promote including high-ticket back-end products
  4. Elite Marketing Pro as an affiliate business including compensation structure

Ignition Coaching Program

One of EMP’s most valuable features is the Ignition Coaching Program.

It is EMP’s signature training which teaches you how to create a profitable online business. In my mind, this is what sets EMP apart from other programs like it.

Here is a video that walks through some basics.

There are several unique aspects of the program:

  1. It is a step-by-step training – The program walks you from beginning to end through the process of creating a successful online business.
  2. You have access to a mentor – Personal coaching is very expensive but EMP provides a coach with your membership to guide you through their training.
  3. The training is phased in over time – Before you can continue from one module to the next, you must complete various questions and steps. This allows the training to be paced and practical and it prevents you from getting overwhelmed.

What Do You Learn in the Ignition Coaching Program?

The Ignition Coaching Program has three levels each containing dozens of video lessons:

Level 1 – Foundation – This section teaches you about mindset and setting concrete goals. You also get the overall blueprint for online success.

In my opinion, these are the big missing pieces from many affiliate marketing trainings. They jump into strategy without preparing you mentally for what is ahead.

Level 2 Launch – The focus in this level is on traffic. Often, in other programs, members get bogged down trying to setup a funnel, blog, landing pages, autoresponder, etc.

The Ignition Coaching Program focuses on traffic from the start. EMP has chosen Facebook as its preferred advertiser and so you receive a detailed blueprint for how to properly advertise on Facebook.

Native Advertising

Below you can see an example of native advertising, which is what EMP teaches as its preferred traffic generation mode. The goal here is not to sound like an ad, not to sell, and certainly not to promote a make money online or biz opp offer.

Rather, the goal is to call out to a specific group of people in order to solve a particular problem. Once you solve a problem, you have likely gained your prospect’s trust and can build toward creating a customer (but not before).

Many programs provide ZERO training on FB advertising and thus many members end up in Facebook jail or with their accounts shut down because they jumped onto the platform promoting their Biz Opp.

Level 3 – Propel – This portion of the training focuses on building your actual funnel. This includes creating capture pages, autoresponder sequences and branding yourself with an authority blog.

VIP Mastermind Coaching and Training

The Ignition Coaching Program also introduces you to EMP’s high-ticket back-end VIP Mastermind Coaching and Training. This is a $3,000 product for which VIP affiliates receive $1,000 in commissions.

The VIP program is one of EMP’s elite products which opens up a world of coaching, training and mentoring for those who want to fast track their success.

For you, if you decide to become a VIP affiliate, it represents a hefty commission. Think how many e-books or Udemy courses you’d have to sell to earn $1,000 in commissions.

Believe it or not, a certain number of prospects become VIPs after going through the Ignition Coaching Program. This is all part of EMP’s sales funnel, which helps you attract quality prospects, takes them through a series of trainings on building a business and then pre-sells a high ticket item for those who are serious about their digital journey.

Website and Landing Page Creator

Elite Marketing Pro’s membership provides you with a WordPress website using Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect has some of the functionality of Clickfunnels, Leadpages or Optimizepress, but it comes standard with your Elite Marketing Pro membership. There is no additional cost.

Thrive Architect allows you to build beautiful websites and landing pages of any shape, color or size. 

A few final details regarding your website:

  1. Your website is fully hosted. There is no need to purchase an additional hosting service.
  2. Your website is built on the WordPress platform which is the world’s leading website system. This gives you all of the functionality in WordPress including all of its amazing plugins.
  3. Thrive Architect is $90 per year if you pay separately but is included in the price of your EMP membership.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Elite Marketing Pro teaches what is called Attraction Marketing.

The goal of attraction marketing is to build a website that provides tremendous value for visitors (this is why EMP provides the tools for building a website above).

Here is a video explanation:

There are two important elements about a site that is built around attraction marketing principles.

  1. It is focused on solving problems for people – The selling happens afterward.
  2. It is personal – People want to buy from those they know, like and trust. This is much easier when your website is focused on you, your experience and expertise (AND NOT your product or service).

