Tips for Choosing a Domain Name


Welcome to this post entitled tips for choosing a domain name.

Selecting a domain name for your website or blog can sometimes feel like a heavy task.  After all, it feels like your entire online business is riding on making a good decision.

Some potential questions are:

  1. What if you mess it up?
  2. Should you be cute and creative or just go for the plain approach?
  3. Do you put your keyword in the domain name?
  4. Should the domain tell people what your website is about?

Below I give you some tips for choosing a domain name that may relieve some of the pressure.  Make sure you read until the end where I reveal the biggest secret about choosing a domain.

Tip #1 For Choosing a Domain Name – Brand vs. Topic

When choosing a domain name, you have two choices: 1) You can choose a name that is related to the topic of your website or 2) you can choose something that you can brand.

For example:

  • or are domains that tell you something about the markets they want to serve.
  • on the other hand has been branded to mean the place where you buy burgers.  You would not know it is related to burgers by just looking at the name.

There is literally no right or wrong on this because both types of names can be very successful.

Regardless of which route you choose for a domain name, you want to think about branding.  What colors, style and approach are you going to take in your website?

Example of

Here is an example of my own domain that is related to my niche.

I chose the domain name  The site is focused on helping people like you start an online business.

Thus, I wanted a name that had the word digital in it.  But, I also wanted to convey the feeling of building a site or business and that’s why I chose the word tool in the name.

how to choose a domain name - digitooly

Above you can see the way I chose to brand my site with the logo and the tagline:

I also chose the colors white, turquoise and black and highlighted the word tool in the logo.  The font also added to the feel of the site.

Finally, I used the wi-fi signal inside of a wrench to convey the sense of tools and technology coming together. In my videos, the wrench clicks down from the left, and then the wi-fi light clicks on at the end.

As you can see, the name is congruent with the niche and it has served me well.

Some General Rules About Domains

  • Use less than 3 words – is OK. Less is probably better.  Anything more than three words and it’s hard for people to read.
  • Choose the .COM version of your name.  This is the most popular.  Don’t grab .NET, .ORG, .CO or any of the other fancy endings they have nowadays.
  • Avoid copyright issues.  Don’t use someone else’s branded name in your domain name.
  • Don’t choose spammy or cheesy names – might sound great to you, but it’s going to repel more people than it attracts.
  • Having a keyword in the domain might help with SEO, but it should not be only reason you choose that name.
  • Be creative and come up with words that are close to the topic of your website (see digitooly example below)
  • Make sure it is easy to pronounced and type
  • Avoid numbers or hyphens if at all possible in your domain name

In the end, you should choose a name that fits your website, your personality, or your topic and one that you would be happy to share with people.

Tip #2 For Choosing a Domain Name – Use a Name Generator

One other option in choose a name for your website is for you to use one of the many domain name generators available on the Internet.

Here are some good ones:

One of my favorites is  Type in at least two words for a niche, click the “Generate” button and watch the magic happen.

Biggest Tip for Choosing A Name

So I’ve kept you waiting for one of my top tips for choosing a domain name and here it is.

Don’t stress out too much in your decision.

I’m serious.

First, domains are very inexpensive, so if you find one is not working for you, you can migrate your website to a new domain without too much hassle.  You’d want to do it sooner rather than later before you build up any SEO juice, but it’s still very doable.

But the second reason for not stressing out about a domain is because YOUR CONTENT will be a far bigger reason for your success than a dumb domain name.  It is the information that you provide to your visitors, which is built using the right keywords and written in a way that is helpful that will give you the success you seek.

Good content will save the lamest domain, but a slick domain will not save poor content.

So, give your domain name some thought.  Play around with some name generators.  Come up with a list of 5 to 10 names. Pass them around to a group if you must.  Then, just decide.

The goal of the domain is to build your website which is where the payoff is located.

P.S. If you are curious on how to actually create good keyword rich content, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn the tricks of the trade.