The Dreamer’s Roadmap – Page 2


There are two fatal mistakes to avoid if you want to successfully join the digital revolution

  1. Falling into Internet Marketing hell
  2. Grinding along with a hard to implement business model

I committed both of these errors for years, so I speak from experience. You might be neck deep in these waters even now, so it’s doubly important that you pay attention.

Internet Marketing Hell

The first place you are likely to land as you seek to make sense of the digital landscape is Internet Marketing hell.

It’s easy to find it.

Just do a Google search for the phrase “make money online” and you will open up a putrid portal of programs selling you the moon.

This is the wild, wild, web, with the promise of easy riches, spammy promotions, bogus income claims, secret hacks and tricks, shoddy materials and programs, and too many other shady practices to name.

Marketers in this space make money by selling you courses on making money. There is no real product here except maybe some rehashed trainings you can find for free on YouTube. Of course, 98% of these marketers aren’t making a dime but they are addicted to the possibility that one day they will score big.

These programs prey on your natural greed and the lure of easy money. But they rarely deliver. You can spend a lot of time, energy and money inside of Internet Marketing hell and it is a difficult place to escape.

#2 – Grinding Your Way to Little Results

But there is another fatal mistake you can make when you jump into an online business. This is the long and difficult grind of working with a business model that is hard to implement and sustain.

The programs in this space are legitimate and you can succeed, but the business models require more time, money, or effort than most people are prepared to give.

Here are a few examples:

Building a Website

Many programs make building a website the core of their model.

This is actually the method I use here on my blog through Wealthy Affiliate, but boy, is it a tough slog. You’ve got to master WordPress, Search Engine Optimization and affiliate marketing. On top of that, you’ve got to write 3-4 very long articles per week to see results.

Few people have the patience (or time) for that kind of effort.

Another program to which I belong requires the purchase of $3,500 worth of software products and programs as a core feature. This might appeal to a certain kind of person, but it is way out of reach for most people.

Finally, I also had experience with a great program called Elite Marketing Pro. The problem here was that you had to become a master at Facebook advertising to make it work.

This is a great skill to develop, but it literally takes $100s if not $1000s of dollars to become adept at Facebook advertising. Again, for most people, taint gonna happen.

Other business models just don’t cut it either:

  • E-commerce stores (like Shopify and Amazon) pay very low commissions on each sale. Plus there is the problem of drop shipping poor quality items from China.
  • MLM companies – Here the issue is that many distributors only sell the compensation plan. The money is made by trying to recruit people and not through the sale of a good product.
  • Creating a digital product – This requires expertise and technical know-how to write, record and edit your own video or audio course.

So if I had to choose one model over the others, which is not difficult to implement and provides a big upside, which one would it be?

I’ll let you in on my secret on the next page.

Show me the model you recommend for starting a business.

See you on the other side.