In the video image above you can see a part of a website from a top network marketer and EMP leader Kate McShea. Notice the branded URL ( and the fact that she is the face of the site, not a product or company.

If you were to go to Kate’s site, you would find a tremendous amount of helpful content delivered with authenticity and a personal touch. You get the sense Kate cares about you, because she does. And this allows her to build a great deal of goodwill with her visitors (who are eager to become customers after several interactions).

She also happens to be tremendously successful, which is probably another reason folks want to join her team.

Typical Affiliate Marketing Approaches Repel Visitors

Attraction marketing is the opposite of typical approaches to promotion in the online space that are coercive, desperate, scammy, manipulative and are in constant sell mode.

These marketers are just chasing the money without a thought for what they sell or how they are perceived.

And it seems there are only a few ways to market:

  • Spam your affiliate link in forums or FB groups using outlandish claims
  • Slam traffic to your affiliate link and send people to an opt-in page (or worse a sales page) and hope that a total stranger is desperate enough to bite on your offer.

This type of marketing repels people.

Furthermore, conversions on this approach are abysmal which is why most people on the Internet do not make a dime. They are selling a pipe dream that they themselves have never experienced.

Lead Magnets and Sales Funnels

A great feature of Elite Marketing Pro are the lead magnets and sales funnels that it provides to its members. You can see examples of the lead magnets and the sales page below for various products.

Example of EMP lead magnet landing page

There are many benefits to using EMP’s lead magnets, sales funnels and products:

  1. One of the most obvious benefits is that you don’t have to create the lead magnets, sales funnels or the products. All of these items have been professionally developed and optimized for conversions.
  2. Another benefit is that Elite Marketing Pro handles the follow-up e-mail sequence with your prospects. Again, the e-mails are professionally crafted and continue to provide value for your subscribers. Best of all, you can concentrate on generating leads. If you want to take over your list, you also have that option later.
  3. A third benefit is that each lead magnet offers a low-cost up front product after opt-in ($27-$97). The moment after opt-in is an excellent opportunity to offer your prospect MORE of what they wanted to receive in the first place.
  4. Another benefit is that virtually every low-cost product comes with the Ignition Coaching Program (see explanation above). This is a tremendous value for your prospect. For you as an affiliate, a certain number of leads will purchase a product, go through the Ignition Coaching Program and upgrade to VIP.

Elite Marketing Pro as an Affiliate Business

Finally, you can become an affiliate of Elite Marketing Pro and offer membership subscriptions to EMP as well as any of EMP’s products.

There are four levels of affiliates within EMP.

  1. Standard Affiliate – You become a standard affiliate with the purchase of any EMP core product (see lead magnets and sales funnels above). These products range from $27 to $97 one-time.
  2. Insider Affiliate (Monthly) – You become an Insider Affiliate with the purchase of monthly EMP membership ($49 per month)
  3. Insider Affiliate (Annual) – You become an Insider Affiliate annual with the purchase of a yearly EMP membership ($299 per year)
  4. VIP Affiliate – You become a VIP Affiliate with the purchase of the VIP Coaching and Mentoring Mastermind program ($3,000 one-time plus $97 per month after 12 months)

The following is the commission schedule on membership and EMP core products:

As you can see, your commissions are determined by your level of affiliate:

  1. Standard Affiliates only receive a 20% commission on the sale of EMP’s core products.
  2. Insider Affiliates (Monthly) receive a 40% commission when they sell a monthly membership and a 40% commission on EMP’s core products.
  3. Insider Affiliates (Annual) receive a 40% commission on monthly and annual memberships and a 40% commission on EMP’s core products.
  4. VIP affiliates receive a 70% commission on monthly and annual memberships, a 40% commission on VIP memberships and a 70% commission on EMP’s core products.

My Final Recommendation

Elite Marketing Pro is a great marketing platform and affiliate program. You can feel good about your membership because the owners are quality people who are putting out a quality product.

The focus on Attraction Marketing, on building an authority blog and serving others is also something that sets EMP apart from other business opportunities in the online space. The fact that you get a fully hosted website inside of WordPress using Thrive Architect is also a huge bonus.

