Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure


In this post I will cover the Wealthy Affiliate commission structure.  The Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program pays commissions for both FREE and Premium accounts.

You can read my in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review if you are interested in learning about affiliate marketing, how to build a profitable website or how to create a home-based Internet business.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate to Start Earning

Obviously, to be eligible for WA commissions you must first join Wealthy Affiliate.  WA operates two levels of membership:

  1. Free Membership – No credit card required to join. Includes two websites and two top notch training courses for learning how to build a website / online business.  These are called Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.
  2. Premium Membership – Unlocks all levels of training, 24 hour chat, keyword research tool, higher commissions and so much more

Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure

You are eligible to receive commissions on both levels of Wealthy Affiliate.  This is a big plus.  Normally, you have to join a program as a paying member before you can receive commissions.

If you are a free member, the Wealthy Affiliate commission structure breaks down as follows:

  • $49 per monthly Premium subscription => you earn $11.75 per month
  • $359 yearly Premium subscription => $87.50 yearly

If you are a Premium member, the Wealthy Affiliate commission structure breaks down as follows:

  • $49 per monthly Premium subscription => you earn $23.50 per month
  • $359 yearly Premium subscription => $175 yearly

Double the Commissions

You can see already that if you are a Premium member, your commissions double.  Another great feature on these commissions is that you are paid on a monthly or yearly basis.

In other words, the Wealthy Affiliate commission structures is setup to create online passive income.  You sell it once and then you can receive commissions month after month as long as the subscription is active. 

Conversion Rate

Wealthy Affiliate boasts a 12% conversion rate to Premium.  This means that 1 out of every 8 people who join for free go on to become Premium subscribers.  Those who experience the Wealthy Affiliate formula, platform, training, community and support immediately sense that WA is a special place.

Best Affiliate Training

In my review of Wealthy Affiliate, I detail the training that is available in the Affiliate Bootcamp (see picture below).  It is extensive and it just plain produces results for people.

This is what makes the Wealthy Affiliate commission structure so lucrative.  You can learn how to promote WA from an expert.

wealthy affiliate - affiliate bootcamp

Pros and Cons

Here are some things I like and don’t like about the Wealthy Affiliate commission structure and the affiliate program at WA

  1. Promoting Wealthy Affiliate is quite easy given the free 7-day trial
  2. The market for WA is huge.  It incorporates anyone who is looking to earn extra income.
  3. The training for affiliate marketers is excellent and makes the WA affiliate program much more lucrative.
  4. Earning $23.50 per month in recurring income is not going to break the bank.  It would be nice if there were a back end product earning higher commissions.  However, WA prides itself on having no upsells after the initial subscription.
  5. WA is geared toward those who want to build a business around their website.  This means creating lots of content to succeed.  This is something that some folks may not like leading to dropouts.

That’s about all for this post on WA’s commission structure.  Feel free to leave a comment, share an opinion or ask a question.

Here’s to your success!

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