The Profit Cycle


One of the core concepts of the Partner With Anthony program is called The Profit Cycle.

The graph below gives you a snapshot of the cycle, but more importantly, provides a blueprint of what you can expect to create within the Partner with Anthony program.

The Basic Funnel

The basic sales funnel consists of sending traffic to an opt-in landing page, collecting an e-mail to build a list, then sending your prospect to a sales page. If someone purchases, they will go to a thank you page.

You will learn and apply all of these concepts inside of the Partner with Anthony program.

This is the first point where you can make a profit ($S (1).

The success of this initial funnel depends on the whether you can match the right offer with the right audience. This is something that the Partner with Anthony program will teach you.

E-Mail List and Follow-Up Sequence(s)

The next piece of the Profit Cycle consists of building a quality list and sending follow-up campaigns. The goal is to build a relationship with your list, provide value and offer solutions to your audience’s main problems in the form of other affiliate offers.

This is the second place to make a profit as represented by $$ (2).

The success of this part of the profit cycle depends on nurturing your e-mail list, sending out interesting and engaging e-mails and always leading with service. Your list is one of the primary assets of your business and each person in your list should be treated like royalty.

Members Area – Basic Tools

Once you purchase a subscription to the Partner with Anthony program, you have access to the Morrison Publishing members area.

This is called an eco-system, and it is the true power of a good affiliate marketing program.

Look up at the first chart again.

Most programs stop at profit points #1 or #2. You promote a product, collect an e-mail and make a few sales either directly or through your mailing list.

And that’s it.

But with a back-end eco-system, that same customer can become a repeat customer. Even better, you don’t have to sell any of the products in the eco-system.

Why is that? Because as your prospects / customers make their way through the Partner with Anthony program, the training will make product recommendations at certain points along the way.

Picks and Shovels

Some of the products in the eco-system are what I call picks and shovels.

This comes from the gold rush days where people flocked to the hills in search of their fortune. Most didn’t find it. But back in town, a few folks sold picks and shovels and they became wealthy.

Every online business requires a few picks and shovels: landing page builder, autoresponder, tracking program. Profit point #3 allows you to offer these to anyone who comes through your eco-system.

Members Area – Advanced Tools

As your prospects / customers progress through their training, they will eventually develop a desire to learn more about the online marketing world. At this point, they will begin to choose products to consume based on their interests and needs.

This is Profit Point #4 in our chart above.

Every program / product inside of the Morrison Publishing library includes a webinar / video training explaining the benefits of the program.

This means, you don’t have to promote the product. The selling is done for you and your customer is already warm to the offer.

They are seeking that solution / program on their own.


The Profit Cycle represents an advancement over a typical affiliate marketing sales funnel. There are four Profit Points:

  1. Direct sales
  2. E-Mail follow-up
  3. Promotion of basic tools (program sells for you)
  4. Promotion of advanced tools (program sells for you)

The back-end eco-system is THE BIG SECRET to generating online passive income. This should be a part of whatever affiliate marketing program you choose.

If you want to master the profit cycle then click the link to learn more about the Partner with Anthony program.

Here’s to your success!