What is the Four Percent Challenge?


What is the Four Percent Challenge?

That is literally the million dollar question. In this post, I’m going to break down the pieces AND the philosophy that make this training program unique AND a potential game changer for you.

Before I dive in, let me give you my philosophy on reviews:

  1. I only review and / or recommend quality programs
  2. I only recommend programs I have personally used. This allows me to give you deeper insights and the pros and cons of a program.
  3. I will not hide unpleasant elements of a program because I fear it will hurt my promotion of that product
  4. I will not tear down a program so I can sell you on my program at the end

Finally, I am a Four Percent Group lifetime member, a promotional partner and I own both the Challenge and Internet Traffic Mastery courses. These are two core Four Percent products. This means I have made a substantial investment in my own education to get to this point.

What is the Four Percent Challenge?

So let’s tackle this question first: What is the Four Percent Challenge?

Summary – The Challenge is a training and mentorship course that teaches you how to create a legitimate, long-term, online business as an affiliate marketer. The training is split out over 30 lessons to represent 30 days.

The Four Percent Group – The Challenge is one of several e-courses within the Four Percent Group eco-system. The idea behind the Four Percent Group comes from the Pareto Principle or the 80 / 20 rule.

In any industry, 20% of the people produce 80% of the results. Within this 20%, there is another 80 / 20 breakdown. This is the 4% (20% of 20%) who are producing extraordinary results based on a few key principles and strategies.

The Four Percent Group identifies those key principles and strategies for the online marketing niche and bundles them in a membership / product eco-system.

The Challenge teaches these key 4% strategies for affiliate marketing.

Owner – Vick Streizheus is the founder and CEO of the Four Percent Group. He is the primary mentor and trainer inside the Challenge program. Vick is a multiple seven-figure earner in the Internet Marketing space. He has been in business since 2005.

I know there are some bad reviews of Vick’s previous Internet companies. These opinions are hard to square with what I have seen in Vick over these last two years as a member of the 4PG.

Perhaps he did run into some trouble. I don’t know.

What I do know is that he is tireless in his enthusiasm and delivery of value to his customers. The Four Percent Group is a legitimate company doing some unique things in the Internet Marketing space. It is not a perfect company. There are some things that still frustrate me. But overall, I have a positive view of the company and the owners.

The main elements – The main elements of the Four Percent Challenge are:

  1. Core training on setting up an affiliate marketing system including a blueprint, how to select the right products, website, funnels, tracking and autoresponder
  2. Daily training on mindset, motivation and reframing your belief system
  3. Ability to plug into the Four Percent eco-system of products (multiple streams of income)
  4. Live mentoring and coaching

Price – $997 lifetime membership. This is a high ticket product and geared for those who are ready to jump to another level in their affiliate marketing career.

I’m going to break down the different elements of the Challenge and explain why they are unique and how that benefits you as a marketer. This will also explain why I think the Challenge is worth its asking price.

Core Challenge Training – The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

The core Challenge training is delivered as dripped content over 30 sessions representing 30 days.

Each “day” consists of 5-6 videos of various lengths and a daily action plan to complete. I do not know the total number hours of video, but it is substantial.

This is a serious, step-by-step training.

In my opinion, few people will be able to finish this training in the 30 days allotted. This is because some sessions require 2-3 hours of viewing time plus the time needed to implement the work.

Thus, the 30 days is merely a metaphor. You can take as long as you need to complete the work.

Some reviewers complained that they didn’t like the dripped format. They wanted to have access to all the lessons at once.

I disagree.

I believe the dripped format is good and necessary. It helps prevent information overload and gives you the time to assimilate and implement the strategies.

0 to $10K in 30 Days

The goal of the Challenge is to show you how to create an affiliate marketing business that will generate $10K in sales in 30 days.

If you know anything of how I operate, I am disappointed that Vick chose to market the Challenge in this way. Unfortunately, it seems as if the hyper focus on money and the large income claims are a normal part of the biz opp and make money online niches.

