You Must Become a Person of Value


In a tiny little booklet entitled Wealth Secrets by Taylor Welch and Chris Evans, I read something that had a profound impact on me.

Here it is.

Money stays away from most people, because they are not people of value.


With this simple statement, Welch and Evans had pegged me (and every other marketer like me who was spinning their wheels trying to “make money online.”)

The Shiny Object Battle

I suppose I did what most people in my shoes have done. Search Google for online opportunities, join a few programs, buy a few products.

Pretty soon, it becomes an addiction. Hear more pitches, buy into more elusive promises of riches, purchase more products.

But there are two BIG problems with chasing shiny objects:

  1. You never master any program / product before going on to the next glittering promise
  2. There are a lot of scammers selling junk willing to take advantage of your desire to improve your business

Shifting Focus

This was definitely a wake up call.

It was laughable. Most of us were trying to teach others how to “make money online” when we had done such a poor job.

It’s understandable.

All the programs sound so promising, with enticing headlines, the shortcuts. Buy solo ads, send to a landing page, collect e-mails, make an offer, BAM! make a sale.

Rinse and repeat.

What could be so difficult? 🙂

Well, as I mentioned up top. You are not creating value for anyone. You are like a replaceable cog in a very big machine trying to recruit other replaceable cogs and hoping they will purchase your wiz bang, done-for-you, affiliate program in the process.

For me, I decided to step back and think about this “secret” for a bit. How could I become a person of value? I chose the track of building out a quality website, and writing quality content.

I have been working and honing this craft ever since.

You can see the results in my websites. They are works in progress.

  1. – Tools for starting and growing an online business
  2. Honest Digital Revolution – Creating an impact driven website without having to sell your soul
  3. Bible Study Blueprint – Teaching small group members and leaders how to study the Bible for maximum spiritual growth


So there you are. You can learn from my mistakes. If you want to succeed long-term with an online business, you are going to have to become a person of value. The way forward is to become an expert in a few things.

If I can be of some help to you in this regard, feel free to sign up to the various programs I offer. The Start Here link on this site or the Honest Digital Revolution are good places to get your feet wet and learn the ropes.

Here’s to your success.