Yoonla Review 2019


Welcome to my Yoonla Review 2019, where I give you my full and complete rundown of the Yoonla Evolve system.  In this post I am going to give you the following information:

  1. What is Yoonla Evolve?
  2. Overview of the Yoonla Platform
  3. Yoonla’s CPA Affiliate Program (Getting Paid for FREE Subscribers)
  4. What’s Next For Yoonla
  5. What I Like / Don’t Like About Yoonla

What is Yoonla?

Yoonla (now called Yoonla Evolve) is a digital marketing e-learning platform.

It is really two systems in one:

  1. Yoonla is a platform to help you generate leads, sales and commissions for the Internet Marketing niche
  2. Yoonla is an affiliate program that allows you to earn CPA / override commissions on those you recruit into your network

Yoonla was created by Reno Van Boven, a proven digital entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the online space.  Reno’s passion is to motivate and teach others how to achieve online success.

In this respect, Yoonla functions very similarly to other affiliate marketing programs where an online entrepreneur teaches and mentors aspiring Internet marketers on how to create a digital lifestyle:

This includes:

  • The Four Percent Group – Vick Streizheus
  • Legendary Marketer – David Sharp
  • Wealthy Affiliate – Kyle and Carson
  • Power Lead System – Neil Guess and Michael Price
  • My Lead System Pro – Brian Fanale
  • Elite Marketing Pro – Tim Erway
  • Digital Altitude – Michale Force

Important Note: In 2017, I tested each one of these platforms as a paying member and an affiliate. This means I have first hand knowledge of the things I am talking about.

Overview of the Yoonla Platform

When you join Yoonla as a free member (more on that later), you will receive access to your own digital marketing platform.

yoonla evolve program

Note the different elements:

  1. On the left side, you have the 7-Step Formula training that walks you step-by-step through the setup of your Yoonla system (more on that in a bit)
  2. On the bottom left, you can see part of the Affiliate marketing materials
  3. On the bottom center, you have the incentive to become a Yoonla Elite member, which opens up Yoonla’s CPA and affiliate bonus program

We’ll discuss these in turn.

7-Step Formula Training

There are two goals of the 7-Step Formula Training:

  1. To set up your very own Yoonla capture page, which gives you a presence on the Internet and allows you to start building your e-mail list.
  2. To ascend to Elite status, which opens up Yoonla’s CPA / Affiliate Program

DOUBLE DOG IMPORTANT: That big yellow button in the lower middle of the first screen is your ticket to bypassing most of this setup.  Yoonla will setup your landing page and e-mail sequence and connect everything to make sure it’s working.

This is Yoonla’s way of encouraging you to upgrade to Elite status where the real commissions are made.

We will now cover each of the steps in the training if you are someone who just enjoys pain for the sake of it! 🙂

Step 1 – Evolve App and Commission Tracking

This short video provides instructions for downloading the app.zip file, which contains your personal Yoonla Evolve landing page.  Here’s a screen shot of the page:

Yoonla Evolve Application

As you can see, it is a simple landing page that allows you to capture an e-mail.  The video talks about creating a digital lifestyle with the Yoonla system.

If someone enters their e-mail, they become part of your list and your autoresponder will send out a sequence of e-mails to encourage ascension into the Yoonla Elite program.

Step 2 – Create Automation Account

This video walks you through how to subscribe to Getresponse, Yoonla’s preferred autoresponder.

This is a requirement for upgrading to Yoonla’s Elite program.  This is how Yoonla makes back part of their commission payouts.

There is no budging on this.

You must have a Getresponse subscription purchased through Yoonla’s affiliate link to continue.  If you already own Getresponse.  Tough.  You’ll have to close your account and open a new one with the Yoonla affiliate link.

Step 3 – Setup Automation Campaign

In this step, you will create your Getresponse e-mail sequence for your subscribers.  Yoonla provides a welcome e-mail swipe.  When you become an Elite member (see below), Yoonla provides another fourteen e-mail swipes to send to your list for follow-up.

yoonla e-mail swipes

Step 4 – Create Your Small Business Account

This step walks you through the creation of a Yahoo Small Business account (yearly plan only). This allows you to host your personal Yoonla capture page.

Yahoo will provide you with a domain as part of your purchase as well.

IMPORTANT: Again, there is no budging on this from Yoonla’s perspective.  To continue in their program and upgrade to Elite status, you must purchase a yearly Yahoo Small Business account.