But I will forgive Vick on this.

As he goes through the Challenge, he demonstrates from his own experience and from the potential commissions of various products how he is planning to generate this type of income.

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Here is the Affiliate Marketing blueprint that you will follow inside of the Challenge.

You can see the breakdown of the different components starting from the left and the software you will need to create these components:

  • Three levels of traffic (this is based on another program in the Four Percent eco-system – Internet Traffic Mastery)
  • Opt-In landing page (Clickfunnels)
  • Pre-Frame Funnel (Clickfunnels)
  • List and e-mail sequences (Aweber, Getresponse or Convertkit)
  • Website Hub on the Internet (E-Stage – Four Percent WordPress theme and E-State Academy – training on using E-Stage to create your website)
  • Retargeting all of your traffic (Google PPC or Facebook)

Typical (Failing) Affiliate Marketing Models

In order to appreciate the Challenge blueprint, it’s important to understand a typical (and failing) affiliate marketing model.

  • Many affiliate marketers send their traffic directly to the affiliate product sales page. This would be from L1, L2, L3 traffic circles to the green product sales box above. Conversions are 1-2% with this approach and most marketers will give up since they cannot generate a positive return with this model.
  • Another approach is to include an opt-in page to capture an e-mail and then send a nurturing e-mail sequence to that lead. This is slightly better, but unless you have a good sequence and a fully optimized funnel, you won’t generate many sales with this approach either.

But notice the components that set the Challenge blueprint apart:

Three Levels of Traffic – Internet Traffic Mastery as the name suggests will give you the expertise you need to begin generating quality traffic to any program or offer

Pre-frame Funnel – The pre-frame funnel comes immediately after the opt-in page but before the sales page. The pre-frame funnel is a series of training pages that pre-sell your prospect on a solution to a particular problem. When your prospects go to the sales page, they are more likely to convert because you have built trust and authority.

The Website Hub – The website hub is your home on the Internet which you will develop in the Challenge. This is where you send your prospects in order to nurture and provide more value for them. Notice the conversions from your hub vs. straight to the sales page

Retargeting – Retargeting means that no traffic is wasted. Some folks will opt-in, but a majority will not. However, if you know how to pixel your site, you can retarget those individuals who have shown an interest in your brand through Google or FB ads.

You, Inc. – That light bulb at the end of the chart above is You, Inc. The Challenge teaches you to build yourself first as the face of your brand AND THEN feature the product. Most marketers lead with the product without having established a personal connection with their audience.

In my opinion, these five elements will set you apart from most affiliate marketers on the Internet.

The pre-frame pages and your website will be unique to you and your personality. They will also help you establish a personal connection with your audience and build authority and trust.

Retargeting means you can communicate with those who leave your site without taking a desired action. Finally, through the Internet Traffic Mastery course, you will become an expert in traffic generation.

Mindset and Motivation

A critical focus of the daily training inside the Four Percent Challenge has to do with mindset and motivation.

I believe this is one of the most important pieces of the 4PG Challenge and very few programs work on this topic.

Too often, marketers focus on tactics and strategies but operate with limiting beliefs that sabotage their success. Whether you have doubt, fear, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, a critical spirit, or beliefs about how much money you deserve, all of these can get in the way of achieving your online goals.

Success in any endeavor is 80% mindset and 20% strategy.

In almost every video, and as a separate component of each day’s training, Vick provides superb training on mindset and motivation. Indeed, one of the first trainings on this subject has to do with reframing your subconscious beliefs so that you can be open to success.

Four Percent Goal Card

An important part of this mindset training has to do with creating a Four Percent Success goal card. This is your big audacious dream, written down.

Vick asks several times in the first few sessions:

What do you really want?

This is a hard question to answer sometimes. We are programmed to want small things or to want things based on others’ opinions of us. In the Challenge, you are challenged to dream big.

