Unconventional Guide to Building an E-Mail List

List Building Done Differently

Welcome to the Unconventional Guide to Building an E-Mail List.

I have purposely titled this guide “unconventional” because it goes against almost everything you’ve been taught about e-mail marketing and building a profitable list.

I’ll give you an outline of my approach in just a sec…

But first, let’s examine a typical approach to e-mail marketing:

  1. Create a lead magnet to give to your prospects in exchange for their e-mail address
  2. Create an opt-in squeeze page (the shorter the better) with a bold promise to collect e-mails
  3. Create an autoresponder sequence that nurtures your prospects and sprinkle offers in your sequence

I don’t care which goo-roo you follow, or how many Google searches you do, this is the boilerplate model.  

And what have been the results of this approach? Here are some typical scenarios:

  • Visitors give you their e-mail, and then quickly unsubscribe
  • Visitors give you a bogus e-mail where they receive their freebies like a quick hit of caffeine
  • Visitors get on your list but they are dead wood from the beginning
  • Visitors never read your freebie
  • Visitors read your freebie but it’s so lame you’ve lost them for good
  • Visitors receive irrelevant or non-interesting sequences from you so your open rates plummet
  • Visitors never bite on your offers

And I could go on…

That last one is especially deadly. 

You think everything is going well up to that point.  You have great opt-in or open rates, but when it comes to pulling the trigger and buying your stuff?


You Have Not Earned Trust

There are so many forces working against you with this model but the lack of trust is probably the biggest one

Think of the exchange from the prospect’s point of view.

They are starting out very cynical. They know the game by now, the squeeze page drill. There’s hardly a headline they haven’t seen. They’ve been burned or disappointed many times over.

And now you want your visitor to trust you based on a headline and a promise? That’s an impossible task and it leads directly to low quality subscribers, if you can get subscribers at all.

Also, there is nothing “free” about your PDF. Your visitors must give up their precious time and e-mail address just to get the goods. In their eyes, this now means that they will be bombarded with more sales pitches.

Does this sound like a winning strategy to you?

I know, I know. This is what everyone teaches. Even a company like GetResponse, whom I greatly respect, has an entire course dedicated to teaching you this method for building a list.

There is a better and more unconventional approach and I’m going to teach it to you with this series.

Unconventional Approach Blueprint

I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. Here’s the unconventional approach to building an e-mail list.

  1. You must start with a highly targeted niche (i.e. narrow vs. wide)
  2. Remove those NOT in your targeted niche BEFORE they join your list
  3. ATTRACT only your best prospects onto your e-mail list (these are people who will WILLINGLY join your list and want to hear from you)

Once someone joins your list, there are two more steps to profits:

  1. Follow-up with story based e-mails that are interesting, entertaining and build emotional / relational rapport
  2. Make an offer in your e-mails AFTER your prospect likes and trusts you

Because this guide is about building an e-mail list, I’ll only cover the first three steps in this series. Even so, this is not your typical e-mail marketing advice.

We don’t call it unconventional for nothin’.

Here is a chart showing the blueprint in graphic form:

This Is Your Life

Try this on for size…

Imagine you are the main actor in a play we’ll call Internet Marketing Hell.

You’ve either been dabbling in the IM space or you have been neck deep for a while but you are pulling your hair out because you’ve purchased every hack or trick and nothing works.

You’ve spent money, bought Clickfunnels or Optimize Press, Getresponse or Aweber, you’ve created the lead magnet, squeeze page, e-mail sequence, and all you have to show is a few 100 leads, a 9% open rate, AND ZERO SALES!

How do I know this? Because before you, I was the lead actor in that play!

And everywhere you search for answers, you get the same copycat “system.” Squeeze page, lead magnet, e-mail sequence. It’s like the three-headed monster of e-mail marketing.

But now, you’ve landed on this page. There is no squeeze page or bribe or anything that remotely resembles selling. 

Your guard is up and you feel like you are going to get “sold” at some point. But that doesn’t matter because you are curious enough to keep going to learn more about this approach.

Listen, I don’t blame you for being cautious.  There are lots of tigers in this jungle we call the web. My hope is that you’ll give me a chance to earn your trust by going through this whole guide. 

When the time comes, I hope you’ll be agreeable to what comes next.

By the way, I am using the Unconventional Guide Blueprint for this series you are reading.  You get to see it in action only now you are going to become the main actor in a play we’ll call How I Escaped Internet Marketing Hell.

The next several lessons will go into this unconventional blueprint in greater detail. Click the link below to keep reading.

(OK, my antenna is up, but I’m curious to learn more)

See you on the next page.