What is the Funnel X Project?


In this post I want to tackle the question “What is the Funnel X Project?”

This is a program that has been circulating on the Internet for a while and in fact the founder has already created a newer version entitled Funnel X ROI. I hope to have a review of that program sometime soon.

In this article, I will only provide a comprehensive review of the Funnel X Project.

My Review Philosophy

Before I begin, I want to give you my personal philosophy on reviews.

  • I am a user of every product I review. I don’t believe in giving you a recommendation based on second hand information that I have gathered from reading a few blog posts on the Internet.
  • I will be very careful in using a word like scam. A scam implies that the vendor is purposefully trying to steal your money through some trick or pyramid scheme.
  • I will always give you my honest assessment. I am not going to make someone else’s program look bad in order to make my program look good to sell you on it. I wouldn’t want a reviewer doing that to the programs I promote.

Basics of the Funnel X Project

Having said all this, let’s look at some basics of the Funnel X Project.

Name: Funnel X Project

Website: https://funnelxproject.com

Price: There is no cost to the funnel, however, you will have to subscribe to various marketing tools to activate the income streams (Motor Club of America, Aweber, Clickmagick, etc.)

Owner: David Dekel

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100 (Legitimate way to make online passive income; however, the method relies on duplication and the marketing is completely based on income proof from the owner.) 

What Is the Funnel X Project?

With the summary out of the way let me now answer the question, “What is the Funnel X Project?”

The Funnel X Project is an automated sales funnel that lets you plug in various affiliate products that allow you to generate affiliate commissions from different sources. The Funnel X Project currently relies on four income streams:

  • Motor Club of America – Roadside assistance service
  • Moneyline – Lead generation program
  • ClickMagick – Link tracker
  • Aweber – Autoresponder

With the Funnel X Project, you don’t receive a program or a platform. Instead you receive a complete sales funnel with 30 days of autoresponder e-mails. You also get training to set up and start distributing your own Funnel X Project funnel.  

How Does the Funnel X Project Work?

You can see the initial landing page below. It is simple and it begins with a few questions that make you want to go forward to see what is on the other side.

NOTE: I personally do not like to promote a page that begins with a promise of income, especially outsized income claims.

This seems to be the industry standard in the biz opp or MMO niches. I believe there is a much better way to promote. For now, I’ll continue my review and give you my overall assessment at the end.

After you enter your e-mail, the rest of the funnel is based on a series of videos where David shares his story and his earnings proof.

The most important part of the funnel is where David walks you through signing up for the various affiliate marketing products that you will need in order to run your own Funnel X Project.

You can see a sample above and the screen below guiding you through the sign-up process.

What If You Don’t Want to Sign Up?

All throughout the funnel, you do have the option of skipping the sign-ups for each of the products mentioned.

If you opt out of any of the affiliate programs, at the end of the process, you will have a useless funnel, since the only way to plug in your own affiliate IDs is for you to be a subscriber of the product.

Above you can see a screen inside the membership area where you can plug in your affiliate ID, which then becomes part of your personal Funnel X Project link. The advantage here is that you plug in your ID once and it is propagated throughout the funnel.

In this way, you will begin receiving affiliate commissions for each program from the next person who subscribes through your funnel.

The Reason for My Rating

As you can see, this kind of circular sign-up strategy is one of the reasons I gave the Funnel X Project a rating of 80 out of 100. I would do the same for Dave’s newer funnel Funnel X ROI.  

This is to signal that the program is legitimate (i.e. it is not a scam and you won’t get ripped off) BUT, and here’s the big but, the money is made simply from duplicating your subscriptions to the various affiliate programs.

Sure, there is tremendous value in owning a Clickmagick or an Aweber type program, for example, but in the Funnel X Project, the value is only good for promoting the Funnel X Project.

It’s not like you learn the ins and outs of link tracking or e-mail marketing.

What Programs Does the Funnel X Project Promote?

So now I want to take a closer look at the programs that you can promote through the Funnel X Project.

Motor Club of America

This is a network marketing company selling a roadside assistance service.

  • Website – Motor Club of America
  • Cost to join – $49 sign-up fee + $19 per month subscription
  • Commission for affiliate – $35 one time commission plus monthly override commissions down to three levels


This is a lead generation program. This is probably the weakest of the products. The Moneyline is basically a link exchange program where you can send your affiliate link and promotion to everyone in your downline.

The levels below give you more automation to send your links to your downline and also give you prominent ad space to promote your offer.