Your goal must stretch you and even scare you. If it doesn’t, it’s not big enough.

After you create your goal card, Vick dedicates one lesson in each training session to reinforce this dream. You get to walk through and meditate, think on, and envision this goal as already completed.

This vision is reinforced on a daily basis by listening to some of the best motivational speakers of the past and present: Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale.

It’s a very potent mix of inspiration, encouragement, positive emotions, and motivation that most people simply never experience.

It’s strange when you have a coach telling you EVERY SINGLE DAY that you are destined for greatness, that you must never give up on your dreams, and that no matter your background, education or abilities you can succeed at this game.

You actually start to believe these things and that is very powerful.

Multiple Streams of Income

Another unique aspect of the Challenge funnel has to do with the multiple streams of income (MSI) that are hard-coded into the overall system.

To understand the MSI concept, it’s important to first look at a typical affiliate marketing funnel which follows the one-and-done cycle.

Below is a typical approach where you send traffic straight to a sales page.

Once you promote a product and your prospect purchases, you are done with that prospect. You will not receive any more commission from the lead that you worked hard to nurture. To make additional income, you will have to nurture another prospect.

It is very hard to generate a consistent or high income with that model.

The vendor on the other hand gets to build a list with your lead, and he / she can continue to market other products to that prospect. These can be low-ticket, continuity (recurring commissions) and high-ticket products ($500+ commissions).

In my opinion, this is one of the BIG downsides with affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank and JvZoo.

But with the Four Percent Challenge, you have the option to become a promotional partner of the Four Percent Group. This means that you have access to the Four Percent eco-system.

This also means that one customer is worth much more to you since they are hard-coded to you FOR LIFE. If that customer purchases another product at any time, you receive a commission.

It’s like if you introduced someone to the Apple Store, and then from that point forward, you received a commission on ANYTHING they bought in that store.

There are different types of products a customer can buy and the Challenge introduces each of these within the training when it is appropriate.

Basic tools – These are the minimum software products every marketer needs to run an online business:

  1. Landing page builder (the Challenge recommends Clickfunnels @ $97 per month)
  2. Autoresponder for e-mail sequences (the Challenge recommends 4-5 of the best in the market for $19-$49 per month)
  3. Tracking program (the Challenge recommends ClickMagick for $17-$49 per month)

These tools are like a hammer, saw and screwdriver for a construction worker. Without them, you cannot function in the online world. The advantage is that now you receive the recurring commissions if one of your leads purchases these products.

Four Percent products – There are over 20 products in the Four Percent eco-system which provide training on sales, marketing, traffic, lead generation and conversions.

The Challenge recommends three of these products:

  • E-Stage which is a Premium WordPress theme
  • E-Stage Academy which is a training on how to setup a website with your E-Stage theme
  • Internet Traffic Mastery, which is the Bible of traffic. All of these pay high commissions.

Your Affiliate Link is Hard-Coded

The chart below shows where you can add your affiliate link within the Four Percent eco-system. A majority of these programs are free to join. The beauty of this process is that you don’t have to keep track of anything. As I mentioned, when you refer a customer to the Four Percent eco-system, they remain hard-coded to you FOR LIFE!

As an affiliate, you receive a commission when someone purchases these products. That is the very definition of multiple streams of income.

Live Training and Mentoring

As part of the Four Percent Group and the Challenge, you also have access to live training and mentoring. These can be weekly or monthly trainings. This is critical for getting your questions answered. In addition, Vick provides many cutting edge strategies for traffic and conversions.

There is of course a Facebook group which is active and where you can turn to for inspiration and answers as well. Finally, the Four Percent Group maintains a tech support group which is knowledgeable and responsive.