The Ignition Coaching Program is outstanding as are EMP’s memberships, core products and sales funnels.

The two knocks from my perspective are that several of EMP’s core products are geared more toward the network marketing niche. If you are into MLM, then this is the platform for you. The other knock is the fact that it will take some time before you can master FB native advertising. In other words, it can be a costly skill to develop which probably leads to people giving up before they see results.

FINAL SCORE:  90 out of 100 and a legitimate way to build an online business.

My Invitation To You

I know that reading a review is not enough to convince you to take the plunge with Elite Marketing Pro. So I’d like to invite you to try one of EMP’s funnels for yourself.

The link below is for one of EMPs best performing campaigns.

It is an awesome FREE e-mail course that teaches you the concepts of Attraction Marketing and how to use the Internet to generate leads. Simply enter your e-mail on the opt-in page and you’ll get a taste for the type of training inside of EMP.

At the same time, you will receive an offer to purchase the full Attraction Marketing Formula course. I encourage you to read the sales page (which you would receive as an affiliate) and then take the plunge for $27, which is the cost of the course.

I guarantee it will be the best $27 investment you’ve ever made. The full course is outstanding, but when you purchase it, you will also receive the Ignition Coaching Program, which is worth 10x the value.

Whether you buy or not, you’ll see that the Bootcamp will also provide you with incredible value.

Thanks for reading. If I can answer a question, leave a comment below. If I’ve left something out, let me know as well.

Here’s to your success!


author gustavo karakey

  • Hello Gustavo, thank you for providing enough information on Elite Marketing Pro, (EMP) even though couple of times I have seen adverts and pop ups about this digital marketing platform but I didn’t have enough grip on what/how it works.

    through your write-up I now understand EMP in details, including the shortcomings. I really appreciate your good work, Thank you

  • Dear Gustavo,

    This is an interesting and helpful review.

    To be honest, very recently I read an e-book about attraction marketing. Yes indeed, attraction marketing is about addressing the problem and providing the solution to the visitors. Many of my friends are using it and the results are awesome and they are getting potential leads.

    EMP sounds interesting after reading your informative review post. Its great to see genuine money making products because of the increased number of scams. Thanks for taking time to do this and your review will help many people in their purchase decision of EMP.

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your comment.  Yes, attraction marketing works like a charm but usually takes a lot longer to implement.  And yes, EMP is the real deal, a great program.

      Good luck.

  • Hi Gustavo,

    I notice that this program (EMP) has a lot in common with WA. The price, the WordPress platform, but very fast they show their downside, as expending a lot of money that newbies do not have because they are beginners.  

    The commissions are very attractive and make anyone want to jump in. I like the price of the test drive that you say: ” I guarantee it will be the best $27 investment you’ve ever made.”

    Do you become a member?

    Are you think that is something we can conciliate with WA?

    Thank you for this great information.

    Cheers to your success,


    • Telma, thank you for your comments.

      Yes, there are many things in common between EMP and WA, however, they have very different approaches to the online world.  WA teaches how to build a niche website and utilizes organic traffic (SEO + content) to attract visitors and monetize a site.  EMP is more of a traditional digital platform, teaching how to also build a site using attraction marketing, but also teaching how to generate traffic with FB and how to build funnels and autoresponder sequences.

      I am a member and affiliate of EMP as well as WA.  They serve similar markets but in different ways and so I want to give my visitors different options.

  • I found some amazing insights! Thank you!

    All in all, I really liked the program, I just don’t feel it’s right for me at this time. I’m really not into native advertising through Facebook. Loved the accessibility of a mentor, in truth I believe this is the make or break in the online marketing sphere. Those who actually make it have been one way or another mentored. Thus, I have no doubts that this program actually works and is a great one.

    But as I said, it’s not for me at this time.

    Either way, again thank you for all the insights, I sincerely appreciate it!


    • Matiss:  

      You are welcome.  Everything you mention is true, with the coaching / mentoring being a big part of success.  You can still do it alone, but it’s nice to have someone who knows the answers when you have questions.

      Good luck.

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