Step 5 – Get Your Evolve App Online

This step shows you how to upload the app.zip files to the root directory of your domain name.  These are the files for your personal Yoonla capture page.

This involves going into your domain’s file manager, uploading and then unzipping the app.zip files.  It’s not for the technically challenged, that’s for sure.

This is why Yoonla encourages you to let them do all the dirty work by taking advantage of their setup and upgrade to Elite status right at the beginning.

Step 6 – Customize Your Evolve Site

This video walks you through how to customize your personal Yoonla capture page.

Yoonla Customize Yoonla App Page

As you can see, there are a few elements you can customize.  The most important elements however are the codes: one for your Getresponse e-mail list and one for your Yoonla affiliate program.

The video covers where you can find each of these important codes.

The first allows you to connect your personal Yoonla capture page with your Getresponse e-mail list and e-mail campaign sequence.  When someone enters their e-mail into your capture page, they will automatically become part of your list and start to receive your sequence.

In addition, you will receive a $4.00 commission just for the sign-up if your prospect passes Yoonla’s commission criteria (see my comments later on about this).

The second is your affiliate tracking code which keeps track of your referrals and Elite upgrades within Yoonla.

Traffic Training

As for the traffic side, Yoonla recommends solo ads through Udimi, a network of solo ad providers.

As of this writing, the results for solo ads were very spotty.  Here, it is best to get recommendations from those who have had success with solo ads before venturing in.

Yoonla’s Affiliate Program (Getting Paid for FREE Subscribers)

Yoonla’s goal is for every free member to upgrade to Elite status.  Indeed, this is the only way for you to become a Yoonla affiliate and receive CPA / override commissions.

Upgrading to Elite status as we’ve mentioned already requires you to subscribe to Yoonla’s recommended software tools:

  1. Yahoo Small Business hosting @ $90 per year
  2. GetResponse autoresponder @ $15.00 per month
  3. You must also own your own domain. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one at the same time as your hosting.

These are third-party tools of which Yoonla is an affiliate.  Therefore, by upgrading to Elite status, you are providing small monthly commissions to Yoonla.  In turn, Yoonla is able to offer its affiliates a generous CPA commission of $4 plus override commissions.

NOTE: If you own these tools or other similar tools, you will need to resubscribe through Yoonla’s affiliate links.  No exceptions.  This is how they are able to provide commissions to their affiliates.

The total initial outlay is $105.00, with a monthly outlay thereafter of $15.00.  This is a bargain given that you can earn CPA and override commissions.

CPA Commissions

For every confirmed free membership that you refer, Yoonla will pay you $4.00 per subscription from Tier 1 Countries (U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland).  Yoonla no longer pays $2.00 for confirmed memberships outside of Tier 1 countries.

Apparently, there was too much fraud.

This is a very lucrative incentive for it allows you to essentially pay for your advertising (or generate a profit if you are using organic traffic).

This means that you can put your list building activities on auto pilot knowing that a small initial investment will translate into hundreds of leads for your business (provided you know what you are doing with paid traffic).

Override Commissions

Yoonla will also pay you $40.00 for every free member that upgrades to Elite status.  This provides incentive for you to work with your team to get them to upgrade as quickly as possible.

In addition, for every Elite member that upgrades from one of your Elite members, you will receive an additional $35.00 in override commissions.  This is known as two-tier commissions.

This provides a total potential of $75.00 per free member.  Payouts are given on the 1st and 15th of the month, which is nice.

You have the option of using Paypal for your payouts or a wire transfer as well, but you must have $500 in commissions to use this option.  Otherwise, as long as you have $100 in commissions you can receive a payout.

Back Office / Marketing Material / Funnels

As with other programs you have an entire affiliate back-office with links, banners and reporting.

You have access to two affiliate landing pages for free membership as well as e-mail swipes for those who join your team.

Your back office also keeps track of your pending commissions, which is a nice incentive to keep going as you see your earnings rise.

Yoonla rounds out its affiliate program with training on the best ways to promote Yoonla.

What’s Next For Yoonla?

In the first review I did for the Yoonla Foundation system, I mentioned that Yoonla’s goal was to introduce its members to CPA and affiliate marketing.  This is what I said then:

The Foundation System serves as a kind of apprenticeship since you are required to learn about lead magnets, autoresponder sequences, e-mail lists, generating traffic, getting conversions, working with your team, etc.

