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2020 was the perfect storm that gave birth to The Internet 3.0.

The global pandemic forced everyone online.

This had three effects.

  1. Millions upgraded their technical equipment and infrastructure
  2. Millions gained experienced on a variety of platforms and software
  3. Millions got a taste of working from home

At the same time, because jobs disappeared worldwide, there was greater financial insecurity. Some people even began to doubt if they could ever return to their normal work routine.

These two factors (greater familiarity with being online and greater insecurity) have brought us to a point where more and more people are willing to take a risk on starting an online business.

This guide, the Internet 3.0, is one answer to that insecurity. It is based on five years of experimentation in the digital marketing world. It combines the best and simplest way I have discovered to launch a successful online business. In addition, it has been adapted to the new realities of a post-COVID 19 world.

So without further delay, here is the blueprint for The Internet 3.0 – 7 Steps to Success on the Internet.

  1. Step 1 – Stop buying garbage products
  2. Step 2 – Stop consuming content / unsubscribe from every email list
  3. Step 3 – Pick a micro audience that you want to IMPACT and SERVE
  4. Step 4 – Go full blown courtship mode with this audience
  5. Step 5 – Become a ninja user of a killer product / service your audience ALREADY loves and buys
  6. Step 6 – Offer your ninja tricks as a bonus on top of the product / service your audience ALREADY loves and buys
  7. Rinse and repeat with other offers / products / services

The rest of the posts in this series will dive into each of these steps in details.

Actions You Can Take

  1. Go to Step 1 of the Internet 3.0 (completely free)
  2. Download a PDF version of entire Internet 3.0 guide (with the 7 Steps)
  3. Join our community The I30 Inner Circle (for $7 per month) to receive mentorship and more in-depth training on all 7 steps

Here’s to your success!