In addition, they generate a serious commission if you can personally sponsor someone and have them upgrade into these levels.

  • Website – Moneyline
  • Cost to join – 0 to join, however it is fairly useless unless you purchase a Silver Level membership or above
  • Membership Levels – Bronze ($20 one-time), the rest are annual subscriptions – Silver ($50), Gold ($100), Platinum ($250), Diamond ($500) and Double Diamond ($1000).
  • Affiliate Commissions – 100% of each level for a direct sale and 50% for upline on qualifying sales. You do not receive a commission on your first two direct sales. These commissions are passed to your upline, which does allow for multiplication of commissions.


This is a link tracking program which I love and use for all of my websites and online businesses. It allows you to track the source of your best traffic and to measure the ROI of your campaigns (how much you spend vs. how much you generate).

  • Website – Clickmagick
  • Cost to join – Free trial for 14 days then $17 per month
  • Affiliate Commission – First month one-time commission then 35% monthly recurring commission


World class autoresponder for e-mail marketing. Love this program too. I’ve used it in the past and highly recommend it. Deliverability rates are some of the highest in the industry.

  • Website – Aweber
  • Cost to join – Free 30-day trial then $19 per month for a certain number of subscribers.
  • Affiliate Commission – 30% monthly recurring commission


The training inside of the Funnel X Project is probably its biggest strength. It is almost dummy proof.

David is a very patient instructor, repeating each step several times so that there will be no mistakes. This is what you are trying to accomplish at the end of the entire training.

  1. Sign up to four affiliate programs
  2. Grab your affiliate link from the dashboard of those four programs
  3. Paste your affiliate link into the Funnel X Project
  4. Set up an autoresponder series using Aweber
  5. Promote your own Funnel X Project with your unique affiliate ID

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts and the training is quite detailed to walk you through the setup.

NOTE: David recommends solo ads for promoting the Funnel X Project. This is where you place your offer in front of someone else’s e-mail lists.

Results with solo ads vary. The advantage is that you can get instant traffic to your offer for as low as 40 cents per click.

Follow Up E-Mail Sequence

Another advantage to the Funnel X Project is that David provides you with all of the e-mails that you will need to send out to your prospects.

I don’t mean to say that he provides the swipes. Rather, through an exchange with your Aweber program, David transfers all of the e-mails to your account complete with your affiliate links already built in.

Here you can see the first 8 e-mails. But David provides a total of 30 e-mails for a 30-day follow up.

This is ingenious as it removes one more technical hurdle.

The biggest drawback to this sequence is the approach. David’s only message is, “look at my earnings!” That’s it. You can see the subject headings from the first week of e-mails in the screen shot below:

  • $1,000 in 3 days
  • $675 in First 48 hours
  • Check out today’s results

I guess this is what sells nowadays, but I would have preferred something with more variety and not so money focused.

My Final Opinion on the Funnel X Project

The Funnel X Project is a clever program. It combines a ton of automation with a potentially big payoff:

  1. The funnel incorporates all of your affiliate IDS. No need to swap out links in buttons for example
  2. The funnel includes the transfer of all of your e-mails and includes your affiliate link to your funnel
  3. Includes full training on setup and promotion. You simply promote your landing page. The funnel takes care of the rest.
  4. Includes four income streams

I have two big concerns which preclude me from giving the Funnel X project an endorsement.

  1. The program relies on duplication. Nothing is being created or sold. This does not mean it is a pyramid scheme since you are getting access to the products that you join. But you join the programs to add them to your funnel, not because you have an interest in those programs.
  2. The WHOLE marketing focus is based on earnings proof. It is apparently what certain markets want. Personally, I prefer something where making money isn’t the SOLE focus.


How Do I Build My Business?

I am a firm believer in having a long-term strategy for building an online business.

For me this means building out a website that draws in visitors, provides helpful information and recommendations and then uses various monetization strategies to generate online passive income (affiliate marketing, Adsense, etc.).

There are huge advantages to this approach:

  1. I can build a business around my passion or interests
  2. I can promote the products or services I want to promote
  3. I am not beholden to another person to provide updates or the marketing model that I want to use
  4. I can focus on other things besides just MAKING MONEY

If you are interested in learning how to build this kind of business, check out my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate which provides ALL of the training. You can also check out my Start Here link where you can receive mentoring as I walk you through the whole process.

Here’s to your success!

P.S. Feel free to leave me a comment if you have a question about the Funnel X Project or Wealthy Affiliate or a comment on my review.