Yoonla’s goal is to provide their members with products and upsells that will allow their members to generate additional commissions.  As of this writing (August 2018), we have yet to see those products.

What I Like About Yoonla

My experience with Yoonla has been very positive.

This is not my first go around with an affiliate marketing / digital marketing platform.  As I mentioned, I personally tested 7 different companies in 2017 as part of my effort to understand the ins and outs of this industry.

So let me start by talking about what I like about the Yoonla system, then move into things that can be improved:

  1. The CPA commission structure is awesome – Most people never make a dollar online. The Free membership offer makes this an easy sell and provides members with instant results. In addition, if you know what you are doing, you can basically turn on your paid traffic faucet for free.
  2. The 7-Step Formula training is packed with value and easy to understand. You are getting an education in key IM skills, which you can use in other ventures.
  3. The free custom setup removes much of the technical headaches of setting up your own custom landing page.
  4. Support is friendly, useful and responsive.

What I Don’t Like About Yoonla

  1. Currently, income potential remains limited.  A $4 CPA commission and up to $75 for two tiers of Elite members will probably not get you to a six figure business.  As I said, Yoonla is projecting that Phase II and III will be rolled out in 2018, which will have more affiliate back-end products to promote.  This will increase the income potential.
  2. Yoonla basically relies on duplication for you to generate commissions. The subscriptions you purchase and the trainings inside are all geared toward promoting Yoonla. I sign you up and you upgrade then I receive the commissions. To be fair, this is not a pyramid scheme since you are getting access to a domain, hosting and an autoresponder.
  3. The CPA offer tends to attract a lot of opportunity seekers. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you understand that many folks are simply looking to make an easy buck and not building a long-term business.
  4. For the reason above, the Facebook community tends to be a little on the inexperienced side. There are a lot of members for whom Yoonla represents their very first online attempt.
  5. For campaigns that I did using Bing traffic, I only received 80% of pending commissions after Yoonla’s verification process.  You can still make a profit, but it does mean that instead of receiving $100 in pending commissions, you will receive about $80 in approved commissions.  To improve this would require double opt-in, with e-mail confirmation, which would drastically reduce opt-ins and lower your overall commissions.
  6. For Spanish speaking countries, Yoonla clamped down considerably and is only accepting about 30% of the pending commissions. Apparently, Yoonla wants its members to focus on English-speaking countries.  This is short-sighted.  Many people in Latin America speak English and for those who are driven, there is always Google.  This policy will dramatically reduce recruiting in this part of the world.


Well there you have it, the good, bad and the ugly of the Yoonla digital marketing platform. Phases II and III are really going to be the key drivers, however, as Yoonla ramps up and is able to provide its members with more income earning products and services.

Until then, for simplicity and initial earnings results, Yoonla gets a decent grade on my digital report card.

Would I Recommend Yoonla?

It’s hard for me to criticize a program like Yoonla. I had moderate success and was able to generate commissions and leads. However, I found the program to be very one-dimensional.

Rather than build my skills in affiliate, CPA or e-mail marketing, my primary goal was to get free sign-ups and encourage them to upgrade so I could make CPA commissions and overrides. The hosting, landing page and e-mail sequences gave the appearance of having an online business, but I didn’t have to set them up.

Also, the funnel was extremely basic. It’s a landing page and an e-mail encouraging people to upgrade.

In addition, your earnings are limited because you have to keep signing people and moving them to Elite status. Other programs work on a subscription model, which means you get monthly recurring commissions.

For this reason, I would be hesitant to recommend Yoonla as your only affiliate program. It might work best as a lead generation for something else.

Want to Work with Me?

Coming into a digital business (without any experience) is a daunting task.

Many people give up before even getting out of the gate.  If you need a mentor or sponsor, it would be my privilege to partner with you on your digital adventure.

Currently, I work with a program called Wealthy Affiliate, which teaches you how to create a profitable website / online business in ANY NICHE.  This is very different from Yoonla’s approach which basically gives everyone the same landing page to promote.

With Wealthy Affiliate, it’s your passion or interest that is the driving force behind your business. Thus, if you want to learn to monetize your ideas, then WA is the place.

You will get step-by-step training, tools, support, a hosted website using WordPress and so much more. I invite you to join my team.  If you do, I will personally coach you on creating a sustainable online business built around your passion or interest.

Here’s the link so you can read my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate. At the end of that post, there will be a link where you can join my team.

Here’s to your success!