The Cost of the Challenge

The investment to make the Challenge work is likely its biggest barrier to entry for many people. The initial cost gives you access to a premium coaching, mentoring and training program. Afterward, you will need additional software for completing various facets of the Challenge:

Here is a breakdown of this investment once again:

  1. $997 for the Challenge – Similar coaching programs can cost anywhere from $5K to $10K so this is a steal at this price
  2. $133 per month for must have basic tools like a page builder, autoresponder and link tracker (you will need these no matter what type of online business you try to build)
  3. $1997 for Internet Traffic Mastery
  4. $497 for E-Stage (Premium Four Percent WordPress theme)
  5. $297 for E-Stage Academy (training for E-Stage)

The idea is that you will start to earn some of this money back in recurring commissions as your leads enter the Challenge and purchase these and other programs through your links. Beyond that, however, you must recognize that what you are getting is a mini-franchise of sorts.

It’s like buying a Home Depot and being able to promote and sell any tool in the store.

A Few Notes of Concern

As a matter of transparency, I have a few concerns with the Challenge.

Slick Marketing – Focused on Money – I know that money is what drives people to opt-in and check out a particular program. But this is my least favorite part of the Four Percent Group and the Challenge in particular.

Four Percent Challenge Landing Page

To be fair, once you are inside the training and listening to Vick, all of this slick stuff goes away. Vick is genuine, shows care and concern AND he has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience.

Lack of Marketing Tools – Currently, there is only one funnel to promote the Challenge. It is a 2 hour and 25 minute webinar with a call to action at the end.

The webinar content is fairly good, but asking someone to stay for more than an hour is a big ask. Apart from that, there are no affiliate links to other landing pages, a sales page or a checkout page if you want to promote the Challenge in another way.

Some Things to Improve

As I mentioned earlier, the Four Percent Group and the Challenge are not perfect programs. Very few training programs are. Below I list a few of my complaints with the training so far:

Vick’s Results Are Not Typical – Within the initial trainings, Vick points out that he will be starting from scratch as a brand new affiliate. He is doing that in order for you to see how the whole process works from beginning to the end.

Along the way, Vick begins to share his conversions and earnings and those of other veteran Four Percent members. But he points to those earnings as proof that the system works.

The problem is that veteran marketers already have a built in network of people who will gladly join what they are promoting. Thus, it is not fair compare how a veteran marketer is performing with that of someone just starting out in affiliate marketing.

Length of Training – This has always been my biggest gripe with Vick. Though he is an inspiring coach and mentor and delivers incredible value with every training, his videos tend to be on the longer side without needing to be.

What he says in 90 minutes could probably be reduced to half the time. Luckily, all of the videos have the ability to increase the play speed (except for the funnel webinar).

Even so, some of the daily lessons can top 2-3 hours. It requires incredible discipline to keep on track.

What I Like About the Challenge

There are many elements of the Challenge that are unique and that make the program an incredible value:

  1. Mindset and Motivation – The work on mindset and motivation in the Challenge is excellent. This is a missing piece in many online training programs. These lessons will inspire you to keep moving toward success
  2. Multiple Streams of Income – The program incorporates multiple streams of income with one page where all of your affiliate links are hard-coded to you. You will receive commissions from ANY purchase your customer makes for the life of the customer.
  3. Unique Funnel Blueprint – The funnel has many unique features that make for higher conversions – This includes the three levels of traffic, the pre-frame pages, the website hub, retargeting and the fact that you build yourself first instead of the product.
  4. Step-by-Step Training – The training sessions are incredibly detailed and demonstrate how to setup every aspect of an affiliate business from scratch. This includes picking a product, creating landing pages, creating autoresponder sequences, building a website, tracking profitable sources of traffic and so much more.

My Final Recommendation

We began by asking an important question: What is the Four Percent Challenge? I hope I have given you enough information to answer that question.

If you are looking for a detailed, step-by-step mentoring, coaching and training program for affiliate marketing, that allows you to earn income from various products, I would recommend you take a look at the Challenge.

You can check out the webinar here for more details.

Here’